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What is Title I and How Can I be Involved? Hickory Flat Charter Elementary 08/29/2013.

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1 What is Title I and How Can I be Involved? Hickory Flat Charter Elementary 08/29/2013

2  Title I provides federal funding to schools to help students who are low achieving or at most risk of falling behind.  Title I is allocated to schools based on the percentage of student receiving free/reduced lunch.  Schools with a percentage of at least 40% are eligible for a school-wide program. Definition of Title I:

3 Hickory Flat Charter Elementary operates a Title I School-wide Program.

4 The school uses Title I funds to upgrade the entire educational program of the school. Title I funds are used to serve all children in order to raise academic achievement. Title I funds will be used to provide additional assistance to all students who experience difficulties in meeting the State’s performance targets. School-wide means:

5 The school must have a free/reduced lunch count of at least 40%. The school must collect and analyze data that effects student achievement. The school must develop a comprehensive site plan and annually review the effectiveness of the plan. To be a “School-wide” School:

6 Title 1 monies are allocated for:  Three staff members- LILT, MILT and PIP  Parent Resource materials and workshops  Instructional supplies and technology  Tutoring Title One Money

7  Yolanda Leduc, Krystal Thomas, Kim Terrell, Sheila Parsons, Shawn Shuman, Brittany Watts, Marci Jones, Kavita Sinah, Imran Mohammed, Senoviae Bell, Tomariel McKinney, Raquel Miller, Allison Berewa, Barbara Dupree, LaSondra Edwards, Dorinda Booker, Raymond Leduc, Megan MacDonald, Heather Cloud, Mary Beth Middle brooks, and Paula Crumbley Title I Task Force Team:

8 Subject Grades 3,4 & 5 % meeting and exceeding All% of students exceedingAsian -Pacific IsBlackHispanicWhiteMulti-racialSWDELLEcon DisvSY Reading 97% 97.3% 92.4% 95.4% 95.6% 49% 47.3% 36.3% 29% 92.9% 100% 89.9% 93.7% 95.5% 94.6% 94.7% 84.6% 99.1 100% 96.6% 91.7% 96.2% 97.4% 84.4% 80% 89.7% 88.6% 100% 90% 89.5% 94.4% 96.6% 12-13 11-12 10-11 09-10 08-09 Math 95% 94.3% 86.5% 88.5% 84.7% 56% 49.3% 37.6% 31.6% 27.6% 95.2 100% 83.3% 87.4% 80.3% 89.3% 78.9% 84.6% 90.6% 89.4% 91.5% 91.7% 100% 89.5% 62.2% 65.7% 65.5% 81.8% 86.7% 93.3% 84% 87.5% 81.8% 12-13 11-12 10-11 09-10 08-09 Summary:

9 Focus Goals  It is our Goal to:  Maintain our high passing rate and increase the number of students who exceed in reading and math.  Close the achievement gap for all our subgroups.  Increase our writing scores on the 5 th grade state writing assessment by concentrating on using a fluid writing plan from K to 5 th grade.  Continue to celebrate the rich diversity of cultures in our school.  Teach, plan, and assess collaboratively on grade levels through a standards based approach.  Embrace our innovative practices based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence with our new conversion charter school model.

10  All instruction is based on the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards. This is the curriculum designated by the State Department of Education. We are also incorporating best practices from Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Research. Curriculum and Instructional Strategies:

11  Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s  CRCT  GKIDS  Common Formative Assessments in Reading, Math and Writing Assessment:

12  It is our goal to maintain all our test scores in the 90 th or higher percentile while increasing the number of students that exceeds on each assessment. Proficiency Levels for 2013

13 Title I Parent Notification and Communication: Marquee Email Phone Calls Black Communication Folder Website Posted Notices in Building Newsletter Informally through car line or after school desk

14 Parent Involvement Policy, Survey and School-Parent Compact Copies will be coming home and will also be located on our website. Our parent task force has been working on them diligently.

15  State Assessment information will be sent home as soon as it is received from the state. Hard copies will be in your child’s communication folder.  Parent Conferences Parent’s Right to Know – Student Achievement

16  Schools are required to notify parents if their child has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher that is not highly qualified.  All teachers at HFCE are highly qualified Parent’s Right to Know – Non-Highly Qualified Teachers

17 How Can You Be Involved? Volunteer (school or home) Parent Task Force Charter Council Meetings Parent Partners Academic Program Partner in Education Special Events

18  Parent Involvement Opportunities include:  Workshops  Volunteer  Evening Parental Meetings – Student Performance  Conferences  Parent Task Force  Parent Partners Academic Program  Special school events Parent Involvement Opportunities

19  Parent Task Force  Charter Council  Open Request Parent Involvement in Decision Making

20  Upon the request of parents, the school must provide opportunities for regular meetings for parents to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions about the education of their children. Right to Request Meetings

21 Questions?

22  Hickory Flat Charter Elementary 770-898-0107  Paula Crumbley – Principal  Dewayne Grant – Assistant Principal  Mary Beth Middlebrooks – Parent Involvement Paraprofessional Contact Information

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