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Information delivered by: Alan Coole from Scape System Build Ltd Fresh Thinking.

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1 Information delivered by: Alan Coole from Scape System Build Ltd Fresh Thinking


3 A Step Change “Some top class clients, such BAA, insist upon team integration, but others, including some large ones, simply want to build for lowest cost” Sir Michael Latham BAA: Pavement Team, Genesis, mid 1990s onwards After 7 years, frameworks save 55% on time and 60% on design and management costs

4 Who are the current members? 1.Lincolnshire 2.Leicester City 3.NE Derbyshire 4.Nottinghamshire 5.Kettering 6.Derby City 7.Northamptonshire Plus Leicestershire and Nottm All 46 Authorities are open to use EMPA 8.NW Leicestershire 9.Peak District 10.Broxtowe 11.Ashfield 12.Sth Kesteven 13.Derbyshire 14.Charnwood City as Associates.

5 Executive Board Chair/Vice Chair Working Group Leaders Alliance Manager Working Group Theme Working Group Theme Scape Development/Management/Facilitation New Procurement Convergence of existing procurement Other Themes Training Regional BSF Developments How EMPA Fits Together.

6 Working to Improve: People Process Procurement

7 People Need technical training –contractual and wider issues –multi skilling across disciplines –for all strong interpersonal skills –need for personal development working on: trust / openness / transparency People

8 Cultural issues to address Seeking to collaborate Organisations with different cultures Changed relationships Challenge for leaders People

9 Respect for people bottom up change - inspire staff by giving a Chance to make a difference Opportunity to add to the common good Have a voice heard Be part of a successful team Achieve satisfaction People

10 What have we learnt so far? Workgroups Training provision SME’s Clients

11 What we’re talking about.. Process

12 What are we able to do individually? Process

13 What are we able to do together? Process

14 OPPORTUNITY Benefits to Local Authorities of Scape/EMPA approach: Quick to introduce No tender costs once framework in place Incentivised contracts to improve delivery No direct revenue costs to Local Authorities Costs incurred by use of programmes Removes need for Authorities to develop their own systems Process

15 Early Involvement by Supply Chain Continuous Improvement with Supply Chain Increased opportunity to deliver on Time Cost Quality Inception to start on site time reduced Help to increase skills within clients Opportunities for improving social and economic opportunities. Process

16 Procurement Directed by the members Framework contracts OJEU Compliant Strategically procured for the region Member involvement at every stage Procurement

17 What can be expected from EMPA? A regional hub for Local Authority property issues plus Regional delivery frameworks Procurement

18 East Midlands Region Contracting: Large Projects (£7.50m upwards) region wide procurement reviewed 2009 for framework availability mid 2010, including BSF provision if required Intermediate Projects (£2.00-£7.50m) region wide procurement starts Oct 2008 for framework availability April 2009 Minor Works (£0-2.00m in bands) sub-regional procurement starts November 2008 for framework availability June 2009 Repairs & Maintenance sub-regional procurement starts February 2009 for framework availability April 2010 Soft FM trial operation and procurement has started in Leicestershire Procurement

19 LA Scape New Frameworks Convergence of existing frameworks Regional LEP? AA How do the Delivery Contracts Work? Scape Analysing, Refining, Procuring, Delivering Services to Local Authorities through collaborative developments. Procurement

20 INVOLVEMENT: You can be as involved as you wish The more you put in …. Looking for creative, forward thinking solutions Members have first opportunity Members are able to help with strategy and direction If you have a property issue, it is likely so will someone else! IT’S A TALKING SHOP!

21 Does it cost anything?

22 The documentation must be horrendous!

23 Existing Regional Opportunities for COLLABORATION Scape National Frameworks [existing] Notts Construction Frameworks [existing] Notts Design Frameworks [existing] East Midlands Property Alliance [April 2009] Midlands Highways Alliance [existing]

24 Keep a fresh attitude Be fully engaged Seek creative solutions Champion innovations Responding to need Continuous improvement Work to improve standards is the goal


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