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COPYWRITING II The Art of Writing Ads. Linguistic deviations Phonological Graphological Grammatical.

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1 COPYWRITING II The Art of Writing Ads



4 Linguistic deviations Phonological Graphological Grammatical

5 Phonological Very Thundamental funda(mother Dairy) Hole of Fame (polo) Fast aid (dettol) What a relief-water relief(cello) Love appears at thrist



8 Graphological TATA FONE SERVO KOOL Gifts 4 U Veri veri tasti Xtra Premium Everybody kneads it.(Pilsbury flour)

9 Grammatical He danced He danced well He danced well with his friends He danced well with his friends in the party He danced well with his friends in the party last night He danced well with his friends in the party last night at Taj hotel.

10 Grammatical Challenge the limit Connecting India Seals,fixes,joins,builds Your Friend, For Life Unqualified comparatives Healthier teeth & gums Longer life Fresher breath

11 Hinglish a mix of Hindi and English language, is gaining momentum in the advertising communication. It is termed as code-mixing and it becomes the trend of the time. Khao Light, Jiyo Light (Nature Fresh refined oil) Yeh Dil Mange More (Pepsi) Magic hai to mumkin hai

12 Neologism is one of the best ways to create linguistic creativity and innovation in the advertisements. The copywriters do not hesitate to break the boundaries of the rules and coin new words and widens the possibilities of expression Be a Freshtarian Here are the new words created with one word 'egg': eggaterian, eggonomics, eggcitement, eggsperienced, eggtraordinary & so on.

13 Allusion is another striking figure of speech equally exploited by the copywriter. This figures consists of some words or the expression which refers to some well known past incident or a mythical or historical name or a saying of a prominent person. Maurya Sherton Taj Hotel Lal Quila Basmati Rice Charminar Cigarette Taj Mahal Tea Tiranga Gutkha

14 Personification, in which an inanimate object is brought into life, is widely practiced in both forms of advertising. While employing this figure of speech, the copywriters endow the product with human qualities, emotions and activities so that the product will be associated with the user closely and impressively. More smiles per hour Definitely male Har ghar kuch kahta Television with golden eye.

15 Exaggeration is a statement or description that makes something seem larger, better, worse or more important than it really is. It is employed to catch the attention of the consumer and highlights the product. Things go better with coke Dhag Dhoonte Rah Jaoge Rules your senses. Rules the world. We invest in your dreams. sirf naam hi kaffi hai Better than the best

16 Alliteration and rhyme are the most favoured tools of the copywriter. These two figures are found most abundantly in Hindi and English advertisements. The effective employment of these devices makes ads more musical, memorable and appealing Chai Shai Mast Ho Jaye Five Side Funda Fastest Thanda To change the way you look just change the way you cook Har khbar par hamari najar Fun on the run Have a break!Have a kit kat

17 Sahet Ki Sanjivini (Sanjivini as metaphore) Life ho to Aisi Its honeydew smooth The tyre with muscles

18 Metaphors and similes, the figures of similarity are more regular in both forms of advertisings. In advertising, they are used to make a difference or comparison (simile) between the products and prove why their product is the leader (metaphor) of the market ? 180 cc 15BHP muscular 18 litre fuel tank Street-Sport-Styling Looks like the male of the Species Has finally arrived Bajaj Pulsar Definitely male.

19 Pun & Ambiguity Sab ka rub ek Just add zen to your life No boundarties Everyone has a reason to pray. Making sense of India

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