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World War II Years: 1930’s-1945 Sides: Axis-Germany, Italy, Japan

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1 World War II Years: 1930’s-1945 Sides: Axis-Germany, Italy, Japan
Allies- U. Kingdom, S.Union, U.States Cause: Rise of aggressive totalitarian governments in Japan, Germany and Italy Outcome: Great defining and transforming moment in world history during 20th century

2 European War 1930’s Italy and Germany Fascist govts. Advance through Europe and N.Africa League of Nations puts economic sanctions on Germany and Italy but no military U. States stays out of arguments British and French stand by and threaten but do not act-appeasement Munich conference (1938) Chamberlain and Hitler meet -British allow Germany to occupy Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia Final straw is German invasion of Poland in Sept. 1939 War declared Italy and Germany vs. U.K and France

3 Beginning of European War
Germans invade Poland armored tank divisions against cavalry Early 1940 Germans smash northward into Denmark and Norway and westward into Netherlands, Belgium and France French invest in Maginot Line- elaborate trenches built of concrete Blitzkrieg- German lightning war use of tanks and planes effective new fighting tactics Alarming how quick to see German troops marching down Champs D’Elysses Germans and Italians conquer Europe Miracle at Dunkirk- retreating British and French troops escape across English channel Spain, Switzerland, S.Union are exceptions




7 Britain Alone British alone against Axis onslaught
Fall 1940 Battle of Britain- Air Force battle New British P. Minister Winston Churchill “never in human history have so many depended on so few” RAF The Blitz- German bombers pummel London every night for two months U.S. sends supplies and assistance to British including Lend-Lease act- Destroyers to help with sub destroying missions

8 1941 Europe Italians in S.E. Europe need assistance from Germans in Greece and Yugoslavia Operation Barbarossa- Axis attack against S. Union in June 1941 Axis push deep into S. Union almost reach Moscow Winter slows down advance Axis eventually stopped on outskirts of Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad


10 Pacific War 1930’s Japanese on move into Manchuria and China looking for an empire and raw materials Hope for Asian empire only threat United States navy in Pacific League of Nations threatens but only economic sanctions U.S. issues ultimatum to leave China or U.S. will stop shipments of oil Japanese response Pearl Harbor attack Dec. 7, a day that will live in infamy Japan vs. United States, China, etc.





15 1942 Pacific War Japan successes when war begins
Advancing empire throughout S.E. Asia and Indonesia, and Philippines Major air and naval battle at Midway is turning point of war Japanese lose four aircraft carriers and hundreds of planes- tide of war turns


17 Europe 1942/1943 U.S. and British hit Axis powers in N.Africa
U.S. and British hit Axis up through Italy Turning point #1 in European war is Stalingrad- largest battle in history of world lasts several months-Germans lose entire army of 300,000 men dead or captured Soviet army starts to push westward

18 Europe 1944 Big Three? Stalin wants U.S. and British to open up Western or 2nd front Invasion of France planned- D-Day June 6, 1944 attack onto beaches of France Soviets make progress moving west U.S. and British make progress moving north through Italy and west through France Summer 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler How would world be different?

19 Pacific War U.S. plan known as island hopping moving toward Japan skipping islands Naval battles and tough fighting on Pacific islands- Marines heroes of Pacific war Asian belief in surrender? Bataan Death March evidence of treatment of P.O.W.’s


21 Europe 1945 Yalta Conference Big Three meet to plan end of war- Stalin promises free elections in Poland and E.Europe Last gasp Axis strike against western Allies in Battle of the Bulge in the winter U.S. troops enter Western Germany in Feb and Soviets enter Eastern Germany in March 1945 Why is Hitler still confident? Last major battle in Berlin April Hitler hears battle going on in streets shoots himself April 30, 1945 V.E. day May 8, 1945

22 Pacific War 1945 U.S. troops fighting onward towards Japan
Iwo Jima Feb. and Okinawa April terribly costly Volcanic islands 22,000 Japanese troops dug in Iwo story of flag raising Kamikazees- Suicide planes



25 U.S. Homefront Arsenal of Democracy- Rosie the Riveter-
Manhattan Project-

26 Drop Bomb on Japan? Yes Roosevelt dies in April 1945 question falls to Harry Truman

27 Drop Bomb on Japan? No


29 End of War August 1945 Enola Gay drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima, three days later on Nagasaki 20th century divided by that moment Japan surrenders, V.J. day end of war, Japan occupied by U.S. Military of Japan paid for by U.S. still has been solid ally of U.S., great economic success story Germany divided in four sections, Berlin divided in four sections

30 Outcomes End of European power in world
Colonialism dies soon after war- India, Africa, Asia Two superpowers arise out of WWII United Nations created in 1945 1942 Germans officially make decision for Final Solution purposeful extermination of “undesirables” Jews, Slavs, gypsies, homosexuals, etc Nuremburg Trials held at end of war for Nazi leaders for crimes during war Can’t blame superiors, also leads to calls for Jewish homeland

31 Ten Pictures to represent War

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