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SPSP – PC in NHS Fife Dr Andy Kilpatrick, Clinical Lead.

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1 SPSP – PC in NHS Fife Dr Andy Kilpatrick, Clinical Lead

2 Start of a process. Evolving. End point not determined but intention is to make care safer and more reliable. Challenge for us is to get full involvement and to develop the program locally as well as nationally to match our desires and issues.

3 Mechanisms and early work  Year 1 QoF covering Trigger tool and safety climate survey.  Local Enhanced Service (LES) to cover training, care bundles, patient participation and development.  Year 2 still to be determined nationally but likely to come out of QoF.  Program up to 5 years.  May appear very proscriptive but challenge is to adapt as well.

4 Mechanisms and early work 2  Program is to be mainly web based – tools, guidance and resources on the web at:  Each health board will have its own pages on the web site as well. You tell us what will help you.   Data collection will also be web based to aid comparisons and to help view trends.  Program will be based in the Primary Care Department but will link closely with CHPs and LMC. Links with secondary care still to be formalised but crucial. Steering group and role of PMSG.  Need to hear from you what you need and want.

5 So why get involved?  Safer working. Fewer mistakes. Fewer complaints. Less stress. Happier staff!!  Greater efficiency  Appraisal and revalidation

6 Discussion What are your concerns around patient safety in primary care? How can this programme support GP Practices to minimise these patient safety concerns?

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