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P&J Business Solutions

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1 P&J Business Solutions
… HR and people management solutions …. Phone:

2 Services and Expertise
We can assist you and develop solutions covering the entire spectrum of people management. Our solutions are rooted in our experience from many years of working with a broad range of corporate organisations of all sizes and sectors. Phone:

3 Services and Expertise
Employee & Industrial Relations Remuneration & Benefits Performance Management & Communications Organisational Design Talent Management HR Structure and Administration Phone:

4 Employee and Industrial Relations
Typical examples of our services: Reviewing and assessing Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures Specific support for managers when progressing any performance improvement matter Supporting any review of Industrial Relation Strategies Manage and support redundancy programmes Phone:

5 Remuneration & Benefits
Typical examples of our services : Advising and managing on selection of benefits and their providers Effective Commission schemes Bonus Schemes that deliver the business needs Guidance on Long Term Incentive Plans - Share Options, Performance Shares and their appropriate performance criteria Pay and benefit benchmarking Phone:

6 Performance Management & Communications
Typical examples of our services : Building communication plans Managing the cascade of objectives through the organisation Designing and launching appraisal systems 360 degree feedback Planning and implementation of employee surveys Phone:

7 Organisational Design
Typical examples of our services : Review your organisational structure Suggest responsibilities and appropriate interactions Communicate and agree changes Identify and organise support where required Review the implementation and recommend improvements Phone:

8 Talent Management Typical examples of our services :
Systems to identify and collate both individual and organisational development needs. Organise reviews to align training and development interventions to your business strategy Setting up the processes to maximise the effectiveness of training programmes and minimise their cost Management development programmes and coaching Succession planning Phone:

9 HR Structure and Administration
Typical examples of our services : Development and writing of HR Policies and Handbooks Review and updating of Contracts of Employment and Contracts for Service  Review HR Administrative Services and recommend improvements Phone:

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