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Tennessee Department of Transportation ITS Mobility and Operations Summit Performance Measures November 18 – 19, 2009.

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1 Tennessee Department of Transportation ITS Mobility and Operations Summit Performance Measures November 18 – 19, 2009

2 Overview 1.Strategic Planning 2.What is Performance Measurement 3.Why TDOT Measures Performance 4.Communicating Results 5.Challenges 6.Summary

3 Defining Priorities and Goals

4 Measures Link to Agency Goals  If we have performance measurement without strategic planning, we know how quickly we are changing, but we don’t know if the change is in the right direction.  If we have strategic planning without performance measurement, we know where we want to go, but we don’t know if we are getting there.

5 What is Performance Measurement?

6 What is Performance Measurement?  The systematic collection, analysis, and reporting of data that tracks resources used, work produced, and whether specific outcomes were achieved What is Performance Measurement for TDOT?  The structured and balanced assessment of our organization’s progress in fulfilling its mission and strategic direction  Began process in 2004 so still learning & evolving

7 Where TDOT Uses Measures  Business Planning  Performance-Based Budgeting/TN Governmental Accountability Act of 2002  TDOT/FHWA Stewardship & Oversight Agreement

8 TDOT Performance Measurement Perspectives 1. Customer 2. Workforce 3. Transportation System (Operations, Preservation, Maintenance) 4. Financial 5. Organizational Effectiveness

9 Types of Measures TDOT Uses  Input Measures  Output Measures  Efficiency Measures  Quality Measures  Outcome Measures Each type of measure answers a different question Can be used in combination to analyze agency, program or service results

10 % of respondents that think major TN highway construction projects are usually completed in a timely manner ( 2006 TDOT Customer Satisfaction Survey) TDOT Performance Measures Incident Clearance Time (Business Plans) # of crashes in TN work zones (TDOT Strategic Management Plan Update)

11 Why TDOT Measures Performance

12 Performance Measurement Tells the story of TDOT’s progress in delivering a quality transportation system to the people of Tennessee “What gets measured gets done.”

13 TDOT Reviews Performance Results to Assess: 1. Are our citizens and other stakeholders satisfied with TDOT products and services? 2. Are we addressing things that are important to our state residents? That were identified as issues in the 2006 Customer Survey? 3. Are we making progress on addressing our Strategic Emphasis Areas? 4. Where are improvements needed?

14 Recommendations on four top priority areas for improvement: 1.Repairing/maintaining existing highways and keeping road surfaces in good condition 2.Improving the visibility of striping at night and during wet weather 3.Improving drainage from the surface of highways during storms 4.Relieving congestion in urban areas 2006 TDOT Customer Satisfaction Survey Results


16 TDOT Uses Results To Improve Input to strategic plan process addressing customer priorities was part of TDOT FY 2008-2011 Strategic Direction Include in Strategic Management Plan 24 Month Initiatives addressing survey priority recommendations were incorporated into plan Establish performance measures and set targets

17 Demands for Increased Accountability TDOT/FHWA Stewardship and Oversight Agreement American Recovery and Reinvestment Act reporting Increase in nationwide discussions about performance measures

18 Comparative Performance Measurement Efforts TDOT has participated in multiple national studies through AASHTO and TRB:  Projects Completed On-time/On-Budget  Smooth Pavement/IRI  Safety  Bridge Conditions (study is beginning) Outcome – Sharing of Best Practices

19 Communicating Results

20 Communicating TDOT’s Measurement Results Externally  F&A Strategic Plan/Budget  TDOT/FHWA Stewardship & Oversight Agreement If you can demonstrate results, you can win public support.

21 Communicating TDOT’s Measurement Results Internally  TDOT Measurement Report  TDOT Measurement “Dashboard” TDOT shares results with all levels of the organization so everyone is “on the same page”

22 Performance Measurement Dashboard


24 TDOT Measurement Report  Annual Summary of Performance  Budget Measures  Business Plan Measures

25 TDOT Measurement Report Key – RESULTS (G) The target was met or exceeded ( R) The target was not met Key – DESIRED TREND (I) The desired trend is an increase from one period to the next (L) The desired trend is for results to remain level (D) The desired trend is for a decrease

26 TDOT’s Measure Reference Guide

27 Challenges

28 TDOT Challenges  Measuring key products and services  Identifying measures that provide the right data for making decisions on allocating resources (Money/People/Technology)  Measuring outcomes vs outputs

29 TDOT Challenges  Developing system operations measures (congestion, freight)  Tracking & managing all data  Ensuring reliability and validity of data  Preparing for Reauthorization

30 Summary

31 It All Comes Together

32 Support for Measures Acceptance of measures by stakeholders at all levels will be facilitated if the measures are easy to understand and the links between measures and goals are evident

33 TDOT’s Measures – Expanding & Evolving  Developed measures based on 9 ITS priorities identified in the 2008 Smartway Strategic Plan  Next Step - develop action plans to obtain measurement data that will help them achieve objectives 2009 Statewide ITS Performance Measures Plan

34 Measurement Results Can Help Manage Our Business  Track the successful accomplishment of our mission and business plan  Determine customer satisfaction  Identify critical success factors  Assess current performance  Identify areas for improvement

35 For More Information  Tennessee Department of Transportation  TDOT’s strategic planning process, strategic management initiatives, and a copy of this powerpoint presentation

36 If you don’t measure results, you can’t tell success from failure.

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