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Alex =Search+Images&gbv=2&aq=f&oq=&safe=active.

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1 Alex =Search+Images&gbv=2&aq=f&oq=&safe=active

2 Louisiana State University  Where he started

3 Orlando Magic  2000-2003

4 Los Angeles Lakers  2003-2005 

5 Miami Heat pictures

6 Super man They call him super man for a reason he can really dunk then Dwight Howard took his name by winning the sprite 2008 slam dunk Compton 

7 Phoenix Suns He just got traded in 2009 he really fits in

8 Strengths and weaknesses  Being 7’1 his strengths are blocking, passing and his drop step and though his weaknesses are shooting dribbling free throws

9 Why he is so inspiring to me He is tall (like me) he is kind of a good shooter (like me) he plays basketball (like me) he has good agility (like me) so we have a lot in common His doggie

10 THE END and P.S at the begining the other side is Yao Meing

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