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DLC in optics Student talk Saara Hirvonen 5.12.2013.

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1 DLC in optics Student talk Saara Hirvonen 5.12.2013

2 Contents Introduction DLC optical properties Optical applications Future trends Summary Saara Hirvonen

3 Introduction Typical DLC applications: wear resistance DLC films have amorphous structure –Properties can be adjusted Optical coatings are essential in advanced applications –Filtering of specific wavelengths –Reflection and deflection –Reflection reduction Saara Hirvonen

4 DLC optical properties Reflective index 2.0 –Good broad bandgap anti-reflection (BBAR) performance Optical transparency NIR-FIR Layer thickness optimized for specific wavelength 1,2 1) A. Grill. 1999. 2) Tydex. Saara Hirvonen

5 Optical applications IR optical systems coating with DLC –Anti-reflection –Resistance to abrasion, salts, acids, alkalis and oil 2,3 2) Tydex. 3) Jenoptik. 4) Reynard Corporation. Saara Hirvonen Military and marine windows Outdoor thermal cameras 4 3

6 Optical applications: IR antireflection coating Substrate materials –Ge, Si –ZnS, ZnSe, glass, ceramics, crystals, plastics 4 Spectral range depending on coating thickness –Wavelengths 3-5 µm and 8-12 µm Deposition with PECVD –Standard process for Ge and Si substrates 5 4) Reynard Corporation. 5) Leybolt Optics. Saara Hirvonen

7 Future trends – Coating improvement DLC single-layer coating –Stable structure –Spectral performance is limited at specific wavelength –Average reflectance 2,6 % for long-wavelength IR spectral range Hybrid-DLC –Antireflection properties improved with different layers –Reflectance of <0.15% –Multilayer coating enables broader working bandwidth 6,7 6) M. Degel & E. Gittler. 2013. 7) M. Gilo. 2013. Saara Hirvonen

8 Coating improvement: hybrid-DLC 1- 50 dielectric layers with PVD DLC with PECVD Fewer optical components needed 7 Saara Hirvonen

9 Summary DLC optical properties –Good BBAR performance –Optical transparency NIR-FIR IR optical systems coating –Anti-reflection –Environment resistance Hybrid-DLC –Multilayer coating enables broader working bandwidth Saara Hirvonen

10 Thank you! Questions?

11 References Properties 1) A. Grill. Electrical and optical properties of diamond-like carbon. Thin Solid Films. Vol:355-356. 1999. 2) Tydex. Hard Carbon Coating (DLC: "Diamond-Like Coating") IR coatings 3) Jenoptik. Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) Coatings. 4) Reynard Corporation. Diamond Like Coatings – ClearDLC. 5) Leybolt Optics. DLCcs - Diamond Like Carbon Coating System. optics/machines/dlccs/dlccs.html optics/machines/dlccs/dlccs.html Hybrid DLC 6) Michael Degel & Elvira Gittler. Multispectral Optical Coatings Are Tough, Versatile for IR Applications. Jenoptik Optical Systems GmbH. 2013. 7) Mordechai Gilo. Low-reflectance, durable coatings for infrared lenses. SPIE Newsroom. 2013. DOI: 10.1117/2.1201212.004581

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