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2010-2011. * Photoshop * After Effects * Flash * Stop motion * Maya/mud box * Unreal tournament.

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1 2010-2011

2 * Photoshop * After Effects * Flash * Stop motion * Maya/mud box * Unreal tournament

3 * ASB Event Information * Sporting Event Information * Anti-Bulling messages * Recycling education * Dress code * What’s happening this week * Snow report * Athlete of the week * Students of the quarter * Special bell schedules * Elections * Homecoming * Club Ads * Student Projects * Weekly humor series * Movie/Song reviews * Attendance information * Testing Information * Ads for local businesses (Frankies) * Ads for school businesses (DECA, Wildcat Café, Plant Sale) * Special Class projects

4 PercentCriteria 50%Daily points 30%Portfolio 10%Employability skills 10%Drawing

5 * Grading Scale – Each student has the opportunity to earn 4 points daily in class by participating, showing effort regardless of ability, being prompt, and having a good attitude toward activity and classmates. * Philosophy- Each student is expected to do the best they can with the ability they have. Whether you have 1 talent or 10 talents is not of the greatest importance. What you do with what you have, that is what counts.

6 * Participates for entire class period. * Participates in class discussion. * Participates in the set up and take down of equipment. * Participates to the best of his or her ability. * Participates in make-ups (if needed due to absences or injuries)

7 * Student is on time to class. * Student is logged on and prepared for class. * Student is on time with instructors requests.

8 * Student performs task to the best of his or her ability. * Student is engaged in activity. * Student is willing to do extra work to insure the concept is learned. * Student shows interest in activity by looking for ways to improve upon skills.

9 * Student has a positive teachable spirit. * Student exhibits team work * Student is respectful of him or herself as well as the rest of the class. * Students attitude makes a positive contribution to classroom activities.

10 * All students are allowed to make up missed work. (Regardless) * Animation Production is based upon participation. One needs to be in class in order to earn points. * If points are lost the points can always be retrieved. For example, due to illness, out of school activities, or in school activities. * Make-ups can be done during before school(5 days a week) or after school in room 121. Participation in WPC or extra work experience can count as make-up. * Chapter summary * Magazine article * Web site review or article summary * Certification review

11 * Extra Credit can be done at the discretion of Mr. Dockery. * All out of class activities need to approved by Mr. Dockery to be considered eligible for make-up.

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