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I’d rather be Dead than Red’!

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1 I’d rather be Dead than Red’!
Australia’s response to Communism. Peace Rally Counter-Demonstrator Peace Rally Counter-Demonstrator

2 Communism means The belief that private ownership should be abolished and all work and property should be shared by the community. Based upon the writings of German philosopher Karl Marx the founding father of socialism

3 Capitalism means: An economic system based on the private ownership of business, production and distribution.

4 Key Words associated with Communism
Red Scare Commy Espionage Spy rings Cold War Korean War ASIO Domino theory Petrov Affair Democracy Revolution Protest Capitalism ANZUS SEATO Iron curtain Hammer & Sickle

5 Former Communist countries
China Cuba Laos North Korea Viet Nam Russia Poland Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia Eastern Germany

6 Communists J. Stalin F. Castro Ho Chi Minh Mao Zedong Che Guevara

7 Anti - Communists Harry Truman J. E. Hoover Robert Menzies
Joseph McCarthy Harry Truman J. E. Hoover

8 European Anti-communist posters and a protest rally.


10 Anti-communist propaganda
This is an American anti-communism poster showing how communism could brainwash society and take away people’s freedom This image shows civilisation being pulled down by communism This image shows the death and destruction that communism would do to mankind

11 This was a German anti-communism poster
Australian anti-communist poster, showing mankind being dragged down by communism This was a German anti-communism poster

12 The growth of Communism
1917- Russia adopts this ideology after the revolution that got rid of the Tsar WW11 ends tension begins between USA & USSR 1947, Iron Curtain (Churchill), Soviet control of Eastern Europe. Beginning of conflict between East and West 1949, China adopts Communism 1950 McCarthyism – Domino theory, introduction of Anti-Communist bills 1950 war with Korea – Australia’s involvement 1950 Menzies anti-communist dissolution bill 1952 Communist witch hunt – Jimmy Carruthers (boxer), Peter Finch (actor), Alan Walker (minister)

13 Government’s response to Communism in Australia
Series of anti-communist propaganda introduced film. Newsreels, posters & pamphlets. Arrest of anyone who had communist views Censorship of anything deemed pro-communist – ‘power without glory’ novel by Frank Hardy was arrested and went through 9 month trial accusing him of being a communist agitator and troublemaker

14 Soviet diplomat Vladimir Petrov accused of being a soviet spy, but there was no proof that he was a threat to Australia – the incident was an embarrassment to the government. Korean war, anti-war protestors were accused of being ‘dangerous communists’.

15 What have you learnt? 1. Who is this anti-communist President?
J. E. Hoover 2. Who is the communist leader and which country is he president of? Mao Zedong 6. Name 3 former communist countries 3. What does SEATO stand for? Russia, China & North Viet Nam South East Asia Treaty Organisation 7. Which Australian author wrote ‘Power & Glory’? 4. Which countries made up the organisation ANZUS? Frank Hardy Australia, New Zealand and The USA 5. Communism means an economic system based on the private ownership of business, production and distribution. True or False? False

16 8. Which Australian Prime minister is this? Robert Menzies
10. Who was Vladimir Petrov? A Soviet Diplomat, accused of being a Soviet Spy 9. What name was given to those who protested against the war in Korea in 1950? 12. What is meant by the Domino Theory? The idea, that is one country fell to Communism (e.g.. South Vietnam), the rest of the World would follow. ‘Dangerous Communists’ 14. When did China become a communist country? 11. What does censorship mean? The control of information communicated through letters, media, etc. 1949 15. What is meant by the Cold War and which two countries were involved? 13. What is meant by the slogan ‘I’d rather be dead than Red’? It was a period of tension, and a race of accumulating arms between the USA and Soviet Russia. There was no real physical conflict as is typical in war. Answer

17 Viva la revolution Comrade!

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