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Trial Of T.J. 7 th Grade End of Unit Performance Assessment.

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1 Trial Of T.J. 7 th Grade End of Unit Performance Assessment

2 About My Class Katherine Cohen Greenberg Elementary 7 th Grade Reading/Language Arts Three 90-minute blocks 25 students in each class 3 ELLs in each class, levels 1-3


4 Novel Unit Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry By Mildred E. Taylor Newbery Medal Winner Historical Fiction Novel African- American family - Deep South - Great Depression. Told from 8 year old Cassie’s point of view The Logans fight the Night Riders, by instituting a boycott. T.J. is framed for killing a white man and is about to be lynched along with Mr. Logan and Mr. Morrison. The Logans are able to stop the lynching. Cassie realizes T.J. will probably be sentenced to death.

5 Accessing Prior Knowledge Journal Entry: Write everything you know about trials and how they work. Class discussion of trials relate to trials on TV and in movies vocabulary: jury, judge, prosecution, defense, witnesses, questioning purpose of and steps in a trial Relate to T.J. and the end of the book Go through directions and script carefully

6 Scaffolding Cooperative Learning Grouping: teacher selected or self selected Highly structured script Defined roles Teacher support

7 Assessment Students create rubrics script performance creates student ownership Options: Self and group reflections Peer evaluation

8 Principles of TESOL Integration of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Context Reduced, Cognitively Demanding Input (higher level novel, abstract concept of trials) Activating prior knowledge and pre-teaching vocabulary Cooperative learning Structured Script High levels of engagement Teacher support Context Embedded, Cognitively Demanding Input Output in both writing and speaking Authentic Assessment of Learning

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