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Tay-sachs-Disease By: Cory Hawkins & Tj Cartwright.

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1 Tay-sachs-Disease By: Cory Hawkins & Tj Cartwright

2 Tay-Sachs- Disease Where harmful quantities of ganglioside builds up Causes infants to die at an early age People show no sign.

3 Pedigree of disease

4 What causes tay-sachs-disease? Mutations in the HEX A causes TSD Build up of GM2 ganglioside In that leads to destruction of nerve cells

5 How common is it? It’s a very rare disease 25% chance from infant inheriting the disease Most common in eastern Europe

6 Every day life Carrier shows no sign of disease Live normal life They carry disease for their entire life

7 Treatment No treatment Working on a cure Might never actually find a cure

8 Physical symptoms Physical symptoms only in children People show no sign Live a normal life Infants lose the ability to crawl and smile etc.

9 Life expectancy Life expectancy is usually very old Infants die before age of 4 Parents who carry the disease live a normal life and show no sign

10 Inheritance Autosomal recessive Polygenic trait Complete dominance

11 Resources cited sci/life/gen/lp_disorder/index.html ls/681_1227.asp ls/681_1227.asp

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