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CIS 376 Term Project By James Sheets. Project Description On-line calendar with scheduling.

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1 CIS 376 Term Project By James Sheets

2 Project Description On-line calendar with scheduling

3 Requirements Calendar display is familiar and easy to understand Should be able to change the date of the calendar Storage of schedule items, based on date Items should be displayed on the calendar Items should be able to be added Quickly add item to a displayed date Able to add an item for any date Items should be able to be remove Quickly remove any item displayed Get a full list of items available to remove Ability to store and display schedule item for multiple users Users only able to see their calendar schedule Users only able to change their own schedule Ability to change users Web-based HTML output Display and interaction consistent across different browsers Conformance to HTML and CSS standards Some error feedback

4 Layer Model

5 Flowchart

6 Database and Class Diagrams

7 Storyboard




11 Algebraic Specification

12 Formal Description ** Preconditon: an account with this name doesn't exist ¬AccountExists( InputName? ) ** Set accounts to the union of the current value and the new record Accounts' = Accounts U { ACCREC( InputName?, InputPass? ) } ** We'll modify Database Database ** We won't change AccountExists AccountExists ** Input variables InputName? : TEXT InputPass? : TEXT ** Account :: Create(name, pass) ** This will take an input name and password, and insert them as a record ** into our accounts table CreateAccount

13 LOC Estimate 560Total 200440PHP Class 360630 PHP Webpage Number of Files Estimate For TypeFile Type

14 Time Estimate Planning Requirements Plan 1 hour Project Plan 1 hour Design Model Designs 5 hours Algorithmic Specs 2 hours Formal Descriptions 6 hours Correctness Proof 1 hour Story Boards 1 hour Miscellaneous 1 hour Post Mortem Check Logs 20 min Miscellaneous 1 hour Coding Implement database 20 min Write Account class 1 hour Write Schedule class 1 hour Write Database class 10 min Write MyCalendar class 2 hours Write index.php 30 min Write logout.php 10 min Write register.php 30 min Write additem.php 2 hours Write removeitem.php 2 hours Write calendar.php 1 hour Write style.css 2 hours Testing Bug Fixes 4 hours Total: 36 hours / 2200 minutes

15 LOC Measurements

16 LOC Comparison

17 Time Comparison

18 Quality Metrics PhaseDefectsAvg. Fix Time Code57.4 minutes Test216.1 minutes PhaseYield Design0% Code83.3% Test87.5% PhaseDef / LOC Planning0.4 Design0.2 Code4.7 Defect Fix TimeDefects Injected Per Hour Defects Per LOCPhase Yield PhaseDef / Hour Planning2.79 Design0.05 Code4

19 Conformance Passed the following tests: W3C XHTML 1.1 Transitional W3C CSS WebXACT Quality

20 End

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