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By: David Wilson Kevin Bohan Cody Poepperling Curt Barbacci.

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1 By: David Wilson Kevin Bohan Cody Poepperling Curt Barbacci

2  The book starts out with Juno sending down her messenger Iris to go and tell Turnus that Aeneas is gone from the Trojan camp and they are vulnerable that this point. Turnus then decides to lead his army in and attack the Trojans.  The Trojans see Turnus’ army coming and quickly secure themselves in a new fortress they built not willing to fight an open battle without Aeneas.  After Turnus sees that the defenses are much to strong to breach. Turnus then realizes that all the Trojan ships are defenseless and turns his attention towards them. The Fleets destruction seems to be definite. Luckily for the Trojans an old blessing helps to prevent the ships from being torched.

3  Cybele asked her son Jupiter to make all the ships immortal since the hips were made from wood in her sacred garden. While Turnus and his army was standing there watching the ships burn. They suddenly submerged in water and resurfaced as sea nymphs. Turnus is still very determined and confident in his army. After this battle the Latin's make camp around the Trojan fortress.  Nisus and Euryalus volunteer to go and tell Aeneas that the Latin’s are attacking them. They sneak out in the middle of the night to find the entire Latin army asleep. They kill many great captains and Euryalus take the helmet of a great Latin captain as a war prize. They head for Aeneas in the morning.

4  On there way through the forest a group of Latin soldiers spotted the shine of the stolen captains helmet and rode towards the two Trojans. Euryalus was captured even though Nisus manages to escape. Nisus tries to go back and save Euryalus but they both end up getting killed because of it. The Latins then put the heads of the dead Trojans on stakes and parade them around the Trojans.  The Latins then decide to attack and surround the Trojans fortress to try and find a weak spot. Turnus turns his attention to a tall guard tower that seems to be an easy target for his army to destroy. The Trojans decide to do a sneak attack on the Latins by opening their gates and fighting them head on.

5  The Trojans do well until Turnus joins the fight and starts to slaughter the Trojan ranks. The soldiers are then force to retreat back into the fortress but not before Turnus gets inside with them.  He starts to kill many Trojans but is eventually over whelmed and forced to retreat back to his soldiers.

6  When Juno sends down Iris her messenger to inform Turnus that King Aeneas is away from camp. The outcome of this is that Turnus then decides to go and attack the Trojans.  Cybele the mother goddess asks her son Jupiter to protect the Trojan ships. When the ships are on fire, Jupiter unwillingly makes them submerge in the water to put the fire out and resurface as three sea nymphs.  Apollo motivates the Trojan army to continue fighting after the death of Remulus.  Juno made Pandarus’ spear miss Turnus.  Mars gave the Latins new force in heart before they entered the fortress.

7  The most significant part of this book is when Juno sends down Iris to tell Turnus that King Aeneas is away from his Trojan Camp. This is significant because this is what causes all of the later events in the book. It causes Turnus’ troops and allies to move in and attack the Trojans. If they didn’t know that Aeneas wasn’t there they probably wouldn’t have done what they did.

8 The Trojan Army.  They are loyal to Aeneas’ orders when he leaves and they listen to his orders and stay in the walls of the fortress.  Towards the end of the book they went against Aeneas’ orders and went to fight outside the fortress. In result many Trojans were killed as well as Turnus being allowed inside the walls of the Trojan fortress. Ascanius  In most of his life he was only used to scare fleeing beasts of quarry.  Because of Remulus’ taunting words, it was to much for Ascanius to take. After praying to Jupiter he shoots Remulus with his bow and arrow in the head. This motivated the Trojans to continue fighting. Opheltes  A wise old man and father of Euryalus. He is a character that reminded us like Nestor from the Iliad.

9  Nisus Guardian of the gate, tenacious warrior  Euryalus Comrade of Nisus and known for being the most handsome Trojan warrior. The two were suppose to messengers to arenas but were killed on a night raid.

10 JJupiter The mother of all gods asked her son Jupiter to protect aeneas ships and he questioned her and unwillingly did what she asked. MMars Helped the Trojans by motivating them to fight an giving them strength. JJuno Continues to help the Latins in any way she can.

11  Virgil informs the reader that the camp will bring death to Euryalus and Nisus. It also says that they will bring down many other great Latins with them.

12  Even as a purple flower, severed by the plow.  Simile  By the pitch black banks that yawn on the pitchy torrent.  Personification, alliteration  And wrung them both by the hand in a flood of tears.  Hyperbole  And as the monstrous mass collapsed upon them.  Alliteration  Young warriors tall as pine and the mountains of their birthplace.  personification

13  Epithets Funatic Turnus-Turnus Phoebus- Apollo Mother of all Gods- Cybele  Theme A theme for this book is to never break your promises because something bad might com out of it.  Speech that Euryalus’ mom speaks about him when he is dead.

14  “Turnus, that which no god had dared to promise in answer to your prayers, circling time has brought unasked: Aeneas, leaving the city and friend and fleet, seeks out the Palatine, Evander’s palace…” The significance of this quote is that by Iris telling Turnus this information about Aeneas is what starts all the events in this book.  “Euryalus, is this the way I see you? You, evening peace of my last years, cruel son, how could you leave me here alone?...” Shows what Euryalus’ mom thought of him and how much she cared for him.  “Go, then, make mock of valor with your boasts! This is the answer we twice-captured Phrygians…” In this quote Ascanius is saying to Remulus that to him that he may he think he is strong now, but that wont be the case later.

15  The walls of the Trojan camp They symbolize safety and refuge for the Trojan army.  Trojan boats They symbolize freedom and safety for the Trojan soldiers.  Fire Fire Symbolizes death and destruction to the Trojans.

16  Do you think it was fair that Juno sent Iris to tell Turnus that Aeneas was away from camp? What is your reaction to the Latins placing the heads of Euryalus and Nisus on stakes by the Trojan fortress? What does this show you about war?

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