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2 Survey demographics

3 Response rate: In which area of Herriard village do you live? (n = 81/120 questionnaires returned + 1 void) – 68%

4 Household age profile Total number of people in all households = 195 Age Group Number of People 0-1516-2425-3940-5455-6970+ 1 7911191211 2 62816125 3 440000 4 100000 Total 352527513621

5 Availability of services

6 Q5 Do you use the eating/drinking establishments currently available in the Parish? “The pub and British Legion are great village assets. “Occasionally it can be difficult as a senior citizen, drinking or eating in a pub on one’s own.” “The Avenue Nursery café is first rate too.”

7 Q6 Are there any new services that disabled or more senior members of our community might appreciate? “Elderly may appreciate post office services or visiting doctor service like Preston Candover or even small shop selling produce.” “Improved transportation links is essential for elderly.” “Travelling library and dial a ride bus service.”

8 Q7 Are you satisfied with the current crime prevention/Neighbourhood Watch programme in the Parish? “Not aware of the programme…..more information about who is involved would be helpful.” “Andy Reid is excellent PC – approachable and professional.” “With new village centre we have a lot of people in our community who we do not know.”

9 Q8 Are you satisfied with the utility services (e.g. recycling / electricity / water / sewerage / waste disposal) provided for the Parish? “Mostly satisfied – can anything be done regarding the smells from the cess pit.” “Electricity supply suffers periodically…too many power outages.” “Would like to see mains drainage.” “We should be able to recycle more……”

10 Q9 Would you use a village market, as a seller/buyer if one were to be established to run periodically in the Parish? “It should be reasonably priced and not every week perhaps monthly.” “Could be in the Legion car park on Saturday morning.” “Worth a try – periodically on the sports field – maybe a themed market like a French or German Christmas one.”

11 Q10 Are you satisfied with the activities of the Parish Council? “Needs better communication of its activities.” “No idea – where and when are the meetings held. Are they open to the public?” “Could every meeting be an open meeting? Can minutes be made available on the notice boards?”

12 Q11 Are there other activities that you would like to see taking place at the Royal British Legion/Village Hall or the Church? “Perhaps a toddlers group.” “Something to bring the community together more. Craft classes, painting classes, dance classes.” “We do not know unless it’s in the Parish magazine.” “Yoga, keep fit, Tai chi, need more activities generally, More breakfast or coffee mornings.” “Interest evenings – countryside, birds, bees and local businesses.”

13 Q 12 Are you or any of your family interested in becoming members of the Herriard Sports Club? “Tennis membership too expensive although courts are excellent quality – could villagers get a discount?” “Sports club need to integrate better – ask us what we do or want to do? Jogging and cycling clubs would be popular.” “We would like to use the tennis courts if they were open to the public.” “Would like to know what happens at the sports club, nothing in parish magazine.” “It would be good to have more information on how to join and for children.”

14 Q13 Are you satisfied with the current level of mobile phone coverage/reliability in your area? “Unreliable signal at times.” “I have little to no reception..” “Bagmore lane poor coverage – we have to use Vodaphone who are hopeless.” “Had to change to Vodaphone…no O2 coverage.”

15 Q14 Are you satisfied with the current level of Broadband provision in your area? “The speed is far too low.” “Would love to have cable broadband phone lines are very slow.” “Limits to what it can be used for! Difficult to work at times from home and we still pay full price.” “When will rural areas get proper provision.” “Recently changed provider and choice was limited and service poor.”

16 Q15 Are you satisfied with the current facilities/clubs available in the Parish? “Not aware of any clubs for children in the parish.” “Would love to have a weekly coffee morning at the British Legion.” “More needed for 10-15 year olds.” “Good facilities especially the Pavilion, more events always welcome.”

17 Q15a Are you satisfied with the current facilities/clubs available in the Parish for those under the age of 16? “Its great having the Green so close. Maybe open another practice pitch or smaller children’s pitch.” “Youth club maybe in the village centre or Herriard club.” “Toddlers group.” “Park is excellent. Bike ramps great for bikes and sledging in snow.” “More needed for 10-15 year olds.”

18 Transport

19 Q16 Do you have regular access to a car? “To live in Herriard and work elsewhere would be difficult without a car.” “Car necessary – no bus service near Avenue.” “You need a car in Herriard.”

20 16a Does the current bus service for the parish meet your needs? “A service like ‘Cango’ or dial-a ride would be useful.” “More frequent service would be useful. No bus service in the evening.” “Ridiculous bus doesn’t serve the largest shop in the area [Avenue nurseries] so encourages huge amount of traffic.” “At times I would like to take the bus into Basingstoke, but the service is irregular and poor.” “Basingstoke bound bus shelter too far back from the road. Impossible to see bus coming from shelter.”

21 Q17 Do you believe that the flow and speed of traffic is adequately managed through the Parish? “Road to [Western Patrick] is dangerous with Hunt’s lorries.” “Traffic much too fast down Back Lane, A339 and Weston road.” “A339 traffic too fast past Herriard church. Speed limit needed.” “No proper speed management.” “Still waiting for 30 mph in Bagmore lane. Avenue is unsafe speeds too fast.” “A339 a death hazard – people need to cross to use bus shelters.”

22 Q18 Do you consider the traffic signs around the Parish adequate? “Not enough signs saying keep speed down and that there might be children playing/crossing.” “Bagmore Lane could do with more slow signs – better would be a 30 mph limit.” “Caution for horses in Bagmore Lane on both sides of A339.” “Too many of wrong type.” “Turnings from A339 should have post that light up in the dark.”

23 Q19 Do you consider pedestrians are adequately catered for around the Parish? “Very hard to cross A339 footpath from bus stop at Fur and feathers up to cross roads.” “There are no pavements in the country!” “Not necessary to cater for pedestrians, this is a rural community.” “Dangerous walking along the Avenue …..Parish Council needs to cater of walkers along Avenue.” “I feel unsafe walking on Bagmore Lane due to speed of the traffic and blind bends. “Think about a network of footpaths that link up….we could then avoid walking on the roads.” “Cannot let 10 and 13 year old cross A339 alone too dangerous so getting to excellent village green is a problem.”

24 Q20 Do you consider cyclists are adequately catered for around the Parish? “Cycling clubs that use the area are very aggressive when told to slow down. They are nuisance at times especially when riding 3 abreast.” “Dangerous to cycle along Avenue, A339, B3349 and Bagmore Lane – plus crossing at Golden Pot or the Avenue nurseries A339 junction.” “Children cannot safely cycle to the park.”

25 Q21 Is access for commercial transport vehicles, such as delivery lorries, adequate? “Not want roads widened, but perhaps more passing spaces.” “Hunts lorries and commercial lorries should not use lanes.” “Upton Grey road very narrow for Hunt’s lorries – particular problems on Upton Grey / Herriard road.” “Some roads too narrow for commercial vehicles.”

26 Q22 Are you satisfied with the general maintenance of the roads and footpaths in the Parish? “Is The Avenue covered by the Parish it is full of holes.” “Too many potholes and poorly repaired.” “Potholes on Avenue, Bagmore lane and road to pub.” “Pot holes from Nashes Green to Hockleys lane are getting worse.” “Bridleway at Western Patrick end is still inaccessible – despite many complaints to HCC…it also has 4x4s and quod bikes using it illegally needs notices and barriers.” “Must have an effective system for informing council about potholes and following up – HGVs chew up verges.”

27 Environment

28 Q1 Do you like living in the village of Herriard? All respondents answered ‘YES’. By age group this breaks down as: n=160

29 “It’s a very peaceful, pretty and friendly place to live.” “Love the rural setting, and lack of industry.” “Whilst a dispersed community, a good friendly and diverse group of villagers.” “Pleasant village, safe and quiet.” “Nice peaceful village, friendly but not intrusive.” “We love living in Herriard, people are friendly, strong sense of community.” “I love the peace and quiet of village life. I have lived in Herriard for 26 years.” “Just moved in and like it very much.”

30 Q23 What is it you like about living in Herriard? “Love the environment/countryside / spaces and the people and how they care for each other.” “I have lived here 70 years that should tell you something.” “Surrounded by fields and friendly community. Peaceful nice community, good friends, pub and play area.” “Love the village and country feel.” “The Green has made a significant improvement to the village by providing a centre of focus and is used by many people. As many events as possible should be centred on the Green and sports club.” “Love the rural nature and good access to major roads and local towns.” “Good community spirit and village kept tidy.”

31 Q23 What don’t you like about living in Herriard? “Constant noise of gliders being towed up in good weather.” “Motorbikes on Sunday morning are annoying otherwise we love it.” “[some] Gardens look like rubbish dumps.” “Barking dogs and dreaded dog mess on the Green. Is it time for name and shame?” “Too much dog [excrement] on the Green and dogs should be on leads.” “Need a shop ……..Village shop would be great but I know this is a huge task.” “Do not like total isolation where shops are concerned. Thankfully garden centre sells milk and eggs, but a little local shop would be most useful. “Lack of things to do without having to drive.” “There is the danger of older residents feeling isolated if they cannot get out of the village to socialize.”

32 Q24 Are you satisfied with the way Herriard Green and other public areas are maintained in the Parish? “Bin in the Herriard playground would help stop food wrapper mess.” “Herriard Green is full of dog mess and not pleasant to walk around. Needs dog mess bins and notices telling owners to pick up or expect a fine.” “The team from the estate do excellent job on the communal areas.” “Frank is playing a blinder!” “Shrub planting not maintained with loss of many plants. Paths subject to flooding.” “Dog bins and litter bins asap”

33 Q25 Are you satisfied with the maintenance activities carried out in the surrounding countryside? “Litter dog mess, ruined banks…” “Ditches and drainage areas not cleared regularly enough.” “Larger agricultural machines are wrecking the verges.” “There is always room to improve, but understand it is dependent on government grants and policy.”

34 Q26 Are you satisfied with the current activities carried out to preserve trees and wildlife areas in the Parish? “More hedges and larger pond in the village green.” “Not aware of activities carried out to preserve wildlife? Would like to know more about what action is being taken?” “Hedge laying by Green is lovely Green needs more wildflower planting and zones allocated from ground nesting birds safe from human and dog interference.”

35 Q27 Are the countryside public footpaths clear and do you make use of them? (e.g. clearly marked, unobstructed, etc.) “Information needed on the walks available in the area.” “Sometimes overgrown, more footpaths to create a roundtrip walk would be good.” “Love the footpaths and bridleways.” “Some barriers required to keep 4x4s and quod bikes off paths and bridleways.” “Circular walks without having to go on roads would be good.”

36 Q28 Do you support the annual ‘Clean Up Herriard’ campaign? “Very good campaign which does a great job and involves everyone.” “I support but not available to help – needs better publication and planning.” “A lot of effort goes into this but only a handful of people who support it actually get involved.” “Needs more advertising and incentives… coffee afterwards in the legion?”

37 Q29 Do you feel safe in our community? “We are privileged to live in safe and secure environment.” “Andy Reid is superb This is a safe place….very commendable.” “Lucky to have a caring and vigilant policeman.”

38 Q30 Will anyone in your household or anyone that you are aware of require new housing in Herriard within the next 5 years? “No more needed – keep it a village!” “Let’s keep the community together by not driving the children away through lack of housing.” “More 2/3 bed affordable housing needed.” “Sister would like to move back into village.” “Daughter is considering moving to our area.”

39 Q31 What type of housing should this be? i.e. rental, private, or shared ownership etc. Mix of rental, shared ownership and private Family accommodation needed to provide for long-term entrants to community –“Low rent single person house with garden storage and parking.” –“Private affordable housing for young couples.” –“Small 1 bed flats for people to rent. Also some 3/4bed family houses for rent and for sale.” Low cost a priority –“Private and affordable maybe 10 in all.” Mixed development of Brownfield areas such as unused agricultural buildings - not infilling where there are already some houses and road access is poor. –“A mixture needed. The village should grow/evolve but not suddenly or unnaturally.”

40 Q32 How could the Parish better support local business activities in the village? Better broadband for all Encourage businesses to use pub, village hall and sports club Networking meetings – breakfast club get together for local business to support each other Monthly business luncheon meetings Need to be better informed of what businesses operate in the village More housing for village/employees to live

41 Q33 Would you like information on training or developing skills, such as using the internet? “Why not especially if it leads to greater social contact.” “I’m a qualified software trainer.” “Always keen to learn more about the internet.”

42 and finally even better if........

43 Review of local groups and clubs – promote through Parish Magazine –“Gardening club and cooking club” –“Drama groups! I used to be in an operatic society so this would be great.” –“There is wealth of talent in the village lets use it.” Allotments –“Allotments would be a benefit.” Campaign for better internet and broadband, and transport – local advocacy groups –“Signs – polite and considerate cyclists welcome – Herriard welcomes considerate cyclists.” –“More involvement of new people into village life and better transportation links for those without cars.”

44 Local community action/support group –“ A lot of support and energy in the village and with better coordination a lot more could be achieved. I do believe that there are a lot more families and individuals in homes and business that would like to contribute more to Herriard community. –“Could we have some sort of suggestion box Better communications between parish council and village. –“We love living in Herriard but finding it increasingly difficult to get support for community events within the village.”

45 Get into small groups: discuss your reactions to the survey identify any key issues feedback to the meeting


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