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To be a doctoral student at LTU Workshop Esrange 7-9 Sept 2009 M-L Antti.

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1 To be a doctoral student at LTU Workshop Esrange 7-9 Sept 2009 M-L Antti

2 The goal of research Forskningens övergripande mål är att vinna kunskap för att vi bättre ska förstå den värld vi lever i och för att om möjligt förändra den till det bättre. God sed i forskningen, (SOU 1999:4). The overall goal of research is to gain knowledge in order to better understand the world we are living in and if possible change it to the better. A PhD should be an independent, critically minded researcher.

3 Turnover Total turnover EUR 106 million Education 46% Faculty of engineering EUR 38 million 53 research subjects Research 54% Personnel: 1,400 Students: 12,200 Turnover: EUR 106 million

4 Students 12,200 Engineering3 200 Business administration, economics and social sciences Health sciences1 200 Interdisciplinary educations 200 Music, media and drama 600 Teacher education1 000 Singe subject courses4 600 (about 600 exchange students are included in the total amount of students )

5 Organization

6 Third-cycle programmes -Utbildning på forskarnivå Regulated by: 1.Swedish law:Higher Education Act – Högskolelagen (HL) Higher Education Ordinance- Högskoleförordning (HF) 2.LTU faculty board – Fakultetsnämnden (TFN) (HF 30§)- Qality - Effectivity - Planning - Study plans - Supervision, education of supervisors - Control (HF 29§) - Subjects

7 Supervision - Handledning HF:- Two supervisors - Education of supervisors - Right to change supervisor LTU:- Academic competence requirements - Time per doctoral student; meeting at least 10 hrs per semester, 5% of fulltime position, once per semester follow up and planning by all supervisors plus doctoral student. Handbook for post-graduate education at LTU (in Swedish, will be translated) pdf

8 Goal for third-cycle programmes (HF appendix 2): Mål för utbildning på forskarnivå -Knowledge and Understanding -Skills and Abilities -Judgement and Approach -Scientific work -Kunskap och Förståelse -Färdighet och Förmåga -Värderingsförmåga och Förhållningssätt -Vetenskapligt arbete

9 General curriculum – Allmän studieplan One for each research subject. Describes the subject area. Programme curriculum; credit points requirements for lic and doctoral degrees, courses, thesis. Eligibility and selection; general and specific requirements. Examination. Courses. Degree; objective and title.

10 Individual study plan – Individuell studieplan One for each doctoral student. IMPORTANT DOCUMENT! Extent of supervision. Courses; planned and completed. Academic work; description, general plan, time schedule, dates. Publication and conferences. Thesis; structure and language. Departemental duties; extent and description. Pedagogical education. Funding plan. Revised once a year. Signed by head of department. (prefekt)

11 Courses See LTU homepage

12 Luleå PhD student association- Doktorandsektionen Meeting at least 2 times a year. Is a part of ”Teknologkåren” and all doctoral students have to be members of that section. Arranges dinners etc. Mailing list to all doctoral students at LTU. Head: John Fabricius

13 Luleå PhD student association- Doktorandsektionen Commisions of trust- Förtroendevalda Department committes- Institutionernas samrådsgrupper Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering: Stefan Candefjord Department of Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering: Ida Jansson Department of Space Science Salomon Eliasson Head of third-level education at dep of Appl Physics and Mech Eng Hans-Åke Häggblad Administrative staff at IRV: Anette Snällfot-Brändström Maria Winnebäck

14 Doktorandombud at LTU If you get problems of any kind, contact Ylva Fältholm. She gives advice how to solve the problems.

15 Guest reseacher abroad Is encouraged from the university. Try to find scholarship. LTULTU » Research » Financing » Grants OfficeResearchFinancing Link from homepage of PhD student association:

16 If you have doctoral studentship at LTU – Om du har doktorandtjänst vid LTU Svar på frågor som- Answers questions like: Vilka arbetstider har jag? / Working hours Hur är det med semester? / Vacation Kan jag vara föräldraledig? / Parental leave Om jag blir sjuk? / If I get ill

17 Formalities prior to taking a licentiate / doctor degree:

18 Swedish/English – English/Swedish academic dictionary: f812de html

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