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Nike Sweatshops in Indonesia

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1 Nike Sweatshops in Indonesia
by: Ben Thompson

2 Nike has 43 factories and one hundred and sixty thousand workers in Indonesia alone.
Workers are making a mere dollar and twenty-five cents a day. Kids are being forced to work long, hard hours in hot, crouded factories.

3 Factory bosses work in coherence with the local mafias to have them enforce rules and treating non-listening workers. If they don’t do what is asked there wiped, beat, killed, threatened at gun point, and/or have their house rant sacked.

4 Nike is paying Tiger Woods enough money that every second he could buy a house in the slums of Indonesia. Tiger Woods makes as much as a person in Indonesia does in 9.5 years in 1 round of golf. 9.5 years of work 1Round of Golf VS.

5 Behind the Swoosh Behind the Swoosh is an organization that is trying to improve the working conditions in the sweatshops of Indonesia. Education for Justice is another organization Jim Keady started to help raise money to help improve the working conditions.

6 Jim Keady Jim Keady was born in 1973
He is single with a three year old daughter He was born in Belmar, N.J. He has a masters degree with distinction in theology from St. John’s University

7 Average Hourly Apparel Worker Wages
Hourly Wage in U.S. $ Bangladesh $0.13 China $ 0.44 Costa Rica $2.38 Dominican Republic $1.62 El Salvador $1.38 Haiti $0.49 Honduras $1.31 Indonesia $0.34 Nicaragua $0.76 Vietnam $0.26


9 Sweatshop Weekly Wages Compared To Other Countries.
Country Weekly Wage per Person Indonesia Sweatshop Worker $23.80 Laos $51.90 Vietnam $66.34 Japan $659.60 United States $925.00


11 Workers are being exposed to harmful chemicals in the factories.
Nike burns scrap materials in villages where kids play everyday exposing them to harmful fumes. Kids are getting lung and breathing problems from this. Jim Keady,with Nike tags,infont of a pile of Nike trash that’s about to be burned

12 The burning of scraps gives the kids breathing problems.
The kids are being forced to play in different areas because of the burning of the scraps.

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