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Balancing Employability & Academic Rigour Public and Media Relations College of Arts & Humanities Sian Rees, Tutor.

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1 Balancing Employability & Academic Rigour Public and Media Relations College of Arts & Humanities Sian Rees, Tutor

2 Employability v Academic Rigour

3 CHALLENGE Embed employability and professional skills whilst at the same time combining this with academic rigour ANSWER  Teach practical skills  Framework approach linking industry best practice to academic theory

4 Practical Modules Creation of practical, interactive modules Delivered by part-time professional tutors who still work within the industry Modules cover fundamental professional skills such as: PR campaign planning Writing press releases Preparing and giving presentations Handling a media crisis Testing of transferable skills through assignments which require the use of business language, research, summary and presentation

5 Academic Framework Practical teaching relies on industry best practice guides and text books A framework approach links industry best practice to the critique of academic models Every module, even the most practical ones, link to historic and contemporary academic theories Students are encouraged to take a critical approach, analysing the impact of PR in society as well as its practical application

6 Holistic Approach LevelModuleFocus Level 1Introduction to PRHistory, industry structures and campaign planning Level 2PR TheoryOverview of historic and contemporary academic themes relating to PR Level 2PR PracticeIn-depth practical course covering the detail of campaign planning Level 2Business & Entrepreneurship Group based module in which students develop and plan their own business Level 3Handling the MediaAcademic critique of the public sphere plus best practice in crisis management Level 3Strategy, Marketing & Branding Introduction to academic and best practice approaches to branding and the creative industries

7 MSP301R: Assessment 1. Issue Analysis Essay (1,500 words – 35%) 2. Crisis Communications Plan (1,500 words – 35%) 3. Crisis Communications Press Conference (30%), a group activity comprising: A crisis communications press conference (10 minutes) Question and answer session after the press conference (5 minutes) A press invitation to the conference A press pack

8 MSP301R Assessment: 1 An exploration of the impact of public relations on democratic processes Critique of theory relating to: democracy, the public sphere, media sources, communications impacts Students study a contemporary communications case study of their choice, using it to illustrate the impact of PR on democracy Marked as a traditional academic essay

9 MSP301R Assessment: 2 Crisis Communications Plan Fictional Scenario Must apply best practice theory Use business language and reporting style Produce key messages

10 Assessment of Publics (Tench & Yeomans 2006:392): Player Map PositiveNeutral UninterestedNegative Build common causesBuild bridges Stay vigilant for changePrepare a response

11 Tench & Yeomans Model concern clarity control confidence competence The 5Cs Effective Communication Model (Tench & Yeomans 2006:403)

12 MSP301R Assessment: 3 Group presentation Present crisis plan Answer media questions Filmed in TV studio Produce a pack for the media

13 Additional Employability Skills Competitive application for 4 x one-week placements MGB PR in Swansea Golley-Slater PR in Cardiff Evidence this leads directly to employment

14 Creative Industries Advice MSP300R final lecture on creative industries Industry structures and jobs available Matching university skills to industry skills How to find jobs in the industry (online, industry journals, recruitment consultancies, work experience – a global approach) Planning a job search Creating a CV for the creative industries

15 Matching Your Skills Good writer Creative Analytical Organiser Advertising copywriting, journalism, public relations and press office jobs Media programming, advertising creative work Experiential, public relations, Advertising account executive Media planner, marketing Personable Public relations, account executive, Experiential, marketing

16 Creative CVs

17 Applying the Approach Public relations lends itself to the teaching of transferable skills, however, could you….

18 Applying the Approach  Use business-style written reporting  Use business-style presentations  Identify transferable skills (summary / analysis / research)  Identify alumni jobs  Create a module which addresses applications of the subject in different industry areas

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