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SAP Information Interchange OnDemand rapid-deployment solution

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1 SAP Information Interchange OnDemand rapid-deployment solution
Solution Details

2 Contents Introduction to SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions
Overview of the Solution Service Delivery Technical Details

3 Introduction to SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

4 Today’s reality… Statistics state that up to 70% of IT projects run late, over-budget, or do not meet planned goals…Consequently, implementation risk is a critical factor… From “Introducing Packaged Solutions” by Michael Krigsman Now when companies think about implementing an application, they really want to implement an integrated solution. Henry D. Morris, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Software and Services, IDC Customers today want choices in how they scope, configure, and deploy business software. Peter M. Russo, Managing Director of Pierre Audoin Consultants

5 You want to… … ensure the most predictable and fastest time to business value … deliver the integration the business demands to start and grow without compromises … choose from a modular ready to use portfolio of solution, deployment and pricing options

6 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions
SAP and a global partner ecosystem offer Rapid Deployment Solutions to meet specific business needs… Software Quickly address the most urgent business processes Content SAP best practices, templates and tools make solution adoption easier Enablement Guides and educational material speed end user adoption Service Fixed scope and price provides maximum predictability and lowers risk SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Service Software Enablement Content Rapid Deployment Solutions

7 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions
… which allow predictability, out-of-the-box integration and adoption choices as business demands Predictability Fast value in days/weeks Fixed cost and fixed best practice scope Integration Integrated start and growth options Immediate and future IT and business processes landscape integrity Choice Modular packages to meet specific business needs and allow individual adoption paths Flexible licensing and deployment options SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

8 Why have customers chosen SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions?
15% 8 4 Reduction in project costs Weeks to go-live Week implementation

9 Delivered by SAP or qualified partners
Large Global Partner Ecosystem maximizes availability of and choice within the Rapid Deployment Solutions portfolio System integrators and value-added resellers provide industry and LoB specific capabilities and expertise Cloud partners provide the deployment options to match your business needs

10 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions define a new standard for business solution adoption across the SAP Portfolio Solution Portfolio Industry & LoB Deployment Innovations Business Solutions On demand Mobility Analytics On premise HANA Technology On device

11 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions support all use cases along your adoption path
Predictability Integration Choice From zero to ERP baseline in one go Industry & geography-ready Start New business and user capabilities – that fit with your existing footprint LoB or industry-specific, mobile, business analytics, collaboration Grow, extend, innovate

12 Get the most out of your business – NOW!
Quickly meeting your most pressing business needs on unprecedented predictability to adopt and manage business solutions Enabling strategic business adoption paths with out-of-the-box integration for start and grow options as your business demands Giving choice by providing a modular and well defined portfolio of solution options together with a Global Partner Ecosystem

13 Overview of the solution

14 Solutions for specific business needs
Business challenges Error prone, time and labor intensive paper-based solutions High cost of onboarding and managing technical connectivity with multiple partners in a dynamic environment ANSI X.12 TRADACOM EDIFACT Plain XML + TRADACOM Business Partner SAP Customer High cost and effort to monitor and secure business network messages due to a lack of centralization of connections to multiple business systems. Mastery and management of multiple technologies to provide technical connectivity and data mapping to send electronic documents from various business systems to SAP Information Interchange OnDemand

15 Jump start collaboration with your business network What’s included – Solution scope
SAP Information Interchange OnDemand rapid-deployment solution Connect your back-end SAP software securely and reliably to the SAP Information Interchange OnDemand solution and benefit from preconfigured integration for business-to-business processes like order to cash and procure to pay. Secure connectivity between SAP NetWeaver® Process Orchestration software and SAP Information Interchange On Demand Business Partner Data mappings for order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes to the XML format needed for SAP Information Interchange OnDemand ERP SAP Customer

16 Jump start collaboration with your business network What’s the value
Business benefits Measurable success Access to prebuilt, standard connectivity content to bridge the first mile for end-to-end processes, specifically order to cash and procure to pay Single-vendor solution Supports customer demand for hybrid business- to-business integration (cloud and on-premise integration) Fast and secure integration with the business partner network Lower costs in implementing individual partner interfaces Days to integrate a new partner Number of business documents processed electronically

17 Service Delivery

18 Fast Connect to SAP Information Interchange OnDemand
1 Start 2 Deploy 3 Run Expectations Project management Kick-off workshop participation Preparing technical infrastructure Mutually-approved scope document Working SAP system Implementation Testing Key User Training Successful rollout and adoption Configuration documentation User-acceptance testing Onsite and remote support Superior support to ensure smooth functioning Results Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

19 Pre-defined Services for Rapid Deployment Solutions
Your path to Go-Live: fast, efficiently and at predictable cost Fixed-price Implementation Services Pre-defined Project Methodology Ready-to-use Accelerators 1 Start 2 Deploy Run 3 Project management Kick-off workshop participation Preparing technical infrastructure Accelerators / Deliverables Consulting Delivery Guide Project schedule WBS Service Delivery Model, roles and responsibilities Request for consultants template Process descriptions Process-flow-documents Kick-off presentation Consumption Guide Pre-delivery requirements and checklist Solution Realization Master Data Load Refinement Workshop & Refinement Realization Knowledge Transfer to Key Users Accelerators / Deliverables Installation guide Solution Documentation Solution Manager content Best-Practices content (pre-configuration) Configuration activities Consulting Delivery Guide Implementation Content Performance Tests End User Training Sign off of solution Go-Live Preparation Go-Live Post go-live support and activities Improvements and road map workshop Accelerators / Deliverables Test cases Deliverable acceptance forms Training Materials – Process-flow recordings etc. Go-Live Checklist Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

20 Implementation methodology
1 Start Deploy 2 3 Run Configuration Guide Kickoff Workshop Project Schedule Scoping Questionnaire Check Lists Support Portal Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

21 Project plan and timelines
1 Start 2 Deploy Run 3 Prepare Project Kick off workshop Select Options Activate Solution Implement Options Confirm Activation Train Key Users Handover SAP involvement Customer involvement Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution. 21

22 Fast Connect to SAP Information Interchange OnDemand What’s included – Service Scope
Rapid deployment of SAP Information Interchange OnDemand Deployment of test service to verify connectivity between SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and SAP Integration Interchange (SAP II) for order-to- cash and procure-to-pay processes. Configuration of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and SOAP Adapter Deployment of mapping templates from IDoc into SAP II message format Knowledge Transfer Workshop Optionally, SAP can configure a non-productive SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration system to exchange business documents with business partners* via SAP II. A special step-by-step guide describes each activity during the deployment *Conversion to the final EDI format and forwarding to the respective business partner is covered as part of the SAP II service

23 Key deliverables What does SAP do? What does the customer have to do?
Verify connection from SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration to SAP Information Interchange (SAP II) on development/testing system level Deployment of content into System Landscape Directory (SLD) on SAP NetWeaver Process Orchesration Deployment of content into Enterprise Services Repository (ESR) on SAP NetWeaver Process Orchesration Know-How-Transfer Workshop for RDS Content Hand-over to customer Enable network connectivity* to SAP II Select option to exchange business documents with business partners Organizational change management activities. Provide SAP with appropriate access to all of Customer’s facilities necessary for the Project, including all necessary identification material (badges, cards, etc.) Provide sufficient hardware and maintaining such hardware, operating system and database parameters required guaranteeing optimal performance. Ensure that a remote connection from SAP to all required systems is possible via SAP service connection. *SAP will provide the connection parameters for SAP II

24 Project team: SAP SAP Project Lead (Technology Senior Consultant)
Serves as a central contact person, from project initiation to going live and support On the SAP side, responsible for functional project management, coordination, support and coaching of the customer’s project manager, and so on SAP Technology Consultant Responsible for configuring the optional business partner package SAP Integration Development Consultant (Remote) Responsible for deploying the content

25 Project team: customer
Leading Project Manager Serves as a central contact person, from project initiation to going live and support On your side: responsible for functional and commercial project management, coordination, overall project controlling, preparation of steering committees, and so on PI System Responsible Especially responsible for the installation and administration of the development and productive SAP NetWeaver Process Integration system landscapes Functional department staff / key user (EDI Responsible) Responsible for workshops, questions from SAP, end-user training, and possibly as a power user for simple configurations

26 Technical Details

27 Software Requirements
SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 EHP1, SPS 08 (Minimum Requirement Dual Stack) SAP NetWeaver PI 7.3, SPS 05 (Minimum Requirement Java Only) SAP R/3 4.6c (Minimum Requirement) SAP Solution Manager 7.1 (Optional for Solution Manager Template & Monitoring)

28 SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration
System landscape SAP R/3 4.6c or Higher SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration EHP1, SPS 08 or SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration SPS 05 (Java Only)

29 SAP Rapid-Deployment solutions The fastest way to run your business better
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