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Standard Operating Procedures Guidelines and Support.

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1 Standard Operating Procedures Guidelines and Support

2 EMPLOYMENT CALENDAR Complete worksheet of anticipated work days Consult district calendar Consult Regional Meeting Schedule Sign, date, and return to regional secretary When approved by RA or supervisor, NCR copy will be returned to you for your signature Return to Regional Secretary for distribution Yellow copy will be returned to you for your records

3 SCHEDULES Weekly schedules required unless schedule remains constant* Notify Secretary of “out of assignment” events in case of emergency** Voice mail should also reflect changes of schedule***

4 PHONE Setting up your voice mail Security code Greeting Checking voice mail Inside the agency Press “phml” button on phone, or Dial “6555” using any phone in the agency Outside the agency Dial 399-6555 or 1-800-798-9771, follow prompts

5 ELECTRONIC REIMBURSEMENT Submit claims for mileage online Reimbursement at 34 cents per mile Submit claims for non-mileage expenses online Examples of non-mileage expenses: a. supplies you have purchased out-of-pocket [consumables such as ink cartridges for personal printer (with prior supervisor approval)] General office supplies available through your regional secretary b. Agency Directed travel expenses

6 ….Electronic Reimbursement…. Receipts are required for all on-line claims excluding meals Reimbursement for cell phone at 13 cents per minute not to exceed $30 per month See pink sheet for detailed instructions of reimbursement system

7 MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT For itinerant staff – from agency to site (or home to site – whichever is less) Applies to home-officed staff as well

8 LEAVE FORMS Employee Leave Form Professional Leave Request Agency Directed Travel Request

9 EMPLOYEE LEAVE FORMS Used for personal leave, emergency leave, illness (personal or family), or bereavement. Report absence to Secretary Also used for jury duty and leave without pay Submitted to Regional Secretary for RA approval** Copy returned to you for your records

10 PROFESSIONAL LEAVE REQUEST Completed, submitted, and received by Regional Secretary 15 “Agency Days” prior to event Upon approval by Regional Administrator/Supervisor, request is submitted for Executive Approval Administrative approval to employee within 10 days

11 PROFESSIONAL LEAVE REIMBURSEMENT FORM After event, submit completed form (signed and dated) to Regional Secretary for approval. Attach necessary receipts for air fare, parking, lodging, or registration. (Meals and mileage do NOT require receipts.)

12 AGENCY DIRECTED REQUEST Travel is directed by RA/Supervisor (specify if travel is directed by someone other than own RA/Supervisor) Complete and return form to Regional Secretary 5 days prior to departure Approval required before departure Expenses submitted on electronic claim system

13 Online services available GWAEA home page School technology Computer Services Employee Inquiry

14 …Online Services available…. Username:SS#; password:9210 (last4SS#) Employee Inquiry Address Job History Contact List License Leave Information

15 CALENDAR CHANGE REQUEST When it is necessary to change your employment calendar to accommodate agency/school needs, complete a calendar change request form Submit to Regional Secretary Requires Regional Administrator approval

16 PURCHASE ORDER REQUISITION Request form from Regional Secretary Complete needed information Return form to Regional Secretary for RA approval Upon approval, Regional Secretary will submit Purchase Order online

17 WRITTEN REPORT FORMAT Some of you may need to submit reports from referrals. Reports may be dictated and submitted to assigned secretary for typing. If you intend to type your own reports, please contact your regional secretary for the correct format. **IMPORTANT: Check for correctly spelled name and DOB All reports should be signed and dated by the staff person

18 TIME SHEETS CONTRACTED: Time sheets are used only when you are a new employee to the agency and your contract has not yet been signed or for added days CLASSIFIED: Use online Payroll Time Card System Go to GWAEA Home Page. Click on School Management. Click on Computer Services. Click on Payroll time Card System. Choose District (Grant Wood AEA), enter birthdate and password (password is last four digits of your social security number.) Enter time and submit.

19 POLICIES & PROCEDURES Documentation, accrual and use of comp time Conflict of interest and Secondary Employment Blood borne Pathogens and Injury Home Visit Safety Issues

20 EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR Provide data at conclusion of service Collect data at end of 9 weeks Need measurable baseline EYSE conferences by February or March Consider next summer, calendar change 1 day = 8 hours Frequency, Duration, Location

21 NAME BADGES Helpful to others School policy

22 Employee Information Resources Master Contract Agreements for Classified and Contracted Staff mastercont06-07.pdf mastercon06-07.pdf

23 Employee Information Resources… Business and HR Procedures Manual al.pdf Board Policy Manual

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