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Annual General Meeting 2012 1.Apologies 2.Minutes of last AGM 04.11.2011 3.Matters arising.

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2 Annual General Meeting 2012 1.Apologies 2.Minutes of last AGM 04.11.2011 3.Matters arising

3 4. Annual Report 2011 - 2012

4 Meeting dates Annual Conference and AGM 5 th November 2011 in London NEC Meeting Dates 24 th January 2012 22 nd March 2012 17 th May 2012 10 th July 2012 11 th September 2012 All meetings held at COT HQ

5 Membership figures BAOT/COT OT Member Non BAOT/COT OT Member Student Member BAOT/COT Associate Member Non BAOT/COT Associate Member Overseas Member OtherTotal Year Start 1.10. 11 2611310001276 Year End 30.9.12 2931310011309

6 Schedule of publications email network:- 20 editions Continues to be key forum for members and disseminating information Good feedback from membership questionnaire

7 Schedule of publications cont’d OTNews: 8 articles submitted by members Reflect activity taking place in all 4 countries Importance of raising the profile of OT’s working in housing and sharing good practice

8 Regional study days/meetings 11 study days/regional meetings Range of topics Impact of cuts to training budgets/time to attend Particular difficulties in some geographical areas Need to look at alternatives such as web-based training/video conferencing Importance of getting involved Feedback from membership survey

9 Annual Conference 2011 ‘Let’s get real’ Focus on models of service delivery 80 attendees Good feedback from delegates Working group established for 2012 conference

10 Promoting and disseminating key practice areas Range of consultations High level of engagement on housing issues across the 4 countries:-  Interdepartmental review of housing adaptations in NI  ‘Meeting the Housing Challenge’ in Wales  ‘Housing adaptations: options for change and improvement’ in Scotland

11 Promoting and disseminating key practice areas Mayor of London’s Draft SPG TSA consultation on regulatory framework for social housing in England DWP support for mortgage interest Allocation of accommodation: guidance for LA’s in England DCLG Changes to building regulations DCLG Streamlining planning applications

12 Promoting and disseminating key practice areas cont’d Development of UK wide electronic repository of housing related legislation, policy and good practice guidance Habinteg launch of ‘Space to Move: making efficient use of homes for wheelchair users’ COTSS-Housing fringe at COT conference Workshop at Housing Adaptations Scotland Conference APPG ‘Living Well at Home’ Home Adaptations Consortium

13 Research & Development genHOME (housing outcomes, information management and evidence) project  Maria Parks appointed as researcher  £25,000 funding over 3 years  genHOME website  Monitored and guided by steering group  COT conference presentation ‘What’s the big idea? Making the genHOME concept a reality’ Housing and autism group  Initial meeting of reps from SS-Housing, LD, CYPF  Undertaking comprehensive literature review  Aim to produce web-based briefing in 2013

14 2009-2012 Business Plan Key areas of work this year:- Membership survey Updating NEC resources – COTSS-Housing leaflet, NEC JD’s, Elma Shearer criteria Website development Transfer of funds to COT and closing of account Business plan published with annual report 2012-15 Business Plan agreed and submitted to COT

15 Annual General Meeting 2012 5. Feedback from Questionnaire and preferred method of payment

16 Membership Survey Why? Fall in membership numbers over the last few years In present climate with competing demands need to be sure we are providing what our members want/need To help us plan for the future

17 Membership Survey Who? All current members as at September 2012 We would have liked to include people who were members in the previous year who had not renewed – but our ethical approval did not allow us to do this. 138 completed questionnaires received, with another 33 started but not finished – 45% of total membership

18 Who are our members? Although we have some recently qualified members, 59% of respondents had been working in the housing field for more than 10 years, with 20% having 20 years plus. We have a huge amount of experience within the group and much to contribute to the housing field in general and housing in OT in particular – eg consultations, genHOME project

19 Attendance at COTSS-Housing Events 48% have attended a regional study day in the last two years 40% have attended conference in the last two years 24% have not attended any COTSS- Housing event in that time. Why? No study days in region Pressure of work Difficulty in getting time off

20 CPD Needs 87% of respondents say that COTSS- Housing is helping to meet their CPD needs. Only 2 people (1.3%) say it is not

21 What events do members want? Specialist design courses/adaptations training More shared events with other specialist sections More for paediatric OTs – adaptations for autism Research/evidence base for OT in housing Cost efficiency/managing needs within the budget Welfare reform More of what we are getting already!

22 E-mail network 83% feel it is well presented 97% feel it is relevant and informative 93% feel it enables them to keep in touch with new developments nationally and locally 93% feel it enables them to share good practice and advice from other professionals

23 COTSS-Housing pages on COT website 67% had accessed these pages Of those who had, 39% found them easy to locate and navigate around 57% found them relevant and informative 37% had accessed or contributed to the discussion forum COT website not easy to navigate Protected members still unable to access COT website Time constraints – no time to do this Lack of knowledge re there being a discussion forum

24 Communication 32.87% feel COTSS-Housing should use social media such as Facebook or Twitter 67.13% feel that we should not 46.85% have never accessed the handbook 51% are satisfied or very satisfied with the handbook Some people commented that they did not know that there was a handbook

25 Communication 83% receive regular contact from their regional rep 74% feel the communication from the regional rep is about right, with 6% feeling there is too little and 6% feeling there is too much

26 How should COTSS-Housing promote the profession? Keep a high profile for OT Stands at local events Standing up loudly for work on adaptations and pushing eradication of environmental barriers Focus on outcomes which can be understood by the public eg Videos on Youtube Promoting the benefits it will bring to health and social care integration Audit/further research re OT input into housing and best value Influencing architects Representation at other housing conferences

27 Membership application and renewal 79% find it simple and straightforward Increase in problems with missing payments etc in last year 37% would welcome payment by direct debit 30% prefer cheque, 15% PayPal and 25% electronic transfer A small number would like to pay by credit card Some people are still able to get membership funded by their employer 94% feel cost of membership is about right 97% intend to renew membership next year

28 Next Steps Detailed analysis of survey responses to inform action plan Regional rep role crucial – consider how to recruit where we presently have no rep Look at alternatives for providing local study days for areas without reps Solve the problem of website access for protected members Look at how we can facilitate payment by direct debit Keep up the good work!

29 Annual General Meeting 2012 6. Treasurers Report

30 Big thanks to our NEC leavers: Frances Gale (Chair) Helen Gay (Secretary) Mo Smith (Welsh Rep) Joanne Thomas (Welsh Rep)

31 Annual General Meeting 2011 7. Election of NEC Nominations received: Chair: Gill Owen-John Secretary: Julia Lim Membership secretary: Anthony Allott Southern rep (joint post): Karen Grose

32 Vacancies for NEC Wales rep North West rep Midlands rep

33 Annual General Meeting 2012 8. Update of GenHome

34 Annual General Meeting 2012 AOB Date of next meeting - 7 th November 2013 in Manchester

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