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Alison Hook - Communications team Facebook Coventry City Council.

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1 Alison Hook - Communications team Facebook Coventry City Council

2 Facebook beginnings It started with a group to find out what people thought about the City Centre masterplan Next we piloted pages for ‘Coombe Country Park’, followed by ‘Walking and cycling in Coventry’ Then in November 2009 we created ‘Coventry’ Full list at

3 Facebook setup Named ‘Coventry’ not ‘Coventry City Council’ Uses image of Coventry, not Council logo Used FBML app to link to Citivision (Council newsletter) and DirectGov widget (links to popular services on Council website) Set up shortcut URL

4 Facebook strategy We share news, service updates, photos and videos - nothing is automated We encourage conversations, and respond to direct questions We don’t post more than once a day / a few times a week We signpost to information already available online We don’t have an overarching social media strategy

5 Facebook strategy

6 Facebook benefits Immediate way of finding out what people think about a topic Useful for time-sensitive information and emergencies…

7 Facebook growth In January 2010 we had 527 fans...then it snowed.

8 Facebook growth It snowballed.

9 Facebook growth We have over 21,000 ‘likes’ ‘Likes’ grow by 50 – 100 per week 1000 visitors a week Over 50% of new fans join via direct links 25% come from Facebook suggestions 50% aged under 25

10 Facebook strategy No cost to use Facebook, just staff time Controversial posts aren’t added late in the afternoon Managing the conversation Day-to-day used as an additional channel – not the only channel In emergencies, used as a primary channel, alongside Twitter

11 Facebook community

12 Facebook advertising Word of mouth and Facebook suggestions Front page of website and relevant webpages E-mail signatures and press releases Chief Executive’s blog and staff magazine Advertised by local media during the snow

13 Evaluation Facebook Page Insights show us demographics and how many people are reading and commenting on posts Sport, employment news and road repairs are our hot topics! 75% of those who comment are over 45, however, 50% of fans are under 24 45% of new visitors to the Council website come from Facebook Each visitor from Facebook looks at an average of three webpages

14 Thank you! More details at

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