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Marketing yourself to Media employers Steve Perring, History Researcher, Horrible Histories Kate Copland, Careers Adviser

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1 Marketing yourself to Media employers Steve Perring, History Researcher, Horrible Histories Kate Copland, Careers Adviser

2 Aims: Recognise the value of “personal branding” in this job market Be able to identify your personal brand Know how to use a variety of methods to market yourself effectively Perfect your pitch!

3 Personal Branding Your unique selling point (USP) Identifies you as an individual and what you have to offer And/or identifies you as a representative of an organisation – you embody the company values / image Creates a specific impression to others (an impression that you can control and influence)

4 Examples: Ant & Dec family values entertainment cheeky chappies

5 Russell Brand edgy unpredictable youth culture unconventional

6 Importance of personal branding: Your image, what you do, who and what you associate yourself with all creates an impression. In order to market yourself effectively, your personal brand needs to relate to the company brand. So, you need to know two things: 1.What’s the company brand? 2.What’s your personal brand?

7 Sector strategies What’s appropriate for the organisation? What does the company do? What’s the company’s image? What’s the company culture- how do people dress/behave? = values = innovation Commercial awareness: What-have-you-been-reading-Hello-Magazine What-have-you-been-reading-Hello-Magazine

8 Resources: Know your sector and know your company! (Work experience in Media) (hard copy in Careers Centre) – Digital (Media & Publishing) (BBC Academy for all areas of Media) (Jobs advertised by also loads of help) (Free intro in TV world) Production company websites York Graduate Profiles Professional Connect/ alumni events Primary research: Work experience! Not sure what you want to do? Employability Tutorial (in the VLE)

9 What’s your personal brand? or Who are you and what do you want?! Career goal or personal profile on CV? Elevator pitch? What NOT to do!.... 2 minutes…. Skim read your CV or brain storm yourself Note down key words/ themes/ impressions that stand out

10 Personal branding: What does this say about you? Is this the impression you want to give?

11 Media Qualities Creativity Reliability

12 Skills related to History: Critical analysis and ability to condense large amounts of information Communication Ability to construct a logical and persuasive argument Problem solving Team work (group projects and seminars) Research – not just history! Self-management Time management and dealing with multiple workloads IT skills Creativity Numeracy (use of statistics)

13 Marketing approaches: 1.Online 2.Applications 3.Face to face

14 1. Online: Twitter- what are you saying? Who are you following? What does this say about you? Privacy settings?! Who are you accepting? Examples of your work: blogs/ website/ virtual portfolio/ YouTube Is your online presence consistent in terms of quality and message? (e.g. Want to work as a journalist, but write articles contradicting your opinions expressed in previous articles?!) You can showcase your skills and create a great impression before an employer has even met you!





19 Marketing approaches: 2. Applications: CV, cover letter, application forms, speculative approaches Are these well written? Free of spelling errors? Consistent and clear messages? Tailored to the company and the role? Is the role something you could do? If you have a clear understanding of your goal(s) and why your skills and experience are relevant, you will write a much stronger application!

20 3. Face to face: Interviews and assessment centres: 1.Social interviews: pub/corridor/coffee. Very informal. Be open to opportunities! Get way in. 2. Formal interviews/ assessment centres: situational questions, commercial awareness questions. You are expected to know about the industry, current affairs and what’s popular. Watch TV! Can you cope with stress and thinking on your feet?: “Pitch us an idea”… Networking: careers fairs/ industry events, work experience, volunteering, social events, personal interests (e.g. art exhibition, film festival..)

21 Networking nightmares!

22 Networking tips: Prepare! Who will be there? What do you want to find out? Bring a friend – pros/cons (Tag teams?!) Review the room – where are the people you would like to target? Name badges/ zones/stands? Even if a person isn’t necessarily useful still have a chat – you’ll never know where it might lead and if you’re rude then word spreads! Approach people on their own- make small talk? Build your confidence. Look for groups to break into, rather than people in pairs. What NOT to do….

23 The graceful exit Think about the message you want to leave the person with Thank the person Introduce others, or ask for an introduction yourself Follow up meeting/email/article/information Reconnect at a later date If you say it, mean it, and do it! Escape routes: “Shall we check out the food?” “It’s been great talking to you, but please excuse me I’ve just spotted someone else I need to catch.” Need the loo! Time – need to head home.

24 Pitch us an idea! Working in teams you will have 5 MINUTES to prepare an idea and then 2 MINUTES to pitch it to us. What’s your idea and why should YOU be the ones to produce it? What makes it unique/different?

25 Resources: York Award courses: Your online brand Networking for beginners Careers sessions: CV and application writing sessions CV and application reviews Online resources: Successful networking (info sheet) CV Guide (in the VLE)

26 Who to follow @TheBBCAcademy – the BBC Academy (and @BBCCoP)@TheBBCAcademy@BBCCoP @Don_b_kong - runs the BBC Trainee Schemes and Pool (often posts advice)@Don_b_kong @4TalentDays – Channel 4’s advice scheme@4TalentDays @ITVCareers – often old advice sessions and workshops@ITVCareers @tvtalentmanager and @theunitlist@tvtalentmanager@theunitlist @journalism_jobs - for newspapers and journalists@journalism_jobs @GuardianCareers @WIJ_UK (Women in journalism)@WIJ_UK @TheTVIndustry – for people specifically interested in TV@TheTVIndustry @RTS_Futures - Royal Television Society@RTS_Futures @BAFTAGuru @LondonLive – keep abreast of new areas of TV@LondonLive And of course @UoYCareers!@UoYCareers Plus anyone you meet networking – it’s a great informal way to stay in touch - @stevenperring

27 Help and Support: Open Mon – Fri, 10am -5pm CV and application reviews One to one advice/ info appointments Careers Fairs and events Employability Tutorial, CV guide York Award, Volunteering, SIB E-guidance: LOCATION: campus central carpark, next to Vanbrugh and Market Square shops

28 To access this presentation and the Information Sheets: Getting work experience in Media Considering Broadcasting Successful networking

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