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Electronic Career Portfolio.  1. Resume  2. Career Summary  3. Career Preparation  4. Awards and Honors  5. Awards and Honors Continued  6. Community.

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Presentation on theme: "Electronic Career Portfolio.  1. Resume  2. Career Summary  3. Career Preparation  4. Awards and Honors  5. Awards and Honors Continued  6. Community."— Presentation transcript:

1 Electronic Career Portfolio

2  1. Resume  2. Career Summary  3. Career Preparation  4. Awards and Honors  5. Awards and Honors Continued  6. Community and Volunteer Activities  7. Community and Volunteer Activities Continued  8. High School Participation – Clubs  9. High School Participation – Music  10. High School Participation – Sports  11. Conference Attendance  12. List of Accomplishments  13. List of Accomplishments Continued  14. Website Link  15. Website Sample  16. Creative Writing Sample  17. Report Sample  18. Self-Assessments  19. Evidence of Specific Skills  20. Works Cited

3 Stephanie Michele Choquette 904 SW 9 th Street, Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533 515-448-4607 SKILLS/ABILITIES Organizational/Management Organized a web site for J’s Gallery, a business that sells World War II artifacts Update J’s Gallery’s web site, periodically Served as class president for three years Served as FBLA treasurer for one year Served as secretary of band for two years Served as women’s choir president for one year Served as secretary for mixed chorus for one year Served as co-president for mixed chorus for one year Served as treasurer of the student ambassadors for one year Recruited people throughout the community to donate blood at a school blood drive Public Relations Cooked breakfast for approximately 50 members of our community at my church Volunteered at the local Humane Society Served meals at the Wright County Fair food stand and collected payments Communication Participated in school organizational meetings and student review sessions Participated in superintendent interviews for new school superintendent WORK HISTORY Website Designer March 2008-present J’s Gallery, Eagle Grove, IA Summers and after school Babysitter October 2008-present Helgevold Family, Eagle Grove, IA Summers, weekends, and after school EDUCATION In Progress (Graduate May 1010) May 1010 Eagle Grove, Eagle Grove, IA

4  Career Choice of Study: Chemical Engineering  Description of Career: Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering which involves physics, mathematics, and chemistry to convert raw chemicals into useful materials. It is a growing career that is becoming more needed and desired by the government and other big laboratories.  Education Required: This career field requires at least four years at an engineering college, which involves three years of high-level math, physics, chemistry, design, and lab courses among other classes.  Future Job Outlook: I wish to work in a challenging job field, involving chemical engineering and solving serious problems. I feel at this position, I can make important changes to our world and its people.

5 Classes Taken: Physics Chemistry Pre-Calculus AP Statistics Geometry Trigonometry College English Reality Bites Extra-Curricular Studies: JETS(Junior Engineering Technical Society) Physics Olympics

6  “A” Honor Roll  Academic Letters  Volleyball, Track, and Softball Letters  Coach’s Award two consecutive years in softball  All-American Scholar Award  Who’s Who Among American High School Students  National Honor Roll  Perfect Attendance and Responsibility Awards for Student Council  Scholastic Award for Drill Team  Band and Choir Letters

7  Six “one” ratings in band and choir at solo/ensemble contest  First place at JETS TEAMS competition  Excellence in Academic Achievement Awards (IGHSAU)  Induction in to the National Honor Society  President’s Award for Educational Excellence  First Place at Iowa State Drill Team Competition in the Pom Category  Team Excellence in Academic Achievement Award from the Iowa State Drill Team Association  First Place and Third Place at Regional and State Destination Imagination Competitions, respectively

8  Humane Society Volunteer  Fourth Grade Religious Education Teacher  Sacred Heart food stand volunteer at Wright County Fair  Score-keeper at junior high basketball games  Community Chorale Accompanist  Work Concession Stands at baseball games Catholic Worker House Knights of Columbus Dinner

9  Serve dinners at church fundraisers  Work at the Wright County Fair lemonade stand  Clean highway ditches  Help deliver Meals on Wheels  Chaperone middle school and junior high events at church  Playing Bingo with residents at a local group home  Bible School Teacher  Catholic Worker House Volunteer  Alter Server and Lector at church

10 Talented and Gifted Junior NHS Junior Senior Student Senate Sophomore – President Junior – President Senior - President Student Ambassadors Freshman – Treasurer Sophomore Junior Clubs and Service FBLA Sophomore Junior – Treasurer Senior FCA Sophomore Junior Senior JETS Sophomore Junior Senior Spanish Club Junior Senior

11 Music Participation Band Freshman – Secretary Sophomore – Principal Perc. Junior Senior Jazz Band Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Winter Drumline Sophomore Junior Choir Freshman – President Sophomore Junior – Secretary Senior – Co-President Show Choir Junior Senior Musicals Sophomore Junior Senior

12 Sports Softball Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Volleyball Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior - Captain Track Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Drill Team Freshman Basketball Manger Junior Senior Powder-puff Football Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

13 I have attended the following conferences:  Risky Business Conference  Iowa Student Leadership Conference  Archdiocesan Youth Rally  Taking the Road Less Traveled Career Conference

14  Chosen to perform at several honor choirs  Received a spot in the Variety show  Published two poems  Invitation to the Congressional Student Leadership Conference  Danced at the half-time show of the 2007 Outback Bowl

15 › Danced at half-time of 2007 girl’s basketball tournament game › Received the Sacrament of Confirmation at church › Received position as Principle Percussionist in band › Reached 500 hours of community service throughout high school › Received a lead role in our school musical

16 See next page for example

17 This is the website which I design for the local World War II Gallery.

18 The Plain Man Putting the book back on the shelf, Darryl began his journey back to his table. Thoughts about the author bounced around in his tired mind. He sat down and opened his chemistry book. A few minutes later, Darryl had fallen asleep with his head on the table. “Sir, it would be best if you got up now,” said a voice. Darryl almost jumped from his skin. “I… I have permission to be here,” he stuttered. When he looked up, he saw a man in about his fifties; he was dressed in khakis and a navy cardigan and was standing with his hands in his pockets. The man was staring at him from ten feet away, and his head was tipped to see above his wire-rimmed glasses. “Yes, I know. What I meant was to rise from this table and do something with your life. There’s more to life than perfect grades, you know?” the man replied. “Who are you? Why are you here?” Darryl spit out. The man turned to walk away and said, “I could ask the same of you. Could I not?” “Wait, where are you going?” cried out Darryl. As the man walked further away into the darkness of the library, it was almost as if he was disappearing. The last thing the man said as he left was, “Get up from your seat, my friend. Go forth to serve the world and find happiness in living.” Then he was gone.

19 The Pros and Cons of the Future of Artificial Intelligence When people first hear about the future of Artificial Intelligence, there are normally three stages that they will undergo. The first of these stages is amazement. Just the fact that scientists are getting close to fixing long-standing world problems such as world hunger, air pollution, and disease can take one’s breath away. Along with this is the second stage of apprehension. With all of these improvements comes the possibility of many risks and hazards that will change our lives forever. Thinking about both of these ideas, however, one will eventually come to the conclusion that the future is inevitable, and that the advancement of Artificial Intelligence will bring about both positive and negative effects. Artificial Intelligence can be defined in several ways. One way is to say that it is “machine intelligence” or “designed intelligence”. However, in order to fully understand this concept, one would have to dig deeper into the definition of intelligence. Most people would agree that intelligence is the ability to be taught and have memory, along with everyday awareness and the will to work towards personal goals. Achieving this kind of thinking outside of human flesh would be the creation of Artificial Intelligence. There are several ways in which one can go about testing for Artificial Intelligence in machines. One way is a simple Turing Test. In a Turing Test, a judge speaks with both a human and a robot, whose identities have been concealed. If the judge cannot tell the difference between the two during casual conversation, then the robot is considered intelligent. Thus far in history, no machine has passed this test, but technology is getting close. Another way to test for Artificial Intelligence is to examine the Six Levels of Thought. When a machine has completed all six levels, it can be considered intelligent. (not full report)

20  I feel as if throughout my entire life, I’ve strived to be the best person I can be through helping others and through personal satisfaction and achievement.  Though I may be somewhat of a perfectionist at times, I keep my head cool when stressful times arise. I make it through those hard times, and learn well from my mistakes.  I know my limits, and when something feels too out of reach I’ll step down before everything becomes a disaster. Despite this, I test my limits often.  I think that if I work hard enough, I can achieve almost anything. When natural talent falls short, we still have our personalities and work ethics to carry us through.


22 “Chemical Engineering.” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 4 March 2010. 4 March 2010.. “Chemical Engineers.” 2010. 4 March 2010.. Zigrang, Jim. “Model Airplanes.” J’s Gallery. 3 March 2009. 4 March 2010..


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