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US Drill Unit I. Chapter 1 The first empire to emerge in the Americas was.

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1 US Drill Unit I

2 Chapter 1

3 The first empire to emerge in the Americas was

4 the Olmec

5 believed to be the first civilization to have a ball game.

6 The Olmec

7 The Second major civilization to emerge in the Americas was the

8 Mayan

9 Around 1200 AD the third major civilization arose in the Americas, it is known as?

10 The Aztecs

11 In 1521 this person conquered the Aztecs?

12 Cortes

13 In the 1560 ’ s this person conquered the Incas?

14 Pizzaro

15 These people lived on the mesa tops, cliff slides, and canyon bottoms of the Four Corners region (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico)?

16 Anasazi

17 They made mounds in the shapes of animals that can easily be spotted by Airplanes.

18 Adena, the Hopewell, and the Mississippian

19 This Native American group had totem poles and potlatches?

20 Kwakiutl

21 a ceremony in which families give away large quantities of their possessions.

22 potlatches

23 underground ceremonial chambers for religious ceremonies and councils

24 kivas

25 Native Americans thought of land as the source of life and did not believe that is something that could be

26 Bought or sold

27 In the 1400 ’ s these Europeans began trading for West African Slaves?

28 Portuguese

29 In the 1400 ’ s, this empire controlled the Saharan trade?

30 Songhai

31 This king ruled from 1464 to 1492, and made Songhai the largest West African empire in history?

32 Sunni Ali

33 Popular trading city for the Saharan trade, regained its significance as an educational center for Islamic scholars in Africa.

34 Timbuktu

35 Benin gained its dominance over the forested area under the leadership of _____ (king) Ewuare.

36 Oba

37 Type of ship designed to sail against the wind?

38 Caravel

39 This man sponsored an up to date sailing school and some of the earliest voyages.

40 Prince Henry

41 King and queen of Spain who funded the expedition for Christopher Columbus

42 Ferdinand and Isabella

43 The names of the three ships used by Columbus on his journey?

44 Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria

45 Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 and found a people called the Taino on an island he named ____________

46 San Salvador

47 the establishment of distant settlements controlled by the parent country

48 Colonization

49 What were the three G ’ s?

50 Gold, Glory, and God

51 In this exchange ships took plants and animals from the Americas back to Europe and to Africa and brought items form the Eastern Hemisphere to the Western Hemisphere.

52 Columbian Exchange

53 In this treaty, Lands to the West of an imaginary vertical line drawn in the Atlantic, including most of the Americas, belonged to Spain. Lands to the East of the line, including Brazil, went to Portugal.

54 Treaty of Tordesillas

55 This famous explorer died disappointed that he never reached China.

56 Columbus

57 Chapter 2

58 This type of company allowed investors to pool their wealth to fund a colony?

59 Joint-stock company

60 What was the name of the 1st permanent English colony?

61 Jamestown

62 What was the name of the group of Native American peoples that lived in eastern Virginia at the time of the first English settlements?

63 Powhatan

64 The English colonists discovered that they could sell this crop in Europe for a great profit?

65 Tobacco

66 What was the name of the system, in which each new person who came to the colony received 50 acres of land and another 50 acres for each family member who came.

67 Headright system

68 What were the people called who came to North America with the agreement that they would work on a farm for several years, and after that time they would be granted freedom?

69 Indentured Servant

70 The turmoil in Virginia angered the English government. The king took over the colony from the Virginia Company. Virginia became a colony under the control of the king, what is the term for this type of colony?

71 A royal colony

72 What type of people controlled life in the Virginia colony?

73 Wealthy landowners

74 Who was the person who led a group of aggravated marchers into Jamestown, they were there to protest the lack of aid they were receiving in the western areas of Virginia against the Native Americans? The Protest ended up turning violent.

75 Nathaniel Bacon

76 What was the name of the Separatist Puritan group who arrived in North America and founded the Plymouth Colony in 1620?

77 Pilgrims

78 The first “ constitution ” in North America, it was signed by 41 Pilgrim men who came to Plymouth on the Mayflower in 1620. It established the rule of law and the separation of church and state. What was it called?

79 Mayflower Compact

80 What religious group of people founded the Massachusetts Bay colony?

81 The Puritans

82 What would the Massachusetts Bay Colony come to be known by?

83 New England

84 Who was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (New England)?

85 John Winthorp

86 Who was the preacher that Puritan leaders banished for his beliefs that government officials should not punish those with different religious views and that settlers should buy, not take, land from the Native Americans? He would later form a colony in what is now Rhode Island.

87 Roger Williams

88 What woman was banished for her beliefs that people did not need church leaders to interpret the bible, and that people could gain enlightenment on their own through the holy spirit?

89 Anne Hutchinson

90 What was the name of the 1 st major conflict between the New England colonists and Native Americans that arose in Connecticut in 1637?

91 Pequot War

92 Who was the Wampanoag chief (nicknamed King Phillip) that led a war against the English which would cost the colonists 1/10th of their fighting age men? He was eventually killed by the Puritans and his head was put on display for 20 years in Plymouth.

93 Metacom

94 What colony was founded by the Dutch in 1621?

95 New Netherland

96 What was the capital of the Dutch colony?

97 New Amsterdam

98 Chapter 3

99 An economic system where a host country establishes colonies to exploit the resources of the colony. The goal for the country was to become self sufficient and have more gold and silver than any other country.

100 mercantilism

101 A series of laws passed by the English that restricted trade for the colonists

102 Navigation Acts

103 The land from Maine to New England

104 Dominion of New England?

105 The man appointed by King James II to govern over the Dominion of New England. He severely punished smugglers and refused to allow the colonists to form assemblies

106 Sir Edmond Andros

107 The English kicked out King James II The invited William and Mary to take over They established laws over the monarchy

108 the Glorious Revolution

109 Parliament did not supervise the colonies closely as long as raw materials continued flowing

110 Salutary Neglect

111 A crop grown for sale rather than the farmers personal use

112 Cash Crop

113 Who controlled the South ’ s economic, political, and social institutions?

114 Plantation owners

115 What is this process called? In this process merchants carried rum and other goods from New England to Africa. In Africa merchants traded merchandise for enslaved people. They transported these people to the West Indies and sold them for Sugar and molasses. These goods were then shipped to New England to be distilled into rum.

116 Triangular Trade

117 Voyage that brought Africans to the West Indies and later North America

118 Middle Passage

119 This dance paid tribute to the ancestors and gods of the slaves?

120 The Ring Shout

121 Why was slavery not as predominant in the north as it was in the south?

122 Because the North depended more on commerce than it did on agriculture.

123 Famous 1692 trials which focused on a witchcraft conspiracy?

124 Salem Witch Trials

125 An Eighteenth century intellectual movement that emphasized the use of reason and the scientific method as means of obtaining knowledge

126 The Enlightenment

127 This man was a religious leader during the Great Awakening of the 1730 ’ s and 1740 ’ s?

128 Jonathan Edwards

129 A revival of religious feeling in the American colonies during the 1730 ’ s and 1740 ’ s?

130 The Great Awakening

131 In 1608, Samuel Champlain founded the first permanent settlement for the French called this?

132 Quebec

133 Name of the French Fort where modern day Pittsburgh is now located?

134 Fort Duquesne

135 22 year old George Washington and his militia built this fort across from Fort Duquesne?

136 Fort Necessity

137 This person led Virginia troops in first battle of the French and Indian War?

138 George Washington

139 Who did the Iroquois fight with during the French Indian war the French or the British?

140 The British

141 War that gave the British control of North America?

142 French and Indian War

143 Treaty that ended the French Indian War?

144 Treaty of Paris

145 Who received Florida after the French Indian War?

146 The British

147 It banned settlements west of the Appalachian mountains

148 Proclamation of 1763

149 In 1761, the royal governor of Massachusetts authorized the writs of assistance, which allowed the British soldiers to search any ship or building. Why was this done?

150 The British were cracking down on smugglers

151 What were three reasons the colonists became outraged at the British following the French Indian War?

152 Invasions of homes (writ of assistance) 10,000 British troops remained in colonies Sugar Act

153 This Ottawa leader and his men captured eight British forts, and laid siege on two others?

154 Pontiac


156 This British imposed tax forced the colonists to purchase special stamped paper for every legal document, license, newspaper, pamphlet, and almanac

157 Stamp Act

158 As a result of the Stamp Act Boston shopkeepers, artisans, and laborers organized a secret resistance group called this?

159 Sons of Liberty

160 Many American colonists did not want to pay taxes unless they were fairly represented in parliament The colonists protested this phrase

161 “ No Taxation without Representation ”

162 In October 1765, delegates from nine colonies met in New York city. This Stamp Act Congress issued a Declaration of Rights and Grievances. What did this declaration say?

163 Parliament lacked the power to impose taxes on colonies because the colonists were not represented in Parliament.

164 It taxed imported materials glass, lead, paint, and paper as they came into the colonies from Britain.

165 Townshend Act

166 In 1768, this man ’ s ship was seized by the British because they claimed that he had been avoiding paying taxes on the goods he was transporting?

167 John Hancock

168 Event in which Crispus Attucks was killed?

169 The Boston Massacre

170 Massachusettes and Virginia set up this communication network to communicate with other colonies about this and other threats to American liberties.

171 committees of correspondence

172 In this event, Boston rebels disguised themselves as Native Americans and dumped 18,000 pounds of the East India Company ’ s tea into the waters of Boston Harbor?

173 Boston Tea Party

174 Why did the Sons of Liberty choose to have the Boston Tea Party?

175 They felt that it was unfair that the British East India Company did not have to pay the colonial tax on the tea that they were trying to sell.

176 These acts were imposed on the colonies by King George III for the Boston Tea Party?

177 Intolerable Acts (Coercive)

178 British soldiers were housed in private homes, Boston Harbor was shut down, and martial law was imposed. These were three results of these acts

179 the Intolerable Acts

180 The committees of correspondence quickly moved into action and assembled the First Continental Congress. In September 1774, 56 delegates met in Philadelphia and drew up this?

181 A declaration of Colonial rights

182 General Thomas Gage, commander of the British troops in North America, ordered his men to capture these two patriots?

183 Samuel Adams and John Hancock

184 This man was a member of the Sons of Liberty, and was told told to warn Adams and Hancock as well as the townspeople along the way that the British were coming?

185 Paul Revere

186 What was the first battle of the Revolutionary War?

187 Lexington and Concord

188 In this event the colonists showed their resolve to stand up against the British in battle. It was the bloodiest battle of the Revolutionary War with over 1000 British casualties and 400 colonists casualties. Famous quote, “ don ’ t fire till you see the whites of their eyes ”.

189 Battle of Bunker Hill

190 This document written by Thomas Paine ridiculed Britain and urged American independence?

191 Common Sense

192 The Second Continental Congress appointed this man to draw up the Declaration of Independence?

193 Thomas Jefferson

194 In writing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson used concepts from this philosopher who believed that life, liberty, and property were the natural rights of mankind.

195 John Locke

196 People who supported the independence of the colonies were known as what?

197 Patriots

198 Those who opposed independence and remained loyal to the crown were known as what?

199 Loyalists

200 German mercenaries, or soldiers who fought solely for money. They were hired by the British during the American Revolution.

201 Hessians

202 Name the battle: In the summer of 1776, the British brought 32,000 soldiers to this battle. George Washington brought 23,000. His troops were untrained and poorly equipped. The Continental Army was forced to retreat and suffered heavy losses.

203 Battle of New York

204 On Christmas night 1776, George Washington and his men were able to cross the Delaware river and sneak up on the drunk Hessians and defeat them at this battle?

205 The Battle of Trenton

206 Old Glory (the American Flag), is said to have been carried for the first time in this 1777 battle?

207 Battle of Brandywine Creek

208 Leader of the Green Mountain Boys?

209 Ethan Allen

210 The October 17th, 1777, surrender here dramatically changed Britain ’ s war strategy. From that time on, the British generally kept their troops along the coast, close to the big guns and the supply bases of the British Fleet. The French decided to support the Revolution. It is considered the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

211 Saratoga

212 Washington and his men spent the uncomfortable winter of 1777-1778 at this place in Pennsylvania?

213 Valley Forge

214 An increase in prices or decline in purchasing power caused by an increase in the supply of money.

215 inflation

216 The selling of goods in short supply at inflated prices

217 profiteering

218 These two men raised the money needed to pay the salaries of the Continental Army?

219 Robert Morris and Hyam Salomon

220 What was the nickname of Mary Ludwig Hays McCauly, the woman who took her husband ’ s place at a cannon when he was wounded at the Battle of Monmouth?

221 Molly Pitcher

222 Who was the brave, 20 year old French aristocrat, who offered military assistance to the Continental Army?

223 Marquis de Lafayette

224 Who is the patriot that served as a British spy?

225 Benedict Arnold

226 This Prussian captain aided the Americans by making “ regular soldiers out of country bumpkins ” ?

227 Friedrich von Steuben

228 Who was the British general who after being defeated at Yorktown, had one of his fellow generals surrender to George Washington?

229 Charles Cornwallis

230 On September 17th, 1783, this treaty was signed, which confirmed the independence of the colonies?

231 Treaty of Paris

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