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Vddf1 Chapter One Introduction to Marketing Research.

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1 vddf1 Chapter One Introduction to Marketing Research

2 1-2 Marketing Research Process Problem Definition Development of an Approach to the Problem Methods Formulation: Measurement & Sampling Fieldwork or Data Collection Data Preparation and Analysis Report Preparation and Presentation

3 1-3 Marketing Research Suppliers & Services LIMITED SERVICE Branded Products and Services Data Analysis Services Analytical Services Coding and Data Entry Services Field Services FULL SERVICE Syndicate Services Standardized Services Customized Services Internet Services RESEARCH SUPPLIERS EXTERNAL INTERNAL Fig 1.3

4 1-4 Syndicated Research Environment in Turkey TİAK: Nielsen Media Research / TNS / ?? BİAK: TNS RİAK: IPSOS-KMG IAB: IPSOS-Gemius TGI: Nielsen Media Research & TNS Hane Tüketim Paneli: IPSOS-KMG TV ve Basın Reklam Harcamaları: Bileşim Medya (Nielsen) Radyo Reklam Harcamaları: SAM Araştırma Perakende Paneli: Nielsen Marketing Research Associations Online

5 1-5 Domestic AD: Pazarlama ve Kamuoyu Araştırmacıları Derneği ( ) RVD: Reklamverenler Derneği ( ) RD: Reklamcılar Derneği ( ) IAA: Uluslararası Reklamcılık Derneği ( ) Marketing Research Associations Online

6 1-6 International ESOMAR: European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research ( MRS: The Market Research Society (UK) ( MRSA: The Market Research Society of Australia ( PMRS: The Professional Marketing Research Society (Canada) ( AAPOR: American Association for Public Opinion Research ( ARF: The Advertising Research Foundation ( CASRO: The Council of American Survey Research Organizations ( MRA: Marketing Research Association ( RIC: Research Industry Coalition ( Marketing Research Associations Online

7 1-7 Components of a Research Design Define the information needed (Chapter 2) Design the exploratory, descriptive, and/or causal phases of the research (Chapters 3 - 7) Specify the measurement and scaling procedures (Chapters 8 and 9) Construct and pretest a questionnaire (interviewing form) or an appropriate form for data collection (Chapter 10) Specify the sampling process and sample size (Chapters 11 and 12) Develop a plan of data analysis (Chapter 14)

8 1-8 Potential Sources of Error in Research Designs Surrogate Information Error Measurement Error Population Definition Error Sampling Frame Error Data Analysis Error Respondent Selection Error Questioning Error Recording Error Cheating Error Inability Error Unwillingness Error Fig. 3.2 Total Error Non-sampling Error Random Sampling Error Non-response Error Response Error Interviewer Error Respondent Error Researcher Error

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