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Completed Projects The Exchange At Sturminster Newton Rivers Meet Leisure Centre in Gillingham.

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2 Completed Projects The Exchange At Sturminster Newton Rivers Meet Leisure Centre in Gillingham

3 New Trailway Bridge & Supporters The Three Choughs - Site for the new Community Centre

4 Projects to date  The Exchange at Sturminster Newton  The Rivers Meet Leisure Centre in Gillingham  The Trailway – 2 new bridges – 9 miles open.  Two TICs saved and operating successfully  New multi-user Community Centre about to open  Angus Wood – Community Wood in Blandford We are accustomed to working as a community and we are accustomed to being successful

5 Broadband Project Steve Adamson Team Leader CPEND Broadband Project

6 The Broadband Project The Aims and Objectives “To improve the Broadband speed and access to everybody in North Dorset 68,000 people 23,000 households 2900 businesses “

7 The credibility factor If this project was to be taken seriously we initially needed two things :  A Survey to show “Proof of Need”  A Report, Review or Business Plan This was to become Phase One of the project. The Broadband Project

8 Key Steps We got the evidence We got initial funding We got a report from an industry expert We got as many supporters as possible We got real (but stayed ambitious!) The Broadband Project

9 DPSN Plus CPEND Broadband Project Darren Roberts Helen Heanes DPSN Project Team Dorset Public Services – Working Together 13 th May 2011

10 DPSN Plus DPSN Update Procurement DPSN+ BD-UK

11 DPSN Vision “To deliver and facilitate high quality network services for both Dorset’s public service providers and the wider community to ensure the county is fit to prosper and grow in the future”

12 DPSN Procurement Framework agreement to provide corporate Wide Area Network and associated services to the public sector Public Sector Procurement – April 2010 to May 2011 Preferred supplier – KCOM Group Plc

13 DPSN+ Work stream



16 DPSN Key Contacts:- Sara Moseley MBE – DPSN Project Lead – 01305 228238 Helen Heanes - Senior Economic Development Officer – 01305 224677 Darren Roberts – DPSN Client Manager – 01305 225707

17 Survey Response Rob Leenderts CPEND Technical Team Leader Sector Development Manager – Cable&Wireless Worldwide INCA Board Member

18 Geographical Coverage THE SURVEY Population 90,000 Internet users 40,000

19 1123 Responses  920 On-line  203 Hard copy  Out of the above total returns 861 were considered useable  663 had a near complete data set.  99% connected to the internet by conventional land line. “Probably one of the best rural broadband surveys in the world” THE SURVEY

20 Respondents reported speeds THE SURVEY Respondents reporting of current broadband speeds can be unreliable and this factor is addressed in Adrian’s report

21 Mapping THE SURVEY Respondents reported speeds are plotted against a background of the speeds projected by BT based on line capability

22 User satisfaction THE SURVEY The above chart shows the degree of User Satisfaction for all respondents in answer to the question – “Are you happy with the current speed of your broadband? As can be seen the satisfaction levels are miserably low

23 Willingness to pay for improved service THE SURVEY From the above chart it can be seen that dissatisfied users are not always willing or able to pay for a higher level of service provision however a large percentage of people were. All respondents

24 Business respondents THE SURVEY Responses fitting this criteria were from the following economic group. Full details in survey report. Agriculture,19 Construction7 Consumer Services2 Education/Distance Learning11 Hotels5 Manufacturing8 Marketing6 Media6 Other40 Professional Services (e.g., Financial, Accounting, Legal, IT Support, Recruitment, Consulting)59 Public or Voluntary Sector20 Restaurants2 Retailing/Wholesaling15 Transport/Distribution/Stora ge8 Utilities1 209

25 Critical Business users THE SURVEY

26 Internet service providers (ISP) THE SURVEY ISP UsersSatisfied with speed Satisfied with Connection BT46611%44% Talk 11325%40% Orange405%35% Plusnet3511%51% AOL323%41% Sky270%15% Virgin 2619%42%

27 Report Findings Adrian Wooster Independent Broadband Consultant

28 Sowing Seeds A rural broadband landscape

29 GVA & ICT Source: Adroit Economics For the South West, GVA linked with ICT is estimated to be half of its Eastern neighbour

30 League Tables 1 London 2 South East 3 South WestSouth West 4 West Midlands 5 North West 6 East Midlands 7 North East 8 East of England 9 Y o r k s h i r e & H u m b e r * Source CBN/Samknows/CRC Average Speeds TodayCompetition South West has: Above average broadband speeds now Above average broadband speeds now But the lowest levels of investment & competition for the future But the lowest levels of investment & competition for the future South West has: Above average broadband speeds now Above average broadband speeds now But the lowest levels of investment & competition for the future But the lowest levels of investment & competition for the future

31 Up to 31% of postcodes average less than the 2Mbps USC

32 Only Salisbury, Warminster and Wimborne have sufficient competition for them to deregulated

33 But this may be an opportunity

34 Mobile coverage is not currently an alternative, and would require greater backhaul to improve

35 With up to 1,000 Mbps available in Bournemouth this poses a risk to the local economy

36 Big Government Company Society AustraliaMassive public investment but probably illegal in Europe and not viable in this climate anyway South KoreaMassive private investment & an important part of the solution but not all of it EuropeLocal investments leveraging communities to find solutions where no-one else can We need to think....

37 Digital Isolation Amsterdam Blandford Blewbury Alston Manchester

38 Witney Blewbury Alston Digital Isolation Community Commitment Manchester

39 Anchor tenant? Middle-mile? BD-UK? Anchor tenant? Middle-mile? BD-UK? Community bond investment Pro-forma order Community bond investment Pro-forma order

40 Models for intervention

41 The options Do Nothing? PM says “No!” EU says “No!” A Helping Hand Think “Norwich!” Opening Up Disintegrate Government utility? Publicly owned & operated? FibreCo Partnership Is it all cash? Fibre Plc Prospectus Aggregate to stimulate? In this market?

42 Finding the money BDUK About £60 per home Could be as little as 5% of the solution Local authority Anchor tenant or backhaul partner Social Impact? Parish precept? Commercia l investment Part of a bigger programme? European Investment Bank Franchising Community investment Initial Community Offering Loans Service commitments

43 Community investment Community investment model Average number of members Average investment per member Average amount raised Ethical plc, initial community offering, community of interest 3,200£1,700£5.4m IPS, initial community offering, geographic community 147£477£70k IPS, initial community offering, community of interest 4,040£124£503k IPS, initial community offering, combined geographic community of interest 873£1,514£1.32m IPS, subscriber-member, community of interest 7,570£1,703£12.9m

44 Shared risk & reward * Taken from Geo’s experience with Welsh Assembly Government Public sector typically has lower appetite for risk but can take a long view on investments Commercial network builders often have a higher appetite for risk but tend to need a faster return

45 The options Do nothing Not an option for public bodies Not an option for the local economy Meet the USC Average speeds are rising sharply Questionable value for money Reaching par Average speeds rose 20% in the last 6 months The next increment will probably triple average speeds This is a “Queen of Hearts “ strategy Touching Superfast Longer investment value makes this viable High Fibre Hardest to achieve but fixes the problem once and for all A practical compromise In some locations the cost and community ambition make fibre an option In other areas, a fibre to the cabinet solution will be more practical And a wireless solution can provide a catch-all

46 So... The area experiences below average broadband speeds and below average competition for services No-one is going to fix this alone Ensuring you are ready for the future will require Big Society investment as well as Big Company

47 So... BDUK funding is a catalyst – the local broadband strategy is far more important Investors expect a return and broadband should be no different Smart Community, Public and Business investment will need to be married together if you are to remain a vibrant and sustainable community

48 Thank you! Adrian Wooster

49 Coffee Break DilemmaHow can we help? Demand Cost of Supply Return on Investment Public Subsidy The Dilemma/Considerations

50 DilemmaCPEND Contribution Demand CPEND Grassroots demand stimulation Community Engagement Local Champions Local Knowledge Cost of Supply Local civils Farmers/landowner support Mast locations Return on Investment Demand stimulation Encouraging take-up Local Marketing Local Services – Healthcare, e-Learning Public Subsidy DPSN Backhaul Future BDUK Funding RDPE Potential DEFRA Rural Broadband Fund

51 Closing Address Bob Walter MP For North Dorset

52 Thank you all for coming On a Friday afternoon. Safe journey and look forward to better broadband (soon)!

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