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Internal Content Specific Professional Development.

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1 Internal Content Specific Professional Development

2   Internal Content Specific Professional Learning that will occur at each department meeting (approx. 15 minutes) that will be presented by a member of the department that is RELEVANT to the subject/department. What is it?

3   These presentations will be filmed/recorded at the dept. meeting and will be placed on a professional learning library via the school website for all teachers to access so this could be reached across different courses/content areas at the teacher’s own time/discretion. How will it be conducted?

4   Each individual department should create a list of presenter's and topics for at least 5 of the department meetings for the remaining school year.  Department Chair’s should e-mail a professional learning focus team member on dates, topics and presenters for the remaining school year.  We are hoping that some of the departments will start presenting and filming as early as November. Expected Time Frame:

5   Due to the limited time throughout the school year (due to furloughs & only 2 teacher-work days) professional development can still be achieved on a monthly basis. Also, with it being available on the web, teachers can view these professional learning videos/resources on their own time.  RELEVANCE: Many teacher’s expressed the desire to have Professional Development to be more content area focused. This will allow teacher’s to have the opportunity to choose what type of professional development they want. Why do it this way?

6  What will some of the topics consist of?  Block schedule ideas  Technology  Website assistance  Differentiated instruction  Transitions  Writing  Performance Assessments  Research  Classroom management  Parent contacts  Accommodations  Testing  Teacher Keys notebooks  Review games IT’S UP TO YOUR DEPARTMENT TO DECIDE WHAT YOU FEEL IS MOST NEEDED!

7   We can make this RELEVANT for teachers to use in their classrooms! MAIN GOAL:

8   It’s fast, short, customized, fits the time frame that teachers want, geared toward department/content specific learning & most importantly it’s on your individual time and fits your individual needs! The Best Part of It…

9  Please e-mail any questions or concerns to any of the professional learning focus team members:  Banks  Manderson  John  Vigon  Chaganti  Kandala  Thame  Mitchell  Midgette  Rodriguez Questions or Concerns?

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