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Coyote Awareness City of Yorba Linda September 1, 2009.

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1 Coyote Awareness City of Yorba Linda September 1, 2009

2 Coyotes were once found mostly in the Southwest Now live in every state except Hawaii Reasons for their expansion 19 th century killing of wolves Shrinking natural landscape Highly adaptable, resilient and prolific Coyote Awareness

3 Coyotes are Omnivorous They eat everything! Rodents Birds Rabbits Fruit Vegetables Bird Seed Insects/grasshoppers Garbage – food scraps Pet Food Coyote Awareness

4 Interaction with Humans Aggression/attacks towards humans is extremely rare University of California study 1988-1997 in Southern California 53 attacks on humans (21 with injuries) Human behavior contributes to attacks Interactions are directly related to food Coyotes are wary of humans and avoid contact whenever possible Coyote Awareness

5 Seven Steps of Progression UC Davis Professor (2007) 1. Increase in coyotes on streets 2. Increase in coyotes approaching humans and/or taking pets at night 3. Coyotes on streets, and in parks and yards in early morning/ late afternoon 4. Coyotes chasing or taking pets in the daytime

6 Seven Steps of Progression, cont… UC Davis Study 5. Coyotes attacking and taking pets on leashes nears their owners; chasing joggers, bicyclists, and other adults 6. Coyotes seen in and around children’s play areas, school grounds, and parks in mid-day 7. Coyotes acting aggressively toward adults in midday

7 Attempts to Eradicate/Reduce Population Reproduction is directly linked to population Larger litters are born when population declines Other packs will move into vacated territory Rodent population significantly increases Coyote Awareness

8 Coyotes are in your neighbor because they have found food or shelter Coyote Awareness

9 Coexisting with Coyotes Clean Grills Pick up all fallen fruit Clean up spilled seed from bird feeders Clean trash cans – ammonia No pet food No water Coyote Awareness

10 Coexisting with Coyotes Cover compost piles Add motion sensitive lighting Install coyote proof fencing Keep cats and small dogs indoors Under supervision when outside Spay/Neuter dogs Coyote Awareness

11 Coexisting with Coyotes Trim all shrubs to remove possible dens Close all crawl spaces Remove abandoned sheds Enclose all decking Coyote Awareness

12 What to do when you spot a coyote at home Immediately take small pets and children inside Make very loud noises Bang together two pots or pieces of wood Spray with full pressure garden hose Coyote Awareness

13 What to do when you spot a coyote in the neighborhood Carry a walking stick – make noise with stick Carry a whistle – blow whistle Coyote Awareness

14 Legal Jurisdiction Department of Fish and Game Code Section 1802 states that the department of Fish and Game has jurisdiction over the conversation, protection and management of wildlife. California Code of Regulations section 679 (f) (4) states in part that any healthy wildlife trapped in towns or cities shall be released in the immediate area where it was trapped. Coyote Awareness

15 Orange County Animal Care Services Coyote Awareness Education Assist with unusual circumstances Injured wildlife

16 Thank you for the opportunity to provide you information on Coyote Awareness Questions?

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