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Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy & Research Edward Wyatt, Policy & Information Officer.

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1 Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy & Research Edward Wyatt, Policy & Information Officer

2 Some context Supporting a social norm around payroll giving with a major campaign. We know that there are obstacles which prevent the growth of payroll giving Business can offer valuable support too by, for example, introducing payroll giving Introducing payroll giving is perceived as too time consuming for many small businesses. We will continue to establish giving as a social norm – encouraging closer connections between business and charity; getting serious about payroll giving; 2010 2011 2012

3 The Institute believes that in order for Payroll Giving to reach its full potential, fundamental reform is needed and that the solution lies in long-term, transformational change and not a quick fix. Our principles Universality greater access for donors to be able to give Connectivity improved contact and relationship between the donor and the charity Portability maintain the donation as circumstances change

4 IoF Policy TeamIoF PG SIG CommitteeIoF Org Members The consultation: member engagement

5 We call on the Government to look beyond the scope of this consultation. We urge the Government to listen to and work with charities and fundraisers so as to be able to implement the wider and more fundamental changes that are needed in order for the full potential of Payroll Giving to be realised. The IoF’s response

6 The automatic assumption that a failure or delay in payment to charities is entirely down to the PGAs is incorrect. The role of the employer is pivotal Main points Q1 The scope for growth of Payroll Giving depends on the Government’s ability to commit to a long term strategy of leadership, governance and communication. h Q2 There are concerns over any Government assumption that this would automatically improve the supply side of the sector. Q3 Q4 There should be a standardisation of the data output collected by the enrolment forms for Payroll Giving but not in the design/look of those forms. Standardisation of the enrolment process is the crucial point. Q5 It is currently the responsibility of the employer to communicate the processing times and administration charges of the contracted PGAs to the donor. There is an opportunity to strengthen the statutory instrument to ensure this key information is indeed communicated effectively.

7 Main points cont. Q6 Making sure HMRC are meeting their current regulatory responsibilities is pivotal. Q7 Moving forward, the Government must provide a consistent, long term strategy in the leadership, communication and governance of Payroll Giving. One department must now assume responsibility for Payroll Giving in order for momentum to be built upon rather than left to drift between sporadic initiatives. Q8 We should continue to build momentum gained with Payroll Giving through proven initiatives such as the Quality Mark Awards with the intention of increasing giving overall.

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