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Our European Tour So Far Part 2 By Michael in the Mirror.

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1 Our European Tour So Far Part 2 By Michael in the Mirror

2 Cyprus When we left Austria we flew to Cyprus. We went to see their full bus network. We then travelled to our concert on their most popular mode of travelling, on the road the sea and in the air.

3 Germany When we were in Germany we found out that Germany is famous for its alcohol and wine so we went testing. After that we went to see the remains of the Berlin wall. It looked a right mess. Then we went for a bicycle ride into one of the many forests that Germany has. Nearly a third of Germany is covered with forests so they weren’t that hard to find.

4 Italy In Italy we went to see where the gladiators went to fight. It was called the coliseum. Then we drove on the most famous type of transport, the scooter. When we arrived at our destination we went and tried five of the four hundred different types of pasta. Just before our concert we went to one of the farms, which cover one third of Italy.

5 France In France we went to a cheese market and we tried some fancy, disgusting and OK cheese. We left the cheese market to go to the Eiffel Tower. It was 324 meters tall and we went up to the top via the stairs. Then we went to the most known museum, The Louvre Museum to see all the amazing statues and paintings.

6 Spain When we were in Spain we found out that there was a whopping 39,628,000 people in Spain this year, still there are more than 60 million tourists visit Spain every year that’s more people than there is in Spain. Spain is famous for their most delicious and juiciest oranges in the world.

7 Portugal In Portugal we went to try some of the traditional foods. The first one we tried was called Bacalhau a Bras, it’s made from codfish. Then we tried feijoada, a dish made from meat, any type you like. We had the beef version. After we finished we went to see the Portugal internationals play against Turkey, Portugal won 1-0. It was a great game. They played at the pitch where the opening ceremony was held for the UEFA Euro 2004. The Estadio do Dragao was it’s name and it was in Porto.

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