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Imperial College Londonsdfgafgafga 1 NHLI Athena SWAN Open Meeting Update 11 July 2013 Professor Clare Lloyd Dr Emma Watson.

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1 Imperial College Londonsdfgafgafga 1 NHLI Athena SWAN Open Meeting Update 11 July 2013 Professor Clare Lloyd Dr Emma Watson

2 Athena SWAN – Background The Athena SWAN Charter is a recognition scheme supported by the UK Resource Centre for Women in science, engineering and technology (SET) and by Equality Challenge Unit. »It aims to assist the recruitment, retention and progression of women in SET. SWAN is the Scientific Women's Academic Network and consists of a series of Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels for departments and institutions across the UK who can demonstrate good practice.

3 NHLI and Athena NHLI Athena Silver SWAN awarded Submitted May 2009, awarded September 2009 Only SID in FoM »Joined by School of Public Health in 2010 Submitted November 2012, extension awarded May 2013 »Resubmission required by April 2014 Feedback Impressed by consultation process and efforts to engage with all staff Felt Action Plan was ambitious and may require focussing Award ceremony commended NHLI for its work with postdocs Lack of analysis of some data Lack of detail of progress, SMART goals required Lack of evidence of senior management involvement

4 Athena Markers Baseline Data And Supporting Evidence UG and PG Students Key Career Transition Points, Appointments, Promotions Career Advice and Support Culture, Communications and Development Organization

5 NHLI Process Staff / Student consultation Survey »College – 2010 »NHLI – 2013 »College – 2014? Workshops Self-Assessment Team Application & Action Plan Progress Change of culture

6 Athena Swan Workshops March 2012 All invited to attend Students to Professors 8 Separate workshops Led by Fiona Richmond, Organisational Development Consultant Four clear themes throughout all workshops Basis of new action plan

7 Women-only Workshops 16 September 2013 Female Academics, 10-11.30 Female PhD, MD(Res) and Postdocs, 12-13.30 Led by Fiona Richmond, Organisational Development Consultant Specific for NHLI women Changing culture Biggest impact on women What do women need to progress

8 Athena Swan Workshops - Outcomes Mentoring Start up package Research days Leadership/Management September 2013 workshop outcomes tbc…

9 Mentoring

10 PhD and MD(Res) Students Via Degree registrations More formalised than previously, with guidance but keeping flexibility Postdoctoral Research Associates including Career Development Fellows Led by Institute Lead of Postdocs Database Generation In liaison with Postdoc Development Centre Lecturer and Clinical Senior Lecturer Provided as part of the appointment process Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor Needed – nothing in place.

11 NHLI Survey Canvassed opinion via NHLI on Mentoring Each NHLI academic was asked whether they would be interested: In having an academic mentor In acting as an academic mentor for other academics within NHLI and FoM (depending on grade) In acting as academic mentor to NHLI Postdocs, thus continuing the Postdoc Development Scheme. > 50 responses with an overwhelming positive result for the possible and existing schemes

12 NHLI Mentoring Workshops Run annually Catch up for 2013 »March/April 2013 »October/November 2013 Annual Spring Mentoring Workshops – 2014 onwards For Mentors For Mentees Mentoring database

13 PhD & MD(Res) Mentoring Student Feedback Periodic Review PRES 2013 Student Body Student Committee Open Meeting with DPS Revised guidelines From 1 August 2013 Student choice Assignment within 3 month of registration Workshops offered

14 NHLI Mentoring for Female Scientists Annual speed mentoring events Emphasis on career development and planning »19 September 2013  Female postdocs, 10.00-11.30  Female PhD and MD(Res) students, 15.30-17.00 »Both followed by networking if desired Maternity mentoring

15 Start-Up Package

16 Start-up package Aim: to maximise experience of new starters, and ensure their success Face to face meeting with Head of Institute on starting Newcomers Day Introduce new starters to NHLI Provide 1 hour slot with web manager to start professional and group webpages Write a focus slot in the NHLI Newsletter on starting Provide a tailored information pack Provide mentoring

17 Research Days

18 Postgraduate Research Day June annually Postdoctoral Research Day Every two years (December 2014) Newcomers Day May annually** »10 July 2013 and 26 November 2013 Scientific Collaboration Days Away Days Annual NHLI/RBHFT Lectures with Poster Presentations BHF Centre of Excellence Symposium MRC Centre Symposia »MRC & Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma »MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine and Science Research Day

19 Leadership / Management

20 Aim: to address feeling that management is not transparent; there is no opportunity to influence, not clear how decisions are made. Define Head of Section (HoS) role Expectations for HoS Both discussed at Management Advisory Committee and in process.

21 Leadership / Management MAC Athena Seminar Leadership from HoI Attendance mandatory Tailored presentation for Head of Sections Agenda item Management Advisory Committee Higher Degrees Committee Section meetings (most) Head of Section training Promoting Equality and Diversity Harassment – The management perspective Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP)

22 Leadership / Management Self-Assessment Team Ownership and responsibility for tasks Regularity of meetings Visibility of Athena Action Plan Tailored Athena seminars HoI Open Meetings Section Meetings Student Committee / Body Postdoc Committee / Body

23 I work / study at NHLI, what should I be doing?

24 Career Development & Planning Use the resources available to you Supervisors / Line Managers Mentors NHLI & Imperial NHLI Funding Bulletin / Research Managers NHLI Newsletter Research Days Take ownership / plan your career Embrace Personal Review and Development Plans

25 Training Staff and students should develop their professional portfolio regularly Students »Graduate School courses »Conferences and Research Days Postdocs »Conferences and Research Days »‘Roberts’ ten days training a year »Learning and Development Centre Academics »School of Professional Development »Conferences and Research Days You should feel confident that your training and development is important to NHLI

26 Training Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP) Promoting Equality and Diversity Introduction to Management at Imperial Effective Recruitment and Selection Introduction to Supervising PhD Students at Imperial Health and Safety Responsibilities for Academic Supervisors The Springboard Women’s Development Programme etc

27 Provide Feedback What was good at your last place of work? What is good about your next place of work? Why did you come to NHLI? What are we doing well? Can you see how to improve a process? Respond to Staff / Student surveys

28 Examples of feedback…

29 HoI Open Meeting Expectation to discuss collaborations Schematic of Institute collaborations ‘Family-friendly’ hours 10am-12pm Networking ‘breakfast’ instead of 5pm drinks Difficulty of Hammersmith-Brompton transport Two Open Meetings »Brompton Campus – 4 July 2013 »Hammersmith Campus – 12 July 2013

30 Newcomers Day Originally individual seminars Attendance variable Many seminars Changed to paired sessions Changed to whole day annually Feedback from: »Newcomers »Athena Self-Assessment Team

31 Postgraduate Day Instead of call for volunteers, targeted emails to all academics with clear explanation of need. Sessions not scientifically targeted Split into themes Attendance low in late sessions Attendance register for students

32 PRES 2013 Clinical Training Fellowship process wasn’t clear and was last-minute New structure in place Seminars in advance Mock interviews »Panels in advance

33 PRES 2013 FT milestones not feasible for clinicians »Older »Clinics »Family Milestones & Requirements on NHLI website hyperlinked to JDs Expectations set out PRIOR to appointment

34 Transport between campuses Difficulty in getting to Institute events from several campuses Taxis for Institute Events No knowledge of such opportunity Dissemination of availability of taxis for Institute events

35 Questions?

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