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1 MORTGAGE PROTECTION GROUP Beneflex Financial Group Training Manual.

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1 1 MORTGAGE PROTECTION GROUP Beneflex Financial Group Training Manual


3 3 BENEFLEX FINANCIAL GROUP JERRY HILL joined the industry AS an agent in MAY 1988 By the end of the year he had written over $1,000,000 JERRY WAS NAMED AGENT OF THE YEAR AND THEN BEGAN RECRUITING Jerry is now licensed in over 41 states and is actively recruiting in those states. Jerry has has agents in his group that consistently earn in excess of 6 figures each year. MASTER MARKETING GROUP

4 4 Beneflex Financial key to success. The lead program Beneflex Financial has several proprietary lead generation system Lead generation is all In-House and outsourced for better quality. Typical insurance industry agent spends 90% prospecting and 10% selling With the Lead Program, agents spend 90% selling and 10% prospecting Expert Selling System 2 step process – booking the appointment – presenting to the client Designed for the one appointment sales cycle Avoid wasting time with shoppers

5 5 For success choose Beneflex Products We only partner with companies that provide the latest, cutting edge products and services that hold the grade A rating through companies such as A.M. Best –Value programs – not just the steep or cheap market –Innovative riders – always seeking the best for the client Support The independent agents strength is partnering with Beneflex Financial Group –Good deals with specific insurers come and go –Steady agent income as a result of the diversity and negotiating clout that Beneflex Financial Group provides –Beneflex Financial will not contract with an insurance company unless it is the best deal for the agent and the client

6 6 The Beneflex Financial Group of Companies

7 7 Impaired Health Companies US Financial and Presidential Products that will actually cover HIV+ folks. Essentially, if they can fog a mirror, we can write them. Examples:Heart Attack, Cancer, HIV, Quadriplegic, Insulin Dependent Diabetes, Emphysema We will not train on these companies or these products today. If you get someone declined, contact your manager about how to use our Impaired Risk Companies. Beneflex Financial Grp Companies

8 8

9 9 Shenandoah Life Founded in 1914, Roanoke, VA A- with A.M. Best; largely due to smaller size Small Mutual Company in only 30 states Two Primary Products: (1) Mortgage Protector; (2) Golden Promise Mortgage Protector is a copy cat of F&Gs Home Certain with some minor changes. As we go along, we will train you on this product. It has certain situations where it is better than Home Certain. Golden Promise is a Final Expense product. It is a perfect product to offer the parents of your clients. If you dont know who is paying for your parents funeral, then it is you. Beneflex Financial Group

10 10 Americo Products we provide

11 11 Americo

12 12 Riders (contd)

13 13 Getting Started The LEAD

14 14 The Simplified Selling System A Two Step Process 1.The Telephone Call 2.The In-Home Presentation

15 15 The Telephone Call Booking the Appointment What you are trying to accomplish Refer to the Letter (lead) that the Client filled out and Returned Let them know that you are the agent for their area Say that the appointment will only take about minutes to show how the program works Set a time and explain that it is important that both husband and wife are present.

16 16 The Phone Call – Script Example Hi, this is __________with the Mortgage Protection Group. Im calling because you had filled out a form and sent it back to our office requesting more information about our mortgage protection program. OR Hi, this is __________with Mortgage Protection Group. Im calling in reference to your mortgage with________. You had filled out a form requesting more information about our mortgage protection program. Our district manager will be in your area this weekend. He only needs about minutes. Their is a slot available tomorrow at 4 or Saturday at 11. Which would you prefer?

17 17 The Phone Call – Potential Objections I can't meet tomorrow… –Great, so Saturday morning works better. Would you like the 10 oclock slot or the 11? I just wanted some info… –I mailed the info to you and you sent it back. Since you are interested I will now take 5 minutes in person to share with you how it works, answer your questions, and give you the bottom line. I can see you tomorrow between 6 and 7 or Saturday morning at 10 or 11. Which one works better?

18 18 The Phone Call – Overcoming Objections I just wanted to know the price Im just the appointment setter, so I dont know any specifics about the program. What I can tell you is that I have seen rates anywhere from $25 a month up to $500 a month, depending on the individual. Our manager will be able to give you all of the specifics when he comes out. Is tomorrow or Saturday better for you? Cant you just send me some information? We did send you the information on the form that you filled out and sent back to us. Since you are interested, let our manager take 10 minutes and explain the features and prices to you. Is tomorrow or Saturday better for you?

19 19 The Appointment What you are trying to accomplish Close the deal! Come out with applications and checks! Basic Outline Make the clients feel comfortable Go over the features Show the prices Write up the application

20 20 The Appointment Script Introduce yourself. Make them feel special, compliment them on their home, their yard, the car, etc. Once at the table… Tom and Sue. I am here to go over the benefits of your program and to show you the bottom line. We will then send in an application to the underwriting company and they will make a decision based on that request. Sound good? Now, I can take an hour and show you all of the charts, graphs, and brochures or I can take 20 minutes, show you what it is and what it does, answer your questions, and give you the bottom line. Which one would you prefer? Then cover the selling points on the lead.

21 21 The Appointment – Selling Points Script This first bullet says that there will be enough to pay off your mortgage if you die. This means that we will pay no matter how you go. If you are in a car accident, or have a heart attack, whatever the case may be, we will pay. The second bullet says that if you cant work due to illness or injury, we will provide enough income to make your monthly house payment in full for up to two years. If you cant work because youre sick or injured, we will provide for the monthly payment. Period. The next bullet states that should you lose your job, we will make the premium payments for this protection for six months. Another way of looking at this is that you may lose your benefits at work, but not the benefits that you have with us.

22 22 The Appointment – Selling Points Script Finally, if you dont use this protection, we can give you back all of the money that you paid in. In other words, either you use the protection or you dont. If you do not, you have not lost a thing! Pretty neat… Well, lets take a look at what is important to you and your family At this point, clarify their needs and budget requirements. Show the pricing options and watch for buying signals

23 23 The Appointment – Presenting Prices What you are trying to accomplish This is where you show the bottom line. You need to be very sensitive to reading their body language. You need to explain the program and then start writing up the applications.

24 24 The Appointment – Present Prices Script suggestions for the laptop Well, Tom your program is $___ per month. And Sue, yours is $___. Note: It is not required to begin at the beginning of the application. For example…beginning with the beneficiary information: Now Tom, who do you want to leave this to when you die? To Sue? Proceed with filling out the application. If you hesitate, you will probably lose the opportunity to close the deal.

25 25 The Appointment – Present Prices If they balk at the Bank Draft Well Tom, thats not a problem, I just need to collect the first twelve months tonight. Tom, the insurance industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the U.S. You can rest assured that the last thing an insurance company needs is to bring the SEC and the Insurance Commissioner down on them by being irresponsible with your bank draft. Let me make a suggestion: try it for a couple of months and if they cant get it right, we can always change it back to a billing mode.

26 26 The Simplified Selling System Closing the Sale

27 27 Mortgage Protection/Life Insurance is an emotional sale You are helping your client think, plan, and prepare for their eventual death and the effects that it will have on their family. There was emotion when they sent this card in; there should be emotion when they purchase their plan. Keys to Remember One Step Close This program is designed to close the lead in one appointment The sale was made with the lead. Refer to the lead during your discussion/presentation The appointment is set up to choose a premium level and pick up a check and get referrals

28 28 You are not an insurance salesperson – you are a Mortgage Protection Specialist You have the expertise to counsel the client on the best way to protect their home for their family You have to differentiate yourself from your competition Keys to Remember The Client Sent the Letter Back They want to buy. Do not wait for a yes. They have already said yes. Book the appointment. Show the features and prices. Then fill out the applications.

29 29 Emotion…Paint Pictures with Words Logic…Show the Prices Assume the Sale…Dont Hesitate Fill out the Application(s) Steps to the Close

30 30 The Application

31 31 AMERICO Application Tips Read through application at least once or twice before your first appointment Fill in all of the boxes – leave no box empty Must get signatures and checks while in home –Highlighting signature boxes ahead of time is smart Keep copies of all applications How to Get Paid

32 32 AMERICO Application Tips – Common Errors Page 1 of 8 Name - First, M.I. and Last. (Middle Initial is often missed) Address - house number with Street Name, City, State, and Zip code (City, State and Zip are often left off) Beneficiaries - Full Name, Relationship to Insured, and Percent of Share (The relationship to insured is often missed) Be sure and get the beneficary social security number.. If they do not have it, ask them to obtain it and supply later.

33 33 AMERICO Application Tips – Common Errors Page 2 of 8 Make sure the Term Period and Premium Guarantee Period line up with product sold Credit Card can only be for the first premium or for a full annual premium, not monthly charge. For the sale of any other product that is not Home Certain, the Accelerated Benefit Rider is FREE but must be colored in to be applicable. Critical Illness Rider and the Child Rider need to have the required supplemental questionnaire attached. The adding of Extended Premium Guarantee Rider is to be listed under OTHER at the bottom of the page. ALL YES or NO questions…the circle is to be BUBBLED in, not X, \, or checked.

34 34 AMERICO Application Tips – Common Errors Page 4 of 8 YES answer to Questions 2, 5, and 6 need a completed questionnaire. Page 6 of 8 Medical History Questions…You can use ADLF3787 Underwriting Guide (Blue Book) issued from F&G or we have also provided forms with pertinent underwriting questions. Question 1…A through K that has been answered YES, should have the underwriting questions answered under details at the bottom of page, in additional information on page 8 or use an added page with all the details and include as an attachment. Page 7 of 8 Authorization / Certification is signed and asked for CITY, STATE and DATE. The date is frequently missed.

35 35 Expectations What Is Expected of You?

36 36 Work phone calls per week 5-15 appointments per week 4-5 applications per 10 leads $2,500 AP per 10 leads as a minimum What is Expected of You?

37 37 Communicate Let your manager know what is going on with the money (leads) that were provided to you Phone call tracking sheet –How many phone calls –How many appointments –How many applications Dont allow your activity to be stunted just because your manager isnt made aware of whats going on. Two ways to get more leads – Production and Communication What is Expected of You?

38 38 Copy of the Telephone Log

39 39 Copy of the Business Transmittal

40 40 Be accountable to the system and to the team Be coach-able Just assume that we know what we are doing. What is Expected of You?

41 41 Income Example 5 leads 1 is too unhealthy 1 is shopping 3 are fair game (before referrals) 55% Average Monthly Premium$80 Annualized$960 1 st Year Commissions$528 2 sales per 5 leads – comms$1,056 Lead cost per 5 leadsFree Total Annual Income$54,912

42 42 Income Example Improvement of Income Referrals Extra Sales per Household Higher Average Premium Pay for your leads 55% Average Monthly Premium$100 Annualized$1,200 1 st Year Commissions$660 3 sales per 5 leads – comms$1,980 Lead cost per 5 leadsFree Total Annual Income$102,960 60% $100 $1,200 $720 $2,160 $81.50 $108,706

43 43 What Causes Agents to Fail? Fear 1.The Phone 2.Rejection 3.Income 4.Change 5.The System 6.Failure 7.Insurance Lingo

44 44 Traits of Successful Agents 1.They are not geographically anal about lead flow 2.They listen to and memorize the MP-3s 3.Study and master the product lines/features sheets 4.Get a mentor 5.Maintain a good work ethic

45 45 Final Thoughts… We have supplies for you. If you are on the call, contact your manager for supplies. –Applications, supplements, marketing brochures, folders, MP-3s and HIV and HIPAA forms Contact your manager for your first set of leads. If we dont hear from you, we assume that you will let us know when you are ready for leads. Call those leads and book appointments There is a diminishing return with this training. The longer it takes you to make your first call, the less likely it is that you will ever do it successfully.

46 46 Welcome to Beneflex Financial Group and The Mortgage Protection Group of companies

47 47 Software awareness Run different plans on yourself so you can better understand the software and the programs available.

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