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Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs.

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1 Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

2 Introduction This DVD is designed to document the partnerships, networks and collaboration of services and resources that exist between GEAR UP Ohio, the Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio Department of Education.

3 What is GEAR UP Ohio? Federally funded initiative Offers educational programs for state and local partnerships Encourages students to: –Raise academic expectations –Stay in school –Take challenging courses –Go to college

4 GEAR UP Ohio Initiatives Support students, regardless of parents’ wealth, ethnic background or geographic location in graduating from high school prepared for college and the workplace Encourage typically underrepresented students to aspire to, prepare for, participate in and succeed in postsecondary education Support academic and support services for students Work with families, business and communities toward having high expectations for students

5 GEAR UP Ohio – Goal #1 Prepare students for high school completion and success in post-secondary education Increase student attendance rate Increase percentage of eighth-grade students learning algebraic concepts and advanced mathematics Increase percentage of students passing mandated assessments and tests Improve high school graduation rates Increase number of students attending college Decrease enrollment in college remedial courses

6 GEAR UP Ohio – Goal #2 Increase student and parent understanding of importance and relevance of higher education Increase number of students who aspire to higher education Improve student and parent understanding of economic and quality-of-life benefits of higher education

7 GEAR UP Ohio – Goal #3 Increase student and parent understanding of actual college costs Increase student and parent understanding of financial aid opportunities Ensure 11 th -grade students and parents understand federal financial aid and are able to complete necessary forms Provide students with knowledge of individual financial aid eligibility, including last-dollar scholarships

8 GEAR UP Ohio – Goal #4 Build awareness and replication in other schools and communities Ensure eight lighthouse sites become self-sustaining Assist additional schools in adopting GEAR UP practices Increase involvement in and support of GEAR UP programs by business and civic organizations

9 GEAR UP Ohio Partners Ohio Board of Regents Ohio Department of Education UC Evaluation Team Technical Assistance Team Lighthouse Site GEAR UP Coordinators Curriculum and Assessment Professional Development

10 GEAR UP Ohio Administration Ohio Board of Regents – Charles Shahid, Director, Ohio Access Programs Carlos Bing, Assistant Director, Ohio Access Programs Omar Elhagmusa, Administrative Assistant University of Cincinnati Evaluation Services Center –Imelda Castañeda-Emenaker, Senior Research Associate Bridget Vaughn (Adams, Clark, Franklin and Muskingum Counties) Jeff Handley (Allen, Ashtabula, Lorain, and Lucas Counties) Ohio Department of Education – Gloria Redding, Assistant Director, GEAR UP Coordinator

11 Eight GEAR UP Lighthouse Sites High-poverty communities with low-college participation and high-remediation rates serve as Lighthouse Sites Adams County – West Union, Ohio West Union Junior High School West Union High School Allen County – Lima, Ohio Lima South Middle School Lima Senior Progressive Academy Lima Senior Performance Based School Lima Senior School of Multiple Intelligences

12 Eight GEAR UP Lighthouse Sites Ashtabula County – Conneaut, Ohio Conneaut Middle School Conneaut High School Clark County – Springfield, Ohio Schaefer Middle School Springfield High School Franklin County – Columbus, Ohio Champion Middle School East High School High-poverty communities with low-college participation and high-remediation rates serve as Lighthouse Sites (continued)

13 Eight GEAR UP Lighthouse Sites Lorain County – Elyria, Ohio Westwood Junior High School Elyria High School Lucas County – Toledo, Ohio Leverette Middle School Calvin M. Woodward High School Muskingum County – Zanesville, Ohio Grover Cleveland Middle School Zanesville High School GEAR UP Ohio – High-poverty communities with low-college participation and high-remediation rates serve as Lighthouse Sites (continued)

14 Ohio Department of Education The goal of Ohio’s education system is for all students to graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully continue their education, be workforce ready and participate in the global economy as productive citizens.

15 GEAR UP Ohio’s ODE Partners State Board of Education Ohio Department of Education Curriculum and Assessment Teaching Profession School Improvement Students, Families and Communities Education Reform and Strategic Initiatives School Options and Finance

16 Center for Curriculum and Assessment Stan Heffner, Associate Superintendent Office of Curriculum and Instruction Office of Assessment Office of Career-Technical Education

17 Center for Curriculum and Assessment Provides: Leadership for research and development, implementation and continuous improvement of standards-based education Leadership and technical assistance to school communities by managing development and administration of statewide tests, communicating assessment guidelines Assessment-related products and services

18 Office of Curriculum and Instruction English Language Arts Financial Literacy Fine Arts Foreign Language Mathematics Physical Education Science Social Studies Lau Resource Center Reading First – Ohio GEAR UP, keyword search by topic

19 English Language Arts, keyword search ELA

20 Mathematics, keyword search Mathematics

21 Science, keyword search Science

22 Social Studies, keyword search Social Studies

23 Technology, keyword search Technology

24 Financial Literacy, keyword search Financial Literacy

25 Foreign Languages, keyword search Foreign Languages

26 Fine Arts, keyword search Fine Arts

27 Physical Education, keyword search Physical Education

28 Lau Resource Center, keyword search Lau

29 Reading First – Ohio, keyword search Reading First Ohio

30 Credit Flexibility, keyword search Credit Flexibility Designed to: Increase curricular options available to students Increase depth of study available for particular subjects Tailor learning time or conditions needed to complete high school diploma and/or postsecondary degree

31 Credit Flexibility, keyword search Credit Flexibility

32 21 st Century Skills

33 Office of Assessment Provides leadership and technical assistance to school communities Manages development and administration of statewide assessments and tests Communicates assessment guidelines Provides assessment-related products and services

34 Ohio’s State and Local Report Cards Issued annually by ODE Office of Accountability Details student performance on standardized statewide tests, rates of improvement on tests, student attendance and graduation rates Provides information and performance reports from schools and districts, keyword search: report card

35 Key Terms Used in Report Cards Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP): A federal accountability mandate for student performance, including subgroups, with a final goal of 100 percent of all students at or above proficient by 2013-14 in reading and mathematics Core Courses: English Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Art, Foreign Language, Government and Civics, Economics, Geography and History Economically Disadvantaged: Students who are known to be eligible to receive the free or reduced-price lunch and students who are known to be recipients of or whose guardians are known to be recipients of public assistance

36 Key Terms Used in Report Cards Highly Qualified Teacher: A federal teaching requirement met in Ohio via at least a bachelor’s degree, a certificate/license appropriate to grades and subjects taught and the ability to demonstrate subject area expertise in core academic subjects taught NC: Not calculated to protect identity of individuals in a subgroup of less than 10 members NR: Not required as subgroup size below minimum for statistical reliability

37 Key Terms Used in Report Cards Performance Index Score: A weighted average of a school or district’s assessment results across all tested grades and subjects based on untested, below basic, basic, proficient and advanced performance levels School/District Rating: Excellent, Effective, Continuous Improvement, Academic Watch or Academic Emergency School Improvement Status: Missing AYP for two consecutive years triggers student eligibility for school choice option, for three years student supplemental services, for four or more years, school or district corrective action

38 Key Terms Used in Report Cards Similar Districts: School districts of comparable size, poverty levels, socioeconomic status (family income, education levels, professions) and factors related to urban or rural location and overall property wealth State Standards: Minimum requirements for percent of students at or above proficient on statewide assessment, along with minimum graduation and attendance rates Student Groups: Students grouped by demographic or other characteristic, such as race/ethnicity, gender, economic status, language background or disability

39 Office of Career-Technical Education Provides education programs and services that prepare youth and adults for broad range of careers Requires varying levels of education, from high school, apprenticeships and postsecondary certificates to college and university degree 16 key career fields

40 Ohio’s 16 Career Fields Agricultural and Environmental Systems Arts and Communication Business and Administrative Services Construction Technologies Education and Training Engineering and Science Technologies Finance Government and Public Administration

41 Ohio’s 16 Career Fields Health Science Hospitality and Tourism Human Services Information Technology Law and Public Safety Manufacturing Technologies Marketing Transportation Systems, keyword search: career fields

42 Center for School Improvement Cynthia Lemmerman, Associate Superintendent Office of Field Relations – State Support Teams Office of Federal Programs – CCIP, Title I Office of Transforming Schools Office of Educational Reform

43 Center for School Improvement Provides: Unified state system of support focused on improving academic achievement of all students Ohio Improvement Process and Ohio Decision Framework tools to improve instructional practice and student performance on continuing basis Three statewide systems of support – State Support Teams, State Diagnostic Teams, Educational Service Centers


45 Decision Framework Created for districts and buildings to connect data to behaviors and practices around curriculum, assessment, instructional practice and professional development Designed to help schools develop effective and lasting relationships with families to support children’s learning Provides districts and schools with guidance for developing family engagement plans within existing continuous improvement plans

46 Decision Framework Includes assessment tools, strategies and action steps for educators, families and community members to strengthen connections between home and school Helps schools link family engagement planning with ongoing school improvement efforts

47 State Support Teams Statewide system of support 16 State Support Teams – 14 with GEAR UP Guided by Ohio Improvement Process and Ohio Decision Framework Use connected set of tools to improve instructional practice and student performance on continuing basis Responsible for regional delivery of school improvement, literacy, special education compliance, early learning and school-readiness services to districts using Tri-Tier Model

48 State Support Teams

49 State Diagnostic Team Another statewide system of support Consists of ODE staff members who visit districts formally identified as High Support Conducts review process Identifies areas of strength and weakness to help districts and schools improve student performance

50 Educational Service Centers Another statewide system of support Networked to State Support Teams Provide school districts with professional development, technology, support, planning and administrative services Help improve student learning, enhance quality of instruction, expand equitable access to resources and maximize operating and fiscal efficiencies

51 Educational Service Centers

52 Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan Also known as CCIP Provides unified application and verification system that enables districts to handle all aspects of federal grant process within single system Consists of planning tool and funding application Planning tool contains goals, strategies, action steps and district goal amounts for all grants in CCIP Funding application contains budget, budget details, nonpublic services and other related pages

53 Center for Students, Families and Communities Jane Wiechel, Associate Superintendent Office of Early Learning and School Readiness Office for Exceptional Children Office for Safety, Health and Nutrition Ohio School Climate Family and Civic Engagement

54 Office for Exceptional Children Provides leadership, assistance and oversight to school districts and other entities to improve outcomes for students with disabilities and gifted students Monitors compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations Provides technical assistance to districts and educational agencies concerning the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act

55 Family and Civic Engagement Policies, guidance and resources to help districts and schools create school, family and community partnerships and comply with state and federal requirements Training resources, promising practices Professional development resources Models for family and community engagement keyword search: Family and Civic Engagement

56 Ohio School Climate Provides measures to establish school environments where every student feels welcomed, respected and motivated to learn Describes how schools can create environments where every student feels welcomed, respected and motivated to learn Provides guidelines for building and district administrators, also useful as springboards for policy discussions with staff, students, parents, school boards and other community members

57 Title I Ensures all children have fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessments Allows greater flexibility for schools and provides increased opportunities for professional development and parental involvement Meets needs of low-performing students Holds state and local educational agencies accountable, keyword search: Title 1, Part A

58 Center for Teaching Profession Lou Staffilino, Associate Superintendent Office of Educator Licensure Office of Professional Conduct Office of Educator Quality Office of Educator Standards

59 Center for Teaching Profession Develops coherent and interrelated set of policies and programs that support education profession throughout life cycle of teachers and administrators Ensures each student is served by caring, competent and qualified educators Provides licenses and certifications to educators

60 Other GEAR UP Connections Career Based Intervention Family and Consumer Sciences (includes financial literacy component) Ohio Career Information System Project Lead The Way – Gateway to Technology Project Lead The Way – Middle School College Tech Prep High Schools That Work Ohio Schools to Watch

61 Other GEAR UP Connections, keyword search CBI

62 Other GEAR UP Connections, keyword search Consumer Sciences

63 Other GEAR UP Connections, keyword search OCIS

64 Other GEAR UP Connections – Technology

65 Other GEAR UP Connections – Middle School

66 Other GEAR UP Connections, keyword search College Tech Prep

67 Other GEAR UP Connections, keyword search HSTW

68 Other GEAR UP Connections, keyword search Schools to Watch

69, keyword search by topic For More Information

70 Questions/Comments

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