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Individual Assistance Preliminary Damage Assessment Preliminary Damage AssessmentTrain-the-Trainer 1Train-the-Trainer 2011.

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1 Individual Assistance Preliminary Damage Assessment Preliminary Damage AssessmentTrain-the-Trainer 1Train-the-Trainer 2011

2 2

3 DAMAGE ASSESSMENT What is it? “The systematic process of determining and appraising the extent of loss, suffering and/or harm to a community.” Train-the-Trainer 2011 3

4 LOCAL DAMAGE ASSESSMENT Determines damage and disruption from the event. Answers: Who, What, When, Where, How Must be: 1.) Rapid 2.) Detailed 3.) Accurate Train-the-Trainer 2011 4

5 INDIVIDUAL ASSISTANCE (IA) ASSESSMENT Primary residences Businesses impacted IA Team will visit impacted areas to view these damages 5Train-the-Trainer 2011

6 Local IA Damage Assessment Why Do It? The purpose of an IA damage assessment is to: Develop an information base needed to request Federal Assistance Identifies resource needs Fulfills mandatory Federal regulatory requirements for FEMA and SBA Keeps the media informed Keeps the public informed Identify hazard mitigation opportunities 6Train-the-Trainer 2011

7 LOCAL IA PDA The local IA PDA must be completed prior to a joint federal, state, and local IA PDA. As a member of the local IA damage assessment team, your mission is to: 1. Quantify primary homes and businesses impacted by the event. 2. Record information regarding the severity and magnitude of the event. 3. Identify 25 homes and/or businesses that have more than 40% uninsured loss equal or greater than the value of the structure. Answers the question: How bad is it? 7Train-the-Trainer 2011

8 IA FACTORS Concentration of Damages Concentration demonstrates greater impact Scattered impact may not meet minimum criteria of 25 primary residences/businesses 8Train-the-Trainer 2011

9 SPECIAL/UNIQUE NEEDS POPULATIONS Types of Special or Unique Needs: Low income Elderly Unemployed Appalachian Language/Ethnic Physically or mentally challenged 9Train-the-Trainer 2011

10 INSURANCE Type Dependant on cause of damage i.e. homeowners vs. flood Amount of Coverage Sources of Information Disaster Survivor Local Floodplain Manager Department of Insurance Ohio Insurance Institute (OII) 10Train-the-Trainer 2011

11 SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (SBA) ONLY SBA can issue an Agency-only declaration. Only the Governor may submit a written request. 11Train-the-Trainer 2011

12 SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (SBA) ONLY Request must certify uninsured private damages meet SBA declaration criteria. SBA Agency-only declaration criteria: Twenty-five primary residences/ businesses with major damage or destroyed Uninsured loss (40%) 12Train-the-Trainer 2011

13 IA DEGREE OF DAMAGE Destroyed Unlivable; unrepairable Major Unlivable; extensive repairs Minor Livable; repairable with non-life threatening damage Affected Livable; repairable with cosmetic damage 13Train-the-Trainer 2011

14 IA ASSESSMENT DEGREES OF DAMAGE 14Train-the-Trainer 2011

15 IA ASSESSMENT DEGREES OF DAMAGE 15Train-the-Trainer 2011

16 IA ASSESSMENT DEGREES OF DAMAGE 16Train-the-Trainer 2011

17 IA ASSESSMENT DEGREES OF DAMAGE 17Train-the-Trainer 2011

18 LOCAL IA DAMAGE ASSESSMENT Getting Started Before you leave the office Map it out Decide on a route Consider Where are your calls coming from? Where have there been rescues? What areas are the media reporting? 18Train-the-Trainer 2011

19 LOCAL IA DAMAGE ASSESSMENT Recording the Damage Tips for determining depth of water: Look for the waterline Is it above or below the door knob? < 4ft. Consider your height compared to waterline Look for mud and silt; or debris line in shrubbery 19Train-the-Trainer 2011

20 LOCAL IA DAMAGE ASSESSMENT Recording the Damage Talking to storm survivors: Dialog: “Did you have any water?” “How much?” “First floor or basement?” “Any flood/homeowner’s insurance?” “How about your neighbors?” 20Train-the-Trainer 2011

21 LOCAL IA DAMAGE ASSESSMENT Recording the Damage Based on the 4 Degrees of Damage: View the damage Select the applicable degree MAKE A JUDGMENT CALL! Summarize and forward to the State 21Train-the-Trainer 2011

22 JOINT LOCAL/STATE/FEMA/ SBA PDA IA PDA Team composition: Joint federal, state, local team to view individual/private damages 22Train-the-Trainer 2011

23 WHAT WILL THE JOINT IA PDA TEAM(S) NEED? IA teams will meet briefly with EMA Director/local officials for introductions, brief synopsis of event, and to discuss details and location of damage. Determine route. Most heavily impacted areas should be viewed first. Be prepared to show all damages. 23Train-the-Trainer 2011

24 QUESTIONS? 24Train-the-Trainer 2011

25 IA PDA COORDINATOR Organizing Teams Suggested team members driver team lead scribe spokesperson Train-the-Trainer 2011 25

26 Role and Responsibilities of the Team Lead Logistics: Determines where the team will go. Makes the final call on degree of damage Putting it all together: Responsible for summarizing the data when the team is finished. Report the numbers to the IA PDA Coordinator. Street sheets to follow. Creature comforts: breaks, lunch, etc. Take care of your team. Train-the-Trainer 2011 26

27 IA PDA COORDINATOR Team assignments Grid system: Be careful not to overlap areas. Assess the heaviest impacted areas first. Monitors teams progress. Teams that are finished early should be redirected to assist other teams. Train-the-Trainer 2011 27

28 IA PDA COORDINATOR Summarizing the data Quantify homes and businesses that are: destroyed _____ majors _____ minors _____ affected _____ businesses_____ (inaccessibles?) ______ Report numbers to county EMA and forward street sheets. Train-the-Trainer 2011 28

29 Questions? Train-the-Trainer 2011 29

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