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Southern Lakes Anthology Project

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1 Southern Lakes Anthology Project
Southern Lakes Anthology Project Genres Theme

2 What is the Anthology Project?

3 Anthology Lesson GOALS
Identify the 5 different genres Identify outstanding characteristics of published pieces Think of creative ideas for this year’s theme

4 Genres Poetry Prose Art Cartoon Illustrated Writing

5 POETRY ONE page in length Variety of styles accepted

6 P O E T R Y

7 P O E T R Y

8 P O E T R Y

9 P O E T R Y

10 P O E T R Y

11 PROSE Maximum 2 pages Double Spaced

12 P R O S E

13 P R O S E

14 P R O S E

15 P R O S E

16 ART Black and white only Emphasis on strong contrast
Pencil must be dark for copying Original work 1 inch margin around all entries Use art paper provided for size

17 ART

18 ART

19 ART

20 ART

21 A R T

22 CARTOON Use variety of templates Black ink or dark pencil
May have dialog in frames Be Original Can be political, environmental, social, amusing…



25 Illustrated Writing Maximum of two typed pages
Writing and art must complement each other NO CLIP ART Two students may collaborate

26 Illustrated Writing

27 Illustrated Writing

28 Illustrated Writing Karissa Franceschina

29 Illustrated Writing

30 Anthology Lesson Let’s Discuss
Can you identify the 5 different genres? Which genre interests you the most? As you listened to different selections… What were some of the outstanding characteristics of each piece?

31 NOW for this year’s theme….
Introducing the Southern Lakes Anthology Project:

32 Stay tuned for our presentation…
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33 2013-14 Theme: Think about it…
What has been a challenge you have overcome? How do you typically solve a problem? Who are some famous individuals that have “figured it out”… an invention, a cure, a law, a “first”? Who are people you turn to when you need help? How can you best represent this theme? Poem, Prose, Art, Cartoon, or Illustrated Writing

34 October – Brainstorming
Project Timeline: October – Brainstorming November – Write & Draw / Consult with Teachers December – Final Project Due with entry form January – District Finalists Selected January 28th Judging Day May – May 21st Reception at U.W.Whitewater

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