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DLS Gateway Tutorials: Original Orientation followed by FY2010-2012 Enhancements Original Orientation to DLS Gateway Login Accounts Passwords & My Profile.

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1 DLS Gateway Tutorials: Original Orientation followed by FY2010-2012 Enhancements Original Orientation to DLS Gateway Login Accounts Passwords & My Profile Forms – Differences from Excel Permissions – Sign Only vs. Save vs. Submit Electronic Signatures Correcting Submitted Errors “What If” Classified Rate Analysis Viewing Reports before Submittal Submission Summary screen Misc Forms and Schedule A What can go wrong? What happens at DLS after Submit is clicked?

2 Login Accounts – You have to be in LOD

3 Resetting Passwords – do it in “My Profile”

4 Differences from Excel does not move you to the next cell and recalculate formulas. It does nothing or it clears out the data. (Try clicking Back button to restore data.) Stay away from Backspace – it exits the form. To calculate subtotals and totals, click the “Save & Calculate” button. Web applications require this extra step.

5 Sign Only vs. Save vs. Submit Sign Only = No permission to change any numbers. Local Administrators must use – DLS can’t know what’s right in hundreds of communities. Save = Can enter & change numbers and sign form but cannot submit to DOR Submit = Can enter & change numbers, sign, and submit to DOR

6 Electronic Signatures – intentionally flexible Officials need a directory entry, login account, and permission to sign if they want to sign individually. Under certain circumstances, individuals can sign “on behalf of” others by commenting in memo box

7 Correcting Submitted Errors If you have already submitted a form: call someone at DLS, explain that your submission has errors, ask for the form to be unlocked, correct the errors, and re- submit.

8 Checking Error Reports Before Submittal BOA Comparison Report  LA4 Comparison LA13 Statistics These reports will help you check for errors/omissions prior to submitting forms:

9 Tax Rate Submission Summary Shows the last person to enter or update the form in the community and at DLS.

10 Schedule A – some forms are entered by function instead of a large spreadsheet

11 Misc Forms

12 Some forms are standard data entry with info saved in database

13 Other forms are for uploading your document “as is”.

14 What can go wrong? Strange error messages Necessary form approval sequence Web applications time out with no activity - Gateway times out after 35 minutes

15 Firewall error – report error id number to DLS

16 Program Bug Error – report what you were doing to DLS

17 Form Errors Highlighted – on top

18 Form Errors Highlighted – or on bottom Current error list includes advisories on entries that are correct and working fine – this can be confusing in an “error list”. These will be slowly but surely eliminated from the list.

19 Form Approval Sequence If a LA4 is “unapproved” because of an error and the LA5 was already approved, the LA5 gets “unapproved” and waits for the new LA4 data, after which the LA5 has to be re-approved. LA5 Approval or Re-approval has to be in place before Recap Submit.

20 Inactivity Timeout – 35 minutes from last keystroke. Data not saved

21 What Happens at DLS after you Submit – automatic workflow notifications

22 Automatic Notifications – internal. Completion of any process step in a specific community can trigger a notification Current automatic notifications: tax rate & pro forma approval, preliminary & final certification, Schedule A approval, Free Cash certification

23 Automatic Notifications - External

24 External - Who needs to know? Internally, DLS sets departments for auto notifications: all officials within those departments who have an email address in the Directory will get notified.

25 Objective – this message

26 DLS Gateway Fy2010 Enhancements for Assessors, Accountants, and Treasurers Current LA3 Sales for LA3 Mapping Program Exemption Reimbursement Submissions On-line Certification Recommendations Report Printouts of Forms Show Data Status Copy Last Year’s Data into New DE1 Automatic LA15 Calculated from LA3 Data CIP Shift Options Table: LA4 Load & Export to Excel Last Form Update and Signature Controls Schedule A Fund Carryovers and Reduced Size Printout Free Cash and E&D Automatic Notifications Local Options centralized

27 MassGIS uses this program to update mapped LA3 sales monthly.

28 Mapped verified market sales are useful for waterview/waterfront analysis.

29 Property Tax Exemption Reimbursement processing now available under Misc Forms

30 DLS will data enter prior year individuals, who rollover to succeeding years for editing & submittal.


32 Q. Who will set permissions so assessors can Save & Submit on-line exemption data for reimbursement? A. Your Local Account Administrator

33 BLA Certification Directives can be viewed – look under Tax Rate Reports

34 Current BLA Certification Directives are Available to Logged-in Users

35 Printouts will show data status (Information becomes “Public” when “Submitted”. DLS reports it as public information when it is “Approved.”)

36 Copy Button on DE1

37 Last Year’s Data Copied into DE1

38 Select process for LA3s: Interim Year Adjustment or Certification

39 Automatic LA15 – calculated from LA3 data Assessors fill in only the circled fields below

40 Tax Rate Shift Options Worksheet Click button to load values from LA4

41 Set Shift Range and Increment to be Displayed

42 CIP incremented by 1 percentage point Export to Excel

43 Options Tables Print, Save, or Email to Share with Others

44 Update and Signature Controls: Who last changed this form?


46 Tax Rate Submission Summary now shows last person to save data or perform a key step in a form, both in the community and at DLS

47 Automatic Email to Previous Signers if Anything in Form Changes

48 Schedule A printouts exclude rows without amounts – reducing the number of pages.

49 Automatic notifications sent when BOA certifies Free Cash or Regional School District Excess & Deficiency.

50 A centralized Local Options database customizes billing and tax rate formulas and data for each community, including new meals tax option.

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