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May 2014 Session May 5th - May 23rd May 2014 Session May 5th - May 23rd.

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1 May 2014 Session May 5th - May 23rd May 2014 Session May 5th - May 23rd

2 Exam Locations: Niwot HS & FRCC (Front Range Community College) @ 2121 Miller Drive (off of Pike Rd.)-Door #4 NHS Students are responsible for their transportation to and from FRCC Parking @ FRCC can be a challenge so plan accordingly including car pools



5 General Info Most exams meet more than once (Papers 1,2,3) Please arrive prior to “time to report” Wait quietly to be taken to the IB examination room

6 AP Exams Double-Check AP Exam Schedule AP exams are offered at a “late exam” date- we have at least 2 students who will be taking AP make up exams due to conflict with the IB exams Notify Mrs. Brown if you have to take a late AP exam

7 Important: Required reading All Candidates must read: CONDUCT OF THE EXAMINATIONS Notice to Candidates

8 Items of extreme importance Bring photo ID Enter in a quiet, orderly manner - assigned seating No refreshments other than water can be allowed No electronic devices in the IB exam rooms– please make sure to leave your cell phone/idevices/mp3 player, etc. in the car or at home

9 General Info about exams: Study the schedule - start times are all different each day Plan ahead and arrive at or before the Time to Report You will have 15 min breaks between exams and are allowed to “consult notes and engage freely in discussion”. Pick up after yourself after each exam & be a good guest (FRCC)

10 Items permitted and not permitted during the IB Examinations: Only IB stationery are permitted at the desk (pens, pencils, eraser, ruler) Items not permitted in the IB examination room/s:  pencil cases  correcting fluid  timers  ball caps or hoods allowed shirts with formulas on them  purse/backpack or valuables

11 Conduct during the IB Examinations: You may not share anything during the exam You may not bring clocks and/or watch alarms to the IB examination ro0ms/s (only wristwatches are permissible). Blue or black ink pens (pencil for multiple choice exams and graphs/charts). No erasable ink pens. Draw a line through mistakes. Rough notes will not be submitted to IB for marks. You cannot take anything out of the room and must give all scratch paper to coordinator and/or proctor before you leave. Handwriting must be legible.

12 Conduct of the IB Examinations Early Departures: No one can leave during first hour No can leave during last 15 minutes If an exam is 1 hour and 15 minutes, nobody leaves End of Exam: Check for completion of exam cover sheet Return all examination materials to invigilator/proctor (including notes) Leave in a quiet and orderly manner No communication of content of the test for 24 hours

13 Conduct of the IB Examinations Late Arrivals: A student may enter an examination up to 60 minutes after the start time. They do not receive additional time. Temporary Absences: Bathroom breaks Illness - extra time given at the discretion of the IB coordinator

14 What will be provided? Music scores, blank music paper and Listening CD’s (Music students must however provide their own CD player) Clean copies of Math formula booklets Clean copies of Physics and Chemistry Data Booklets Paper – stationery booklets and “official IB lined and graph paper”

15 Calculators Allowed on: All Math Studies Papers Math SL P2 only Math HL P2 and P3 only Biology, Chemistry, Physics Papers 2 and 3 Recommended models: TI 83+, TI 84+ and Silver editions TI Nspire with 84 template Prohibited models : TI 89, 92 You must use your own calculator for all IB exams- no sharing of calculators is permitted. You are responsible for making sure it is compliant. You will be asked to show cleared memory prior to receipt of each IB exam evolving a calculator and random spot checks will take place during examinations. If not compliant, misconduct must be reported to IBO and the calculator will be taken away.

16 Calculators You may NOT have games or any applications on your calculator in the exam (no science tools, no text…) BRING your own EXTRA BATTERIES

17 Candidates Arriving Late Non-Acceptable Reasons: Misreading timetable, Oversleeping, Car out of gas Acceptable Reasons: Civil unrest, Road accident, Serious illness – hospital First 60 minutes - okay - no extra time Coordinator discretion, IB determination

18 IB related release time & class attendance related expectations You will be excused first 3 blocks for morning exams and last 2 blocks for afternoon exams. You are expected to be in all other classes

19 IB Answer Booklets: Answer Booklets: 4 page/8 page Each student received a guide IB is very specific about completion of booklets




23 IMPORTANT to remember: You MUST use an answer booklet for ALL written answers (that are not in the exam paper itself) You MUST write your candidate session number in the boxes on the front of the answer booklet. You must NOT pull the booklet apart (it must remain stapled)

24 You must NOT fold or disfigure the answer booklet. Do not remove blank sheets. You MUST use the answer booklet to show all work. This IS your “scratch paper” as well. You will “X” off your scratch work. If you make a mistake completing your candidate number on your booklet, ask for another one. IMPORTANT to remember:

25 IB Exams paperwork order: From FRONT to BACK Blue Coversheet (with students information) The examination paper (if students write answers in it) Answer Booklet(s) Graph Paper (if used)

26 Academic Misconduct Stealing/Photographing Examination Papers Failing to obey instructions of the coordinator or invigilator Communicating with another candidate Helping or receiving help from another candidate Impersonating another candidate Referring to unauthorized material

27 Academic Misconduct Consulting material outside the examination room during a period of absence Attempting to influence the coordinator or invigilator Behaving in a way that may disrupt the examination or distract other candidates Submitting work for assessment that is not authentic Disclosing or discussing the content of any examination paper with any person outside their immediate school community within 24 hours after an examination The coordinator has the right to expel, from the examination room, any candidate whose behavior is interfering with the proper conduct of the examination.

28 Earning the IB Diploma IB Exam scores: 1 – 7 points IB CORE: TOK+EE+CAS= 3 points Maximum= 45 points for 7 x 6 exams + 3 for CAS, EE, TOK Minimum required to earn the diploma is 24 points and fulfillment of the IB Core

29 The Diploma Points matrix

30 Failing Conditions There are a variety of reasons an IB candidate may not earn the IB Diploma. Please reference Article 13: Award of the IB diploma in the General Regulations: Diploma Programme - For students and their legal guardians, which is a required reading and one posted on the NHS website on the IB page under the IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME INFORMATION section. Anticipated Candidates (Juniors in 2014) please know that these failing conditions are changing for next year.

31 IB offers exam retakes Retakes do not guarantee the IB Diploma but are available Last day to register for a retake of an IB exam is July 25th (with full payment) Cost: $104 per exam, plus another registration fee ($151) IB exam retakes for the May sessions take place in November What if I do not earn the diploma?

32 Issue of Results - to You Candidate Results are issued to IB coordinator on July 5 Candidate Results are issued to students on July 6 Issue of results is by World Wide Web - access by PIN. You have received your PIN code via email and hard copy of it in your personalized folder. It is highly recommend you take a picture of it with your phone before you loose it or misplace it. IB does not issue results to candidates, families, or representatives any other way other than the web. Contact IB Coordinator if questions/problems regarding your exam score in July:

33 Issue of Results - to Universities Ms. Hauck gave out a form asking for the name of the university you would like us to send IB results to. IB Diploma or certificate results will be sent to NHS in August/September.

34 Exam Proctors- Still Needed Proctors are needed for each IB exam. (Proctoring your own child’s exam is not advisable) If you can help please email: Ms. Hauck & Ms. Towlen

35 Questions? Electronic copy of this information will be available on NHS’s website (IB Page) and emailed to all IB exam taking students and their parents/guardians.

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