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How Proficient am I? Emily Bryant - Enka High Sherrie Gosnell-

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1 How Proficient am I? Emily Bryant - Enka High Sherrie Gosnell- sherriem.gosnell@bcsemail.orgCandler, Outcomes Hints Struggles Strategies

2 What are Outcomes? Outcomes are defined by targets, “I can” statements that summarize the content in the Outcome. Outcomes should consist of two weeks or 10- 12 days of instruction. Outcomes are the big ideas that you teach your students  Outcomes are a work in progress.  Make sure your outcomes require a student to demonstrate what they have learned so that you can accurately assess them.

3 Example of Outcome & Targets for Course 1 Construct and Solve Exponential Equations I can rewrite expressions using the laws of exponents including fractional exponents (with a numerator of one). I can represent questions using exponential equations. I can approximate solutions to exponential equations using tables and graphs. I can justify why a^(1/n) is the nth root of a. I can defend the reasonableness of a solution according to the context of the problem.

4 Grading Student Work Daily work, homework, and quizzes Tests Work on tests is the evidence you should use to decide if students are proficient or not. Students previous work on homework, classwork and quizzes should contribute to whether they are proficient but the test is their final chance to show you they finally have mastered to material. I do not keep a student from achieving proficiency because of not completing homework nor can completion of homework show evidence of proficiency. RED Omits parts of question and response; has major errors; uses inappropriate strategies And/or No Response; frivolous or irrelevant response YELLOW Contains good solid response but not all of the characteristics of green; explains less completely; may include minor error of execution but not of understanding AND/OR Contains complete response, but explanation is muddled; presents incomplete arguments; Includes diagrams that are inappropriate or unclear, or fails to provide a diagram when it would be appropriate; Indicates some understanding of mathematical ideas, but in an unclear way; Shows clear evidence of understanding some important ideas while also making one or more fundamental, specific errors. GREEN Contains complete response with a clear and concise explanation; Includes clear and simple diagram, if appropriate; Communicates the mathematics effectively; shows understanding of mathematical ideas and processes respective to the question Identifies all important elements of tasks Includes examples and counterexamples when appropriate Gives strong supporting arguments

5 How to Calculate a Student’s Grade using Outcomes Proficient & High Performance Percentages for a Regular Course C – 70%B – 70% & 15%A – 70% & 30% Proficient & High Performance Percentages for an Honors Course C – 80%B – 80% & 25%A – 80% & 50%

6 How can I make an A? How can I make an A? What makes a task High Performance? Examples of Proficiency tasks Examples of High Performance task A high performance tasks asks the students to extend their math skills to make connections between mathematics they have learned previously to the current topics or to extend the concepts to a more difficult situation. Here are a few examples of proficient tasks compared to high performance tasks. Students do not need to complete both the high performance tasks yet if they try and fail they need to complete the proficient task to become proficient.

7 What makes a task High Performance? Examples of Proficiency tasksExamples of High Performance task

8 What if I am not PROFICIENT  If a student is not proficient after the test they must come before or after school to get help. Then the student can come back in the next day and complete a task similar to the task they were struggling with. I have also offered chances on future tests for students to show their math skills that were lacking on previous outcomes. A task can recover more than one outcome. The example provided recovers targets in Integrated Math 3 Outcome 4 & Outcome 12 (the specific targets are on the handout). Task from the test Recovery Task

9 STRUGGLE with Outcomes Grade Reporting Progress report and mid-semester report card reporting is the biggest struggle with outcomes. I have my students keep this handout in their binder and I update it after every test. My handout is an excel spreadsheet so I can send it to the parent via email if needed.

10 How proficient are you NOW? Outcomes StrugglesStrategies What’s Next Hints NEXT STEPS Now it’s time to reflect! Record what you have learned about Outcomes. How are you going to apply what you have learned to your class practices?

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