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Ideas to work in excel The basics (multiplying, SUM function) Spinners Data validation Conditional formatting.

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1 Ideas to work in excel The basics (multiplying, SUM function) Spinners Data validation Conditional formatting

2 The basics - multiplication If we have 100 tickets at £10 each then we have a revenue of £1000 - we simply multiply them together =b2*c2

3 Taking it a step further Now at a nightclub there is more than 1 kind of ticket - you’ll have a guest list and student discounts as well. =b2*c2 =b3*c3 =b4*c4

4 The SUM function Now we have worked out all the revenues from different tickets then we can work out the total revenue The icon that looks like a big letter “E” is called “autosum” We’ll use this icon on the next slide

5 We have written the word “total” in cell C5 Now that we are in cell D5 - we just click the “E” button. A flashing dotty line appears around the cells that are to be added up and then clicked on cell D5

6 Our current position So far we have managed to create a simple spreadsheet Let’s try and make it look good now!!

7 Back to main menu Carry on

8 The spinner We are going to create a little button that will control cell b3 - it will look like this: By pressing the arrows up and down the price will change in cell b3

9 To create spinners you’ll need to use a new toolbar From the drop down menus select “view” then “toolbars” and finally “forms” – a new toolbar will appear. Press the “spinner” button and then you can draw a spinner on the spreadsheet – your cursor will turn into “crosshairs” Now draw a spinner like in this image

10 Formatting a spinner Just because we have drawn a spinner doesn’t mean that it is working yet we have to tell it what to do!! Put your cursor on top of the spinner Now right click your mouse and select “format control” A new window will open like on the next slide

11 The format control window For our spinner we’ll set the min price at £3 and the max price at £15. Incremental change means how much it goes up by when you click the spinner arrows. Set it to 1 3 15 1

12 Finally – “cell linking” So we have a spinner, we’ve set the values, now we just need to tell it which cell it applies to. In this case we want the spinner to change the value of b3 So on the format control click on this button

13 Finishing off You’ll now have a screen that looks like this Just click on cell b3 You’ll notice what happens up here $b$3 Finally click this button You now have a fully functional spinner – try it

14 Back to main menu Carry on

15 Data validation We are going to set up the spreadsheet so only certain data can be entered in certain cells. Let’s imagine ticket prices will always be between £5 and £15 We need to set cell B3so that we can’t enter impossible data

16 Setting it up Click on cell B3 Then select “data” from the drop down menus and click on “validation”. You’ll now see a window that looks like this

17 Changing the validation At the moment we are allowing “any value”. Click on the arrow and change this to “decimal” Set the minimum to 5 5 Set the maximum to 15 15 Press “ok” then try entering that isn’t a number between 5 and 15

18 Back to main menu Carry on

19 Conditional formatting Consider the spreadsheet below We are going to set it up so that if the profit figure in cell C2 is negative then cell C2 will turn red

20 Making it happen Click on cell C2 Then go to the drop down menu “format” Then select “conditional formatting”, a window will appear

21 Doing the settings First of all we need to change “between” to “less than” Simply click this arrow and select “less than” Then type in a zero 0

22 Changing the format Simply select the format button Then go to “patterns” And finally set the colour as red, pressing “OK” to confirm That’s it - simple, but makes a good GCSE project

23 Back to main menu All material copyright © 2002

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