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May 27,1908-May 27, 2008 A Legacy of Truth An Era of Guidance A Unity of Thought A Period of Triumph An Age of Resilience A Century of Expansion 100 years.

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1 May 27,1908-May 27, 2008 A Legacy of Truth An Era of Guidance A Unity of Thought A Period of Triumph An Age of Resilience A Century of Expansion 100 years of Khilafat with Countless and Continuous Blessings…

2 What have we, as Ahmadi Muslims learned in these 100 years? What were the lessons learned? What were the directives given to us? How do we show our gratitude to Allah for the institution of Khilafat?

3 Firstly: What Were the Lessons Learned? Khilafat is truly needed for us to be rightly guided. A spiritual leader is essential for progress. Nizame Jamaat gives structure and direction to us. A system of order is established. The Jammat activities we surround ourselves with are an integral part of us and make us different from other Muslims. How?

4 Jammat work will always be a blessing for us YOU Daily Salat Jumma Lajna Meetings Halqa Meetings Jalsas Ijtemas/ Camps Amila Meetings Lectures Book Readings Daily Quran We surround ourselves with Allah’s work This makes us stronger This makes us grow This makes us learn This makes us bond with our fellow sisters This work never goes wasted Our children are absorbing all that we do and watch what we prioritize in life

5 Lajna Life Yes dear sisters, we have a lot of responsibilities towards our Jamaat And it may seem overwhelming However….. We may not realize how grateful we should be for these activities. If we didn’t spend our time in these activities, what would we be doing? We MUST ask Ourselves….

6 Second: What were the Directives given to us? The last 100 years have given us 5 precious and remarkable Khalifas Each conveyed numerous directives for the Jamaat body as a whole, based on the need at that time. For the purposes of time, I will only focus on Khalifatul Masih Khamis as we have been given numerous and highly important directives for this time period.

7 Key directives from Hazoor aba Attendance in Meetings Salat Social Ills (Fault Finding, Slander, & Suspicion) Purdah Behavior in Jalsa

8 Huzur aba ’s letter on ATTENDANCE on January 7, 2008 “….Although a good report has been provided, it is still surprising to read about the low attendance at the meetings and those who are proficient in spiritual knowledge i.e. Namaz. These issues are of fundamental importance and need to be addressed immediately……”

9 Questions to ask ourselves… How can we establish community without meetings? How can we promote activities to keep our community strong and lively unless we meet together? How can we promote sisterhood without meetings?

10 What is the purpose of meetings? Education Sisterhood Announcements/messages are relayed Moral Training Forum to have you questions answered/seek advice A way to frequent the Mosque and refine your habits

11 Remember our Pledge … Give preference to our faith above all worldly concerns and asks us to sacrifice our lives, time, property and children.

12 Remember the 10 th condition… And that we would exert such high devotion in the observance of this bond as is not to be found in any other worldly relationship and connections demanding devoted dutifulness.”

13 Key Points from Huzur aba ’s letter (3-11-08) & sermons (2-15-08 & 2-22-08) on Salat Basic fundamental requirement-our faith should be established on strong pillars Five daily prayers are seeds of righteousness which blossom into fruit bearing trees Responsibility of each Ahmadi to focus on observing Salat at its prescribed time. “Try to offer Salat with due care then it will lay foundation for all other pious acts.”

14 Directives on Salat cont. It is our responsibility to make roots of this worship so strong that it safeguards us from the evil. Combining Salat due to valid reason is acceptable but don’t make it into a norm practice. Khilafat is only promised to those who offer prayers. We all should have fear of God like the fear of losing a dear one through making Him unhappy….by not being regular in Salat. Salat will be first accountability among the deeds of people on the day of judgment

15 Social ills of suspicion, Jealousy, Slander and Accusation (5-26-06) Faith and jealousy can’t co-exist in any person and the state of jealous person is like that of one who consumes the pus of Hell. Jealousy destroys virtue Whenever one accomplishes a good deed, he/she should pray to Allah to be constant at it. Someone’s closeness to Khilafat should be looked up to by others and they should try to achieve similar standards.

16 Fault finding, slander and suspicion Each Ahmadi should avoid this and instead of accusing others, each person would be concerned about the state of their own faith. Change yourself and safeguard your faith and don’t put others through trials and cause them to stumble. Promised Messiah as said: “Whosoever has no wish to forgive the faults of those who may have transgressed against him, and desires to foster malice, is not of my community, whosoever brings false accusation and scandal against his brothers and sisters is not of my community unless he fully repents of his misdeeds and totally breaks away from bad associates, turning anew leaf.”

17 Huzur aba’ s letter on finding faults with Jamaat 01-03-08 On the subject of errors, it has been brought to my attention that certain ladies are occupied with objectionable mannerism which is contrary to both the Jamaati and Islamic teachings. They engage themselves in finding faults with the Jamaat, with the nizam, and even the Khalifatul Masih. This kind of tendency breeds resentment and has adverse effects on the new converts as well. With the onset of the new year and dawn of the Khilafat Centenary not far, it would be most appropriate for you to start the new era in introducing a greater awareness of the risks involved in such a behavior and instill in the ladies an importance of purity and sanctity of our Jamaat. Old habits die hard, but with diligence they can be averted.

18 Purdah-Sister Saliha’s letter on Huzur aba ’s sermon delivered on 11-19-06 Reports tell him that only 38% of Lajna observe purdah “As mothers of the future, girls should be encouraged to observe purdah, but this can only be achieved if Lajna members set a good example.”

19 Those who don’t wear purdah at all might look at some pretty scarves (not flamboyant but something a little appealing), with a soft color or some quiet embroidery work and make a beginning with that. They should also choose modest loose clothes. The next step would be to graduate to a neutral, plain scarf. Those who wear the scarf loosely, so that it might easily slip from your head and usually shows your hair, could progress to a scarf neatly worn secure under the chin, and covering the hair. They should also include the loose outer garment or coat. Step by Step Purdah Training (Suggestions)

20 Those who wear the simple scarf neatly secured and loose coat both to the mosque and in all outside activities might resolve to include the face covering, at least while they are not at work. With every step, keep in mind that observance of purdah is as much an attitude of mind as it is the practice of wearing modest clothing. You will need to rethink how you present yourself with every change you make in purdah. Suggestions cont.

21 Keeping silence during Jumma and other Jamaat gatherings “When the Friday Sermon Starts, listen to it with full attention as if you are engaged in prayer. Be sure that you are sitting in straight rows. Do not sit propped up against the walls. If you need support, sit in a chair.” (Secretary Tarbiyyat) “Observance of silence during Friday sermon is so vital that the commandment about discipline during its duration is by gesture and not word.” Sermon: 4-13-07

22 Huzur said he was considering disallowing ladies’ Jalsa on national level until such time that they corrected themselves and made amends. Or Huzur said, he could opt not to directly address the ladies until such time that he is informed that they listen to the rest of the programs in silence or that he would instruct that only the new convert ladies and those under the age of twenty-five could attend the Jalsa while the other ladies were banned from Jalsa and national Ijtema. Excerpt of Khutba 9/7/07 delivered in Germany, concerning the ladies

23 Thirdly: What can we do to express our gratitude for the Institution of Khilafat? Maintain Taqwa Offer salat, recite the Holy Quran, follow Sunnah Reading the books of Promised Messiah and Khulafa Adhere to the conditions of Bait Listening to Hazoor’s Friday Khutbas Respect the Nizam Appreciate your office holders Love your fellow sisters with all your heart Attend meetings and frequent the mosque Propagate Islam/Ahmadiyyat Speak gently and with care to one another, smile Help one another in times of adversity Khidmate Khalq Present yourselves modestly in society Establish a communication with Hazoor, seek his guidance and his prayers, share your successes

24 “Same’na Wa Ata’na” These actions are the only way we can show our gratitude for Khilafat….Obedience is the key ingredient in our expression of gratitude

25 May 27, 2008 Do you remember this day? Do you recall standing up at one point as a response to Hazoor’s instructions? Do you remember the feeling you had at that moment in time? The entire worldwide Jamaat, as one collective body, professed in chorus as they ushered in the new century of Ahmadiyyat the following:

26 Pledge at the Occasion of 100 Years of Khilafat “Today at the completion of 100 years of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya, we swear an oath to Allah to spread Islam and Ahmadiyyat and to make the name of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) reach the corners of the earth, we shall keep exerting till the last moments of our lives, and for the accomplishments of this cause and duty, will always keep of our lives dedicated to Allah and his Messenger (saw) and will offer every sacrifice, no matter how big, to raise the flag of Islam higher, in every country of the world, till the last day of earth. We also affirm that we shall strive till the last breath to safeguard the institution of Khilafat and its stability and shall direct our progeny after progeny to always be bonded with Khilafat and be given the blessings of it, so that Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya continues to go on safe and sound and the propagation of Islam may go on through Ahmadiyyat till the day of Judgment and the flag of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) may fly higher and higher than all the other flags in the world. O God, grant us the capacity to fulfill this pledge.”

27 In Conclusion my dear sisters…. May we fulfill this pledge with a sincere heart…..and may we continue to thank Allah everyday for bestowing upon us an institution that has rightly guided us on a path of righteousness. Insha’Allah. Ameen.

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