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A Warm Welcome to All Students on MSc Economics; M.Sc E&IFE 2007/2008.

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1 A Warm Welcome to All Students on MSc Economics; M.Sc E&IFE 2007/2008

2 Wiji Arulampalam MSc Course Leader S2.118 Office Hours: Mon & Tue 10-11 Who Am I?

3 Head of Department Mark Harrison

4 Today (October 1st) Check out our MSc web pages Spend some time and read the Handbook Orientate yourself Figure out location of PG Office (S2.133), notice-board, pigeon-holes

5 Today (October 1st) Introduce yourself to fellow students (32 countries) Find the bar … Welcome buffet lunch in S2.79 at 12.30-1.30pm

6 Introductory Meeting Immediate things to do Identify key people Course structure Pastoral support system Other learning opportunities –Research workshops and seminars –IT and Library –Life-skills

7 You should …. Have already Registered with IT Services –Hope you said YES to the “ATHENS” option Hope you already have a user id, password and email address

8 You should.…. Register for your modules –Use OMR (Online Module Registration) – and click on my.warwick –follow the onscreen instructions –and see helpsheet

9 Week 1 Sign up for Research Methods module workshops on Library online resources –MSc Noticeboard (Social Studies, first floor) –by Wednesday MICRO Teaching starts Friday 10:00 –See MSc Timetable in Induction Pack or online

10 Director of Graduate Studies Ben Lockwood Term 1 Email:b.lockwood@ Sayantan Ghosal Terms 2 & 3 Email:s.ghosal@

11 Admin Support Kelly Taylor Teaching Programmes Manager k.e.taylor@... Ext 23276 Mandy Eaton Postgraduate Co-ordinator S2.133 M.Eaton@... Ext 23048

12 IT Support Neil Gatty n.j.gatty@... Ext 23501

13 Basic course structure See the Handbook for the full details; Note exceptionsHandbook Pre-term Term 1Term 2Term 3Summer Maths & Stats Pre-sessional maths and stats Economic Analysis Micro Macro QM Econometrics A or B Options Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Research Methods Dissertation

14 Econometrics A or B ? Take B if you are familiar with (or are prepared to fill in any gaps on your own): –Ordinary Least Squares –Tests of significance (t & F), Tests of linear restrictions –Properties of N, t, chi-squared, and F distributions –Multicollinearity, Prediction –Autocorrelation, Heteroscedasticity, Weighted Least Squares –Dummy variables, Endogeneity If in doubt, email Mark Stewart or see me.Mark Stewart

15 OMR Registration Closes at the end of week 3. Econometrics A/B choice needs to be made prior to this. No swapping afterwards.

16 Term 2 “Option” modules ? Advice session at end of Term 1 (week 10) Email me to do something outside the mainstreamEmail me PROVISIONALLY choose THREE from:

17 Term 2 “Option” modules ? The Market for Labour International Trade Theory The Theory of Public Econ Game Theory Ind Econ: Horizontal Information & Incentives Micro Topics in Dev Macro Topics in Dev Microeconometrics Panel Data Econometrics Topics in Global Finance Behavioural Economics: Theory & Applications International Monetary Economics Monetary Economics Economic History Health Economics ONE WBS module from: Investment Management Derivative Securities International Financial Markets Stochastic Methods in Finance (T1)

18 Pastoral Support Personal tutors –Allocated to you next week –See your PT every term = PT “Day” Oct 10th and Feb 6 th Adviser to women students Natalie Chen Adviser to Overseas students Kelly Taylor

19 Institutional support The Students’ Union –Advice and Welfare Services fact sheets on many subjects study skills, changing/leaving your course,….emergency contraception –Nightline service 9pm to 9am student-run listening service, Tel 22199 The University Health Centre –Make sure you are registered with a GP – before you get sick –NHS Direct 0845 4647 and

20 Institutional support The University International Office –languages, social and financial support University Counselling Service –Senior Tutor's office Personal/emotional problems, disability etc Tel 23761

21 Teaching quality Our teaching is “research-led” –Top marks in last “RAE” exercise –(with UCL, LSE and Essex) Top marks in the last national “TQA” –Along with UCL and Essex

22 Teaching quality But it doesn’t always go right –We want feedback Module assessment questionnaires End-of-year survey –If all else fails – see me! And you can help …………..

23 … Staff-Student Liaison We need student reps on GSSLC –4 MSc Economics, 2 Diploma, 2 PhD students –Ethnic/geographic/gender mix Please think about “standing” for this office –See the Graduate SSLC web pages –Don’t be shy - nominate yourself or a friend –Email Mandy by Oct 8th a few words of background and a photo –Vote from Oct 10th to Oct 15th We will email details to the “winners” First meeting Oct 24th

24 My.economics Information gateway for students Communicate with staff Click on my.economics

25 Research workshops and seminars Research seminar –External (often international) speakers –Thursdays 16.00-17.30 in S2.79 and join us for drinks in Common Room afterwards Specialist workshops –Mostly internal speakers –Most lunchtimes (13.00-14.00) –S2.79 See our webpages for details

26 IT facilities PC facilities –S2.74, or any open area on campus (see IT webpage) –and S2.81b – reserved for ecp xxx logins Connect from a campus residence – esidences/ esidences/ Learn how to connect from off-campus – Computer service point – servicepoint/ servicepoint/

27 IT Services See what IT Services offers – Help for the seriously IT-phobic –Tutor Support Service, IT Training Suite, Student Computer Centre – ing/ ing/ telephone to the Service Desk on ext. 73737, Email the ServiceDeskServiceDesk visit Tutors' Room between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Thursday

28 Library The basics of library familiarisation is part of Research Methods module –Electronic journals –Bibliographic databases – Opening hours –08.30 – 00.00 (Weekdays & weekends) –Different in vacations

29 Life Skills Warwick Skills Certificate –Short courses in IT, Communications Creativity, Personal development Career development, Academic skills Foreign language skills English Language skills Multimedia EASE – email CELTEEASECELTE

30 Life after Warwick Jobs –Check out the Careers Service – PhD –Briefing in Research Methods lecture Careers Service can help with this too Staff have many connections elsewhere Discuss with your PT

31 And don’t forget ….. IT Services on-line registration (if not done already) Online Module Registration Research Methods –sign-up for workshops on MSc Noticeboard First lecture this Friday Check out the handbook for detailshandbook Welcome buffet lunch 12.30-1.30pm today in S2.79

32 Good luck with the Pre-session Maths/stats Exam this Wednesday

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