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By : Sadie Snyder, Jacob Sanders and Trevon McCargo

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1 By : Sadie Snyder, Jacob Sanders and Trevon McCargo
Lung Cancer By : Sadie Snyder, Jacob Sanders and Trevon McCargo

2 Description of lung Cancer
Definition Lung cancer forms in the lung tissue, particularly within the cells that line the air passages. There are two main forms of lung cancer: non-small cell and small cell. The diagnosis is made by how the lung cells and cancer cells appear under a microscope. Read more: Description of Lung Cancer | lung-cancer.html#ixzz1l3E3Laom

3 Pictures of lung cancer

4 Symptoms A new cough that doesn’t go away.
Changes in chronic cough or smokers cough. Coughing up blood, even a small amount. Shortness of breath. Chest Pain, Wheezing Hoarseness Losing weight without trying Bone pain Headache

5 Treatment for Lung Cancer
Treating lung cancer ultimately depends on the patient. When choosing the best treatment method, the patient's overall health, type of lung cancer, stage of cancer and the patient's personal preferences are taken into consideration. The most common treatment options include chemotherapy, surgery, targeted drug therapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is a type of treatment in which cancer-fighting drugs are administered to the patient through an IV. Surgery can be used to remove tumors and nodules. Radiation can be used to destroy and shrink tumors and nodules. Targeted drug therapy is similar to chemotherapy and is used to kill cancer cells. Read more: Description of Lung Cancer | eHow.comhttp: // _description-lung- cancer.html#ixzz1l3FQdFru

6 Prevention Tips for Lung Cancer
Stop smoking and don’t start. Stay away from second-hand smoke. Reduce your possible exposure to radon. Avoid hazardous work-place chemicals such as asbestos, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, Limit exposure of your chest to radiation from X-rays Avoid areas with high air pollution. Know your family history. Eat a healthy diet rich in produce. Do not take beta carotene supplements if you are a smoker; evidence has been found that increased levels of this nutrient in smokers has actually increased cases of lung cancer. Get educated and be aware. Learn all you can about your personal risk and how to protect your family.

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