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GDI.DE Test Federation Demo Slides Andreas Matheus.

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1 GDI.DE Test Federation Demo Slides Andreas Matheus

2 GDI-DE Test Federation DS SP * IdP GDI.DE (gdi- GDI.DE ( Secure Dimensions ( **: All services for public demo only SP ** SP GDI.BY ( *: Some services for public demo only SP IHK Bavaria ( federation-metadata.xml @ 2011 - Secure Dimensions2INSPIRE Workshop IdP

3 Protected Services @ 2011 - Secure Dimensions3INSPIRE Workshop

4 Use Case: Engineering Offices Planning of digging activities to deploy new high- speed data cables Engineering Offices (spatial responsibilities): –Bavaria: Responsible for Bavaria –Munich: Responsible for Munich and 50km radius –Nuremberg:... 50km radius of Nuremberg Engineering Offices (thematic responsibilities) –Finished projects, current projects, future projects @ 2011 - Secure Dimensions4INSPIRE Workshop

5 Engineering Offices (Rights) Eng.-Office \ RoleHistoryCurrentFuture Munich RobJoeAmy Nuremberg ClaraSteveMarie Bavaria JaneClarisDave Eng.-Office Bavaria Eng.-Office Nuremberg Eng.-Office Munich Spatial Restrictions: Thematic Restrictions: @ 2011 - Secure Dimensions5INSPIRE Workshop

6 (non-public) Demo Background Information @ 2011 - Secure Dimensions6INSPIRE Workshop SP GDI.DE ( Client loaded from Client loaded from DS GDI.DE ( SP GDI.BY ( SP IHK Bavaria ( Secure Dimensions ( IdP login with > WMS GetFeatureInfo WMS GetMap

7 Technically Important Points to Mention Single-Sign-On enables the use of multiple Service Providers with no additional login –Session establishment takes place “under the hood” No proxy required so that the client can obtain GetFeature Information cross domain Authorization “plugged in” with the Shibboleth SP to undertake Access Control based on –User role –Geographic extend @ 2011 - Secure DimensionsINSPIRE Workshop7

8 Thank You It is important, never to stop thinking... Secure Dimensions GmbH Holistic Geosecurity Dr. Andreas Matheus Waxensteinstr. 28 D-81377 München, Germany Phone+49 (0)89 38151813-0 Mobile+49 (0)160 1066366 Telefax+49 (0)89 38151813-9 Email Web @ 2011 - Secure DimensionsSlide 8INSPIRE Workshop

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