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L UV Y A B UNCHES Project by Siena Book written by Lauren Myracle Book illustrated by Christine Norrie.

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1 L UV Y A B UNCHES Project by Siena Book written by Lauren Myracle Book illustrated by Christine Norrie

2 IM U SERNAMES AND V IDEO S TUFF Besides being a regular story, this book also includes video scripts and IM and chatting on Yasaman’s website. The video shots are taken on Katie-Roses sunshine yellow Sony cybershot video camera. Now the IM and chatroom usernames: Milla – Marshmilla in this color. Her font is curly and swingy. Yasaman – Yasaman in her fave color, orange, and in about this font Katie-Rose - the *rose* knows in this color and a round modern font Violet - ultraviolet in this color and a font that makes her name look like it’s made out of sticks Quin* [One of Milla’s mean BFFs in the beginning. She IM s with Milla once in the story] Pandalubber in this color & a hard to explain font. Imagine this in yellow

3 C HARACTERS Camilla Swanson – A blonde girl who tends to worry and owns a good luck charm, Tally the bobble head turtle, and is best friends with Modessa and Quin, the mean girls. She was friends with Katie-Rose in pioneer camp but forgot about her. Katie-Rose – A tiny half Chinese girl with a big attitude. She is very unpopular and is commonly messed with by Modessa and Quin from the popular group. Yasaman Tercan – A Muslim girl who wears a headscarf called a hijab. Modessa and Quin also tease her for being an outcast, and they call her Spazaman. She is very against violence. Violet – A black girl who is new at Rivendell, and she likes humor. Modessa and Quin want her in the popular group because she can sass back at Modessa and they admire that. Modessa – The leader of the three popular girls who has light blonde hair and is the president of club panda. She and Quin gang up on Milla sometimes. She likes berry- colored lip gloss. Quin – Modessa’s assistant on being mean. Once, Modessa told Quin to put mud in Milla’s chocolate milkshake, and she did. She is vice president of the panda club. Max – A nerdy kid who is friends with Katie-Rose out of school. He often wears weird clothes but always obeys k-r. He is very into domino courses and Pokémon. Ms. Perez and Mr. Emerson – the two fifth grade teachers at Rivendell. Mr. Emerson lost one of his arms in a car accident. Milla and Violet have Mr. Emerson, and Yasaman, Quin, Modessa, and K-R are in Ms. Perez.

4 S ETTINGS K-R’s backyard Max’s Backyard Rivendell Elementary Camilla’s Car chatrooms K-R’s house Rivendell Computer lab Violet’s New house All of the girls houses Muslim recreation center computer lab

5 B EGINNING It begins as Katie-Rose is filming the last day of summer and Max explains to her the domino course he is constructing, and makes Katie-Rose frustrated in the process. He then brings up the subject of Camilla, and Katie-Rose still wishes she could be Camilla’s friend. She was over the summer, but she’s pretty sure Milla will be back with Modessa and Quin for school. The second chapter is where Camilla IM’s Quin, and they chat about Club Panda, Modessa and Quin’s latest idea. Milla was not very sure about the club, but Quin demanded that Modessa is President, Quin is V.P., and Milla is secretary and a club panda officer. She says anybody who wears anything but black and white is out, and only cool people who pass the training are in. Then, K-R appears on Milla’s buddy list, and since Milla forgot about her, she is nervous and surprised. She tells Quin and Quin insults Katie-Rose, but Milla parts with Quin and then goes on with K-R. Then is the part where Yasaman creates a site at her Muslim recreation center computer class. She titles it, and decorates the home page and makes her first post, then calls her hip cousin, Hulya, and feels very out of style when she hangs up. Violet sits in her new room, with a very hateful expression on her face. On the first day of school, all are nervous. Violet asks K-R for directions, and when K-R points somewhere, she slams into Yasaman, who barrels into Milla. Quin helps Milla, shows her the new club logo, and insults Yasaman as K-R inches away from the scene. When it’s over, Violet is alone in the hall, and spots something and puts it in her skirt pocket. Tally the turtle, Milla’s good luck charm.

6 M IDDLE It’s there first recess as fifth graders. Yasaman becomes friends with Katie-Rose by asking her what she was daydreaming about that made her say yes to being a slave when Ms. Perez was assigning Greek person roles for Greek Week. K-R signs up for and they online chat and google stuff, and name Modessa Medusa and Quin her evil harpy, the snatcher of souls. Modessa tells Milla to go get Violet, because they like her style. Milla hesitantly approaches her. She messes up telling her, and then blurts out weird stuff about club panda. As she reaches into her backpack to show Violet the logo, she does a quick check to make sure everything is in her backpack. That’s when she realizes Tally isn’t there. She freaks out and of course says something that doesn’t make any sense to Violet. She wails “I can’t find her! I can’t find Tally the turtle!” Then Violet knows what she’s talking about. Violet tells Modessa her name is V, and they invite her to sit with them in lunch and try out for Club Panda. Modessa is in the bathroom with Violet and Yasaman hides. Modessa says mean stuff about Milla behind her back and puts up Tally posters. Violet is unsure of Quin and Modessa. Milla and Violet bond during Greek Week presentation time. But Violet is holding in the guilt of taking Tally the Turtle. She puts it in between the couch cushions where Modessa and Quin always sit so Modessa will find and return Tally to Milla. Later Violet is crying in her new room and her dad comforts her. Her mom is a poet who is in the hospital. During the Potato Olympics, Modessa heads over to her backpack, which is next to Katie-Rose’s, and hovers near her backpack for a second before getting her potato. She grabs K-R’s backpack and firmly plantes it on Ms. Perez’s desk and declares “Look! Tally is in her backpack! Katie-Rose is a THEIF! Camilla avoids K-R. She instead wears a green scarf with pink flowers for a good luck charm. Yasaman is looking at the presentation video that K-R uploaded to the site and realizes that Violet put it in the cushions and Modessa framed K-R. Quin calls Milla over to tell her that Violet had Tally all along. Quin takes Milla’s scarf and throws it in the mud because it isn’t panda colors. Camilla cries.

7 E ND Modessa catches K-R and Milla laughing together in the computer lab, while K-R shows Milla the website. Finally, all 4 girls [Yasaman, Camilla, Violet, and Katie-Rose] decide to come together and to defeat Modessa and Quin somehow. They all log on and online chat about there plans. There is also some apologizing done. But they decide the day of their plan is Friday : The end of Greek Week and the day of the ice cream social.

8 F LOWER POWER There are several bits and pieces of much needed information for the plot: Like there is a long toppings table, and Modessa and Quin are obsessed with their cells, especially Quin. Here’s what they did: K-R tells Ms. Perez that Quin has her cell in her pocket, which is not allowed. Quin frowns and gives her cell back. The girls are hyper and giggling. Modessa and Quin stroll up, but K-R and Violet both say “Lets get ice cream!” In fakey voices. Violet puts just chocolate syrup in her bowl and runs off. Yasaman distracts Modessa by bumping into her, while K-R says “Oh no! The preschoolers have Quin’s cell!” in a chirpy voice. Quin stalks towards them while Milla approached Modessa and tells her to be nice. Yasaman swipes Modessa’s sundae while the ex-friends chat. Yasaman stations it on the time-out bench. She nods at Violet. K-R tells Ms. Perez that Quin is bullying preschoolers, even though the little boys are jumping on Quin. While Ms. Perez goes up to Quin, Violet is sauntering up with her bowl of syrup and Modessa’s sundae. Milla said “ I understand why Quin ditched you. But why did she take your sundae?” Modessa drops her spoon. Modessa asks Yasaman where Quin is. She explains that Quin is sneaking around with an ice cream. They tell her that Quin put mud in her sundae too. But it’s Violet’s syrup. Quin and Modessa bicker and throw ice cream at each toher. The girls grin. They won! It worked!

9 T HE E ND So also read Violet in Bloom, the next Flower Power book! Read this too!

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