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The “Consultation Document”

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1 The “Consultation Document”
Here is the document, available to all of us, but unless you are fairly competent on a PC it was quite difficult to find, until Bidford Parish Council attached a link…but if you don’t have a PC how do you get it? We will go through the pages and maybe point out some of the Political Marketing “Spin” we have found whilst reading it. As published by WCC

2 But……..They want you to agree with them!!!!




6 Where does it say ”Acting” He’s already packed his bag to go back to Luton & Bedford !!
Where does it say ”None of the cuts affect where I live !!”

7 8 weeks to prepare this important document..
Why didn’t he tell Cllr Hobbs until “around mid June time” 8 weeks to prepare this important document.. not long

8 So…A seconded Fire Chief and some computer software decided that YOU can wait an extra 15 minutes for fire assistance!!!

9 How?

10 How ? Please explain!!

11 How ? Alcester will cost the best part of £1Million per annum to run.
Oh, and by the way:- They plan to use our resource money to buy a boat !

12 I won’t feel as safe with a “20 minute guaranteed response” compared to the 5 minutes I have at present

13 We want assurances that our views will be considered !

14 We don’t mind the staff being consulted before us, providing it is the “right staff” and as long as they are relevant!

15 Not true in Bidford 36’s case they have 95% + availability
Our boys already do this for free!!

16 Politically Correct smokescreen to appear to be “Green”

17 We are the biggest “stakeholders”….it’s our money!


19 All of these questions have been generated with a marketing research theme-they are designed to give the WCC the answers they want!

20 This would make no difference to Bidford??

21 How can that be possible??

22 Statistics show they have already got that wrong??

23 Who will have time to do it ??

24 How will that work with 9 less appliances 100 less firefighters and 2 Road incident special units ???

25 Whole time and Retained already get the same training..allegedly!

26 Only Bidford 36 was available to us in July 2007!!
If the new boat’s in Stratford/Alcester, who gets it ?? Just a thought… whose Fire station is nearest the river in this locality ??

27 5 per shift at the expense of 100+ retained available

28 Where is the question that asks if we want 100+ retained firefighters positions to be lost!

29 WCC want us to agree with all the proposals, but the result will not be without cost…maybe not money, as they make great pains to explain… but ultimately, loss of property and lives…a much greater cost!!


31 Whilst we all have sympathy for, and will support, all the other affected local communities, Saving Bidford 36 must remain our prime objective, if it comes down to them or us…we must not be found wanting!!

32 Where will they get the people, they will be up to 95 people short !!
Trying to appear green !! Are you really concerned about the co2 emissions of a fire engine if your house is burning down?? This should be done anyway, everyone knows malicious false alarms happen, faulty burglar alarms go off all the time, the fire brigade will not ignore an alarm, this part is window dressing to detract from the main theme of the proposal !!

33 With less firefighters available, how are they going to implement this…more appeasement and window dressing !!

34 This should be done anyway, firefighters need continuous training…
more window dressing !!

35 How can you control when people are sick, or off, especially in the case of these guys in a dangerous environment where injuries are likely…………except have plenty of reserves !!

36 This will be of little use in Bidford, outside appliances couldn’t get here in July 2007, and anyway it won’t be based here, WCC will have sold the land!

37 Doesn’t the big red Dennis already do a sterling job of that already…
Doesn’t the big red Dennis already do a sterling job of that already…..if I was trapped in my car, I’d feel more relieved to see the current set up arrive, than 2 people arrive in a pickup !!

38 Who will decide what to send anyway ?
Doesn’t the big red Dennis put out all sizes of fires already…..From what we can work out from the questionnaire , these appliances will be based outside our we have to wait while a controller decides which vehicle to send !! Who will decide what to send anyway ?

39 Don’t forget, this is a WCC initiative, none of us attach any “Blame” to The Fire Service or it’s frontline Staff

40 A shortcut to all the relevant information can be found on the Parish Website

41 This on line survey will be scored like a psychometric test and the results will be scored by a computer, it just adds up all the “agrees” and “disagrees” and gives a score that the computer interprets and will then give WCC the answer they want. Fill in a paper version and they will have to read them all and attach any mitigating letter to show the reasons why their proposals should be rejected Contact your local Councillors of all political persuasions and make them aware of your dissatisfaction, some Council Candidates were elected on the promise of keeping “Bidford 36” open, let them know we are going to call them to account!

42 Don’t Return it Yet! On 23.09.09 an unnamed “Fire Chief”
(Don’t know which one !] was on local radio already complaining that only 100 documents have been received. We have until December 8th why do we need to rush? Until we clarify some facts and get a considered line of answers:- Don’t Return it Yet!

43 They will not succeed alone!
The Parish Council, District Councillors and County Councillors all have their part to play, BUT They will not succeed alone!

44 and all the valued people that make the station what it is……
If we want to keep “Bidford 36” and all the valued people that make the station what it is…… every one of us needs to make our voice heard!!

45 Thank you all for your time and patience.

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