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Admissions Seminar Stuart A. McKenna Academic Selector (NAOME)

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1 Admissions Seminar Stuart A. McKenna Academic Selector (NAOME)

2 Courses – 3 Branches MEng/BEng Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering MEng/BEng Naval Architecture with High Performance Marine Vehicles (previously Small Craft Engineering) MEng/BEng Naval Architecture with Ocean Engineering

3 Accreditation Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology Royal Institution of Naval Architects

4 of ALL types of ships, boats and marine structures
Naval Architecture Naval Architecture is the engineering specialty which deals with: Design Construction Repair Operation of ALL types of ships, boats and marine structures

5 Marine Engineering Marine Engine Design, Construction, Repair and Maintenance Control Theory and Practice Electrical Systems Propeller and Shafting Systems Fuel Cell Technology Systems Design and simulation Engines and Machinery (Diesel, Diesel-Electric, Gas Turbine)

6 High Performance Marine Vehicles
Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of High Performance Vessels Development of lighter, faster, stronger and safer vessels Sailing and Power Yachts Fast Ferries High Performance working vessels

7 Ocean Engineering Engineering aspects of Fixed and Floating Marine Structures Offshore Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy Subsea Engineering

8 Why study NAOME? Earth surface 70% water
90% all trade transported by sea Ocean is a sustainable source of Energy Cutting edge design Rewarding career opportunities In high demand!

9 Project Work 1st Year – Cargo Ship

10 Project Work 2nd Year – Strathclyde 70

11 Project Work 3rd Year – Ship Design Project

12 Project Work 4th Year – Specialised Group Design Projects

13 Project Work 5th Year (MEng) – Group Design Project Pressure 275bar
Ambient temperature H.S. Steel coiled pipe ABS approved

14 Facilities Henry Dyer Building - City Centre Campus - Lecture and Project rooms - Computing Facilities - Laboratory and Workshops - Small Wave Tank

15 Facilities Kelvin Hydrodynamics Laboratory - West of Scotland Science Park, West End - 76 metre long Wave Tank - Model Testing Facilities - Largest facility of any UK Academic Institution

16 Scholarships/Sponsorships
Various scholarships/sponsorships avaliable Entry incentives Summer work

17 Summer Opportunities Industrial Placements - Apply knowledge from University - Valuable technical/industrial experience - New horizons and opportunities Summer Grants and Scholarships - Up to £3,000

18 Summer Opportunities Samsung Heavy Industries 5 students based in Korea

19 Summer Opportunities Student Ambassador Harbin Engineering University – China AMET University – India

20 Other Dept. Opportunities
Industrial visits Social events Sporting events – Yacht Racing

21 Department’s Yacht

22 Career Opportunities There are a substantial range of career opportunities available to our graduates. They may choose to work in areas such as: Construction and Repair Design Fast Ships and Leisure Craft Offshore Oil and Gas Research and Development  Ship Safety   Shipping, Ship Operation and Management Specialist Ships Surveying and Classification Technical Consultancy

23 Graduates Some of the Highest Paid Engineers ABS Allseas
Babcock International Group BP BVT Surface Fleet DNV Heerema Lloyd's Register of Shipping Maritime & Coastguard Agency GL Noble Denton Royal Navy SeaTec Shell Subsea 7 Teekay Shipping Technip

24 Entry Requirements Highers (1st year Entry)
BEng: AAAB or AABBB including Maths (B) Physics (B) and/or Technological Studies (B) strongly recommended. MEng: AAAA or AAABB including Maths (A) Physics (B) and/or Technological Studies (B) strongly recommended.

25 Entry Requirements Advanced Highers BEng
Second year entry – AAB including Maths (A) and Physics (B) First year entry – ABB including Maths (B) MEng Second year entry – AAA including Maths (A) and Physics (A). First year entry – AAB including Maths (A)

26 Entry Requirements HND
(AAB in graded units) Entry to BEng in the first instance. Applicants with an HND in a relevant subject with merits or distinctions in analytical modules may be considered for second year entry to the BEng. Examples HND Marine Engineering HND Mechanical Engineering

27 Admissions Process Receive UCAS application Review Application
Grades Personal Statement/Reference SIMD40 adjustment Make Offer Invite to Insight Afternoon Campus tour Team exercise Informal chat with lecturer

28 Personal Statement Display specific interest in subject
Mention of related work/leisure experience Extra curriculum activates Evidence of good written communication skills

29 Thank You Website - Contact Details
  Any Questions?

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