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Overview of roadmapping ‘Fast-start’ workshop methods Examples Summary & questions Topics.

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2 Overview of roadmapping ‘Fast-start’ workshop methods Examples Summary & questions Topics

3 Business Premier Database, Beeton, D (2007) 20051952 0 2500 1945 1987 Motorola 1991 ITRS 1997 Philips, EIRMA 2003 UN 2010 ? CTM research ‘Fast-start’ Customisation Integration Visualisation

4 Information structure Graphical style Roadmap ‘lens’ Business / strategic issue Understanding & communication Roadmaps as ‘strategic lenses’

5 PastShort-termMedium-termLong-termVision Time Market Business Product Service System Technology Science Resources Functional perspectives (Roadmap architecture) Route(s) forward Knowledge types When? What? How? Push Pull Information types Drivers Strategy Needs Form Function Performance Solutions Capabilities Resources Why? Roadmap framework (Supports integrated and aligned strategic and innovation planning) Key questions:2) Where are we now? 3) How can we get there? 1) Where do we want to go? Typical viewpoints commercial & strategic perspectives Design, development & production perspectives Technology & research perspectives Roadmaps combine multiple perspectives

6 Process funnel (e.g. strategy, new product development) Requirements fluid Concepts fuzzy Many unknowns Many options Many assumptions Few constraints Scenarios Requirements clear, stable Concepts clear, stable Fewer unknowns, risks understood Fewer options, greater constraints ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Effort Time Divergent processConvergent process Subcarrier function 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991Year TuningPush buttonPush button - SynthesizersTouch pad - SynthesizersVoice actuated SelectivityCeramic resonatorsSAWsDigital signal processors StereoPagingDataMaps IC technologyLinear5u CMOS3u CMOS1u CMOS DisplayLEDsLiquid crystalFluorescence Vehicular LANSingle wireGlass fibre Digital modulation500 kHz bandwidth PRODUCTS RECEIVER 1RECEIVER 2RECEIVER 3NEXT GENERATIONFUTURE GENERATION StereoPlus: Scan Seek Plus: Personal paging Plus: Stock market Road information Remote amplifiers Remote controls A NEW SERVICE Super Hi Fi Local maps ExploreShapePlanImplement Market-Technology, Summary-Detail Iteration Roadmaps provide a consistent framework throughout the strategic planning / innovation process

7 Process funnel (e.g. strategy, innovation, new product development) T-Plan ‘standard’ S-Plan ‘Fast-start’ workshop methods

8 Step 1: Scan (‘Landscape’) - Large group activity - Broad scope - Share and capture perspectives - Link, focus and prioritise Step 2: Probe (‘Landmark’) - Small group activity - Focused scope - Share and capture expertise - Organise, plan and action Google Earth S-Plan workshop process concept

9 Typical roadmapping workshop activities (Breadth & Depth)

10 Market / Business Time Product / Service / System Technology Resources Past / current Short term Medium term Long term Vision Scatter gun Pull Push Pull Push Vision driven Push Pull 12 3 Forward Variations of strategic landscape activity

11 Market & business trends & drivers Value streams Non-technical enablers & barriers Technical enablers & barriers Research & technology programmes Products / services Businesses / facilities Technology / IP Cost / risk reduction Strategic position PastShort-termMedium-termLong-termVision ‘Context’ Social, technological, economic, environmental & political trends & drivers Customer & competitor intelligence Business strategy, objectives & milestones Potential ‘value’ Revenue Cost reduction Other advantages Technology Milestones, investment, capabilities The richer the picture the more likely it is that value will be generated Enablers & barriers Complementary technologies, systems / alternatives Risks, barriers and potential problems Market Pull Technology Push Developed in collaboration with BAE SYSTEMS Value roadmapping variant

12 1 2 3 4


14 Roadmaps a tactical and strategic tool Workshop 1: Transport Workshop 2: Secure environment Workshop 3: Sustainable consumption & Production Workshop 4: Emerging energy technologies Workshop 6: Intelligent connected world Workshop 5: Healthcare & Bio-science Series of workshops exploring metrology aspects of various sectors Workshop 7: Design Engineering & Advanced manuf’g Workshop 8: Built Environment Workshop 9 Cross-cutting Metrology themes & priorities UK Measurement & Standards for Emerging Technologies (MSET) - 2006

15 Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Roadmapping - a combination of explorer’s sketch map and battle plan “It is a simple task to make things complex, but a complex task to make them simple” (Dettmer, 1998)

16 Thank you Questions? Coming soon… + Courses (March, June, October)

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