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Navigating High School with Your Student. Mrs. Christine Barela, Principal Ms. Stacy White-Nielsen, Registrar Ms. Tomika Bethea, Activities Mr. TJ Snyder,

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1 Navigating High School with Your Student

2 Mrs. Christine Barela, Principal Ms. Stacy White-Nielsen, Registrar Ms. Tomika Bethea, Activities Mr. TJ Snyder, Athletics Mrs. Amie Hickel: Counseling Instructional Department Leader Mr. Mark Kulik: Class of 2018 Gifted Student Counselor Mr. John Matthews: Class of 2018 Student Counselor ADMINISTRATIONCOUNSELING

3 8: 35– 11:10 am Students will follow their schedule Pd 1: Goal Setting Pd 2: Ranking Traits Pd. 3: Technology Etiquette Pd 4/5: Identify Circle Activity Pd 6: Complements Activity Pd. 7: StudentVue/Canvas/School Fusion Log-ins 11:15 – 1:30pm Lunch, Counselor Presentation, Athletics activity and Pep Assembly 1:30pm: Dismissal

4 Principal: Mrs. Barela Desert Vista Vision and Mission Statements Mission Desert Vista inspires a community of learning by demonstrating excellence in academics, arts and extra- curricular activities. Vision We strive for excellence by engaging our community, promoting accountability, fostering responsibility, and encouraging life-long learning. Motto Excellence Through Performance!

5 Support the development of PLC’sSupport the development of PLC’s 1 Fully implement the College and Career Readiness StandardsFully implement the College and Career Readiness Standards 2 Fully implement the use of Learning TargetsFully implement the use of Learning Targets 3 Desert Vista Goals

6 Assessing for Learning Teachers use a variety of methods to monitor and adjust instruction and to assess what students have learned. Teachers use a variety of indicators, including formative and summative assessments, to evaluate student progress. Teachers provide opportunities, methods, feedback, and tools for student self-assessment. DV’s Focus for Academic: Success for All! Academic Interventions (Schedule) Peer2Peer Tutoring Teachers Thunder Performance Center (TPC)

7 Parent Support is Key! Don’t rely on your child’s memory. Check teachers’ website on a routine basis. Ask questions. Why? What do you think? Ask your child to explain, justify and analyze. Give time to collaborate with classmates. Require that each has contacts from all classes. Review with them for Assessments. Ask to present projects. Look for accuracy, but also look for understanding.

8 Assistant Principal: Registrar Ms. White-Nielsen Registrar: Oversees all admissions, enrollment, student registration, attendance, dropout prevention, student records, course offerings, all academic programs, faculty and staff performance, and front office personnel and procedures. Discipline: All students with last name beginning Q-Z

9 Front Desk Visiting campus-procedure Checking students out/in No drop off of student items Attendance Calling your student out Attendance policy/Tardy policy Records/Transcripts Information posted Curriculum Night Monday, August 18th-7pm in Large Gym

10 Assistant Principal: Athletics Mr. T.J. Snyder Supervise all 21 Athletic Programs DV Athletics Programs – TRADITION State Championships – 20 State Runner up – 37 Region Champions – 88 Discipline – Sophomores & Juniors (M-Z) Supervise Security

11 Assistant Principal – Mr. Snyder Importance of Homework – Re-teach Practice Measure of Progress Expect 2 hours per night Tutoring by Teachers / Departments / Students

12 Assistant Principal – Mr. Snyder Communication Online Grades: ParentVue Website – Weekly / Bi-Weekly Syllabi Email / Voicemail Storm Report – Newsletter Online Follow us on Facebook at Desert Vista Activities and Twitter @dvactathletics Canvas Closed Campus Students do not leave for lunch

13 Cell Phone Policy In order to meet our goals, we have modified our school cell phone usage policy. We must minimize distractions if we are to maintain academic excellence. Cell phones will be prohibited during instruction time (unless directed by instructor) and “No Tech Zones”. No Tech Zones include all restrooms, PE locker rooms, front office, and library (during instruction time).

14 Cell Phone Policy Phones may be used before school, passing periods, during lunch, and after school only. Students caught using their phones during those unauthorized periods and zones will result in the phone being confiscated by staff or security personnel. Phones will be available for parent pickup afterschool.

15 Cell Phone Policy If students do not follow school policies, they will be considered to be insubordinate and appropriate discipline will result. Students are encouraged not to bring iPods, mp3 players, laser pointers, headsets, cameras or video recorders, any game playing device, or any personal electronic or digital music devices on campus. Lost or stolen cell phones or devices are the responsibility of the student. Bringing the item to school is at the students’ own risk for loss/theft. Desert Vista is not responsible for stolen or missing equipment and it is strongly encouraged that they not be brought to campus.

16 Assistant Principal: Activities Ms. Bethea Oversees facilities-classrooms, auditorium, cafeteria. Activities Director: Oversees all student activities and clubs Works closely with all club and class sponsors In charge of all campus parking Works closely with the Thunderboard (parent booster organization) Discipline: All students last name beginning with I-P

17 Assistant Principal: Ms. Bethea Pick up and Drop Off Student pick up and drop off will occur in the parking lot off of Frye Rd. Please refrain from dropping students off on the streets that border the school. Student and District Handbooks Will be handed out during 3 rd hour on Thurs. Aug. 7 Parents will need to sign and return technology agreement form ASAP to 3 rd hour teacher. Only sign Directory Information Designation Form if you don’t want directory information to be available.

18 Dress Code Changes 4 B’s are still active: No Breasts, Butts, Backs, or Bellies Sheer clothing with appropriate clothing underneath is allowed (tank top with a sheer shirt over). Racerbacks are now allowed. Off the shoulder allowed with tanks or sports bras underneath, but not a bare bra strap or bare shoulder. If it makes you uncomfortable to look at it’s probably not appropriate for school.

19 Closing Thank you for coming we look forward to a successful school year with you and your child!

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